Sunday 2 December 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets - Week 49 - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Sigh, I know when I'm beaten - so, now that it's December you can let rip with the roast chestnuts, mulled wine, eggnog and decorations in the Playground. Just leave a quiet corner so I can lie down in the dark now and then :(

Anyhow, here's my snippets card and this Elzybells stamp has been sitting patiently on my desk, waiting to be used for the first time, and the other day I got the giggles looking at it and thinking of you little perishers forming a similar Christmas tree - each one fighting for a turn to be the star standing triumphantly on top :) I know, little things please little minds (and I do worry that it's really a mild form of hysteria here in between chasing round) but it was fun to colour in...... in between sniggering:

I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- Elzybells stamp called 'Penguin Tree', stamped onto a snippet of white card. It's one of the few stamps still stocked this Summer by a company in the Netherlands - coloured with Pro Markers

- red backing card from the snippets folder

- Christmas bunting paper from the 'Berry Merry' set - free in 2011 with Quick Cards Made Easy magazine

- sentiment from Personal Impressions 'Many Greetings' set by Kirsty Wiseman - lots of fun sentiments in this set :)

- three red pearls

I resisted the urge to add any schparkle, gloss or ribbon. Stuck the image on at an angle to show more of the backing paper, even though it went so much against my liking for things all lined up. Ha, and the reason the penguins have lime green feet and beaks is so they match the backing paper - and funnily enough the image that came with the stamp also used lime green, wonder what variety of penguin that is then :)

And here's a little hint girls - if, as I did here, you make a boo-boo with your Pro Marker colouring right at the very last minute do not panic. I ran round the craft room walls in dismay before a little light went on (and it wasn't me trampling across the light switch before some wag suggests that!). I practised on a piece of spare card  first - then with tongue between teeth set to on the little mistake on the image. No way was a blender pen going to sort out black - so, I carefully coloured over with a white Gelly Roll pen and let it dry before redoing the little area over the white ink. Ha, I bet your fingers are poised to spot the alteration - and in truth you can see it if you really press your nose against the screen and look hard enough. Bop!! I just punched your nose for being a real 'sticky beak', but it did save a total re-do of the image just cos of one little mistake :) I'd certainly do it again, being prone to last minute shakes when colouring.

Hmm, the expression 'sticky beak' came from the lovely Victoria who was always such fun in the Playground and her blog did make me laugh. I suspect that since returning to work she's really busy - but we miss you Victoria if you do happen to read this!!

Edit, before even posting - kinda spooky really, guess who popped up with a lovely card and super little video, Victoria - go here to see :)

Quite a few little folk scampering into the Playground this past week - and there are lots of lovely cards and other makes to be seen if you go to Mr Linky for last week which is here.

Sorry this is hasty - I'm having a little break before returning to stuffing envelopes with newsletters for my old school association, they will all be done by later this afternoon though (Saturday) - phew! (Edit, all done now - yay!!)

If you want to join in the Playground fun and frolics to keep using up those snippets/scraps - the Playground is open all of this coming week but it will close on Saturday 8th December at noon, UK time. Mr Linky is below as usual.


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or absolutely anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace, wool and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting please. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. What a fabulous post Di, chuckling all the way.
    Adore the image on your card, I may have to look for that stamp for next years cards. Love the lime feet and the backing papers.
    Oh what a great little elf and love the pic with him looking at the Elth and Safety, pity it didn't say Elf and safety. What a great face.
    Love it, love it, love it.

    Kath x

  2. Great post, Di, and who doesn't love penguins, no matter what colour feet they've got. Like the jaunty angle of the topper too.

    The Elth & Safety Elf - he has a fabulous face.

    After my absence last week, sorry Miss, I'm hoping to get along to the playground some time this week - the snippet mountain is on the increase again so have to do something about it.

    Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  3. Hi Di,
    Love the card...jaunty angel and all :-)
    I've just seen your message on Jo's blog....I haven't put the little mice in the shop as yet but will say I have just 5 left and am happy to put your name on some or make more if needed.
    A x

  4. hehehe that should have read jaunty angle of pays to read before you post doesn't it....and being able to spell helps too :-)
    A x

  5. Lovely card-they looks so sweet all together. And your elf is stunning.
    Hugs Tamara

  6. Great card. Love the penguins and that backing paper is divine! Love those banners!

    Wow, I'm first to the playground...Little Miss C told Grandpa that it is really awful to be first. There is nobody to chat to or play tag with to keep warm and you just have to stand there with your Grandpa and shiver!!!

    Teeth chattering here....she was right!!!

  7. You won't mind if I bring a donkey to add to the madness then? I love donkeys, they're such characters!! And they won't take much looking after......
    It struck me that if I was part of the penguin pyramid, I would be the one in the middle of the bottom row...I don't want to be the star, am quite content in a supporting role. It's a Persychologist's dream, that card. lol!! xx

  8. Oh Jan, how could I forget the donkey - let's just go for it :)

    I'd be out on the left wing next to you - for some reason I always got that position in hockey at school - never comfortable as am so right handed though.

    Hugs, Di xx

  9. Bags I the front legs of the Donkey cos I need to know I'm going!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  10. Di, I thought I had commented on your card - it must be the mulled wine hic, hic, The penguins are adorable and I love the jaunty angle.
    Brill backing papers.


  11. Fab post! I love the little penguins. Yes I saw Pipkin too - cheeky little elf with his elf n safety project.

  12. Awww, I think your penguin card is totally adorable. I like the angle you've used - I stick things on at angles for a change sometimes!

    Happy Sunday. Glad to hear your envelope stuffing is finished.

    Sarn xxx

  13. I love this card.. the penguins are so sweet and the backing paper is lovely too :) x

  14. Chuckling away here Di, great post as always. Love those penguins they make a fabulous card.
    We've got ginger beer fermenting in the pantry as we speak, hope it's ready in time for Christmas.....I'm sure eldest won't miss a bottle or three! Enjoy your week. Carol x

  15. Love the Christmas tree these little guys have created! Where's the wine?

  16. Hi Miss Di

    A late appearance from the House of Hearts this week .. .. thank goodness all the fairy lights were working in the playground so I could see where I was going.

    A great post again this week. You had me smiling all the way through.

    Love your penguin card and the thought of them jostling for top spot!!

    Hope you have had a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  17. Hello again. I had not read this before our lickle chat earlier!
    Great card and lovely image. Wonky is good! I do wonky when I need to hide someat or just for a change! Hee Hee now you wont know whether the next project is hiding something!
    Looking forward to the concert and hope the staging is strong enough to take my weight for my turn!! Nothing like a lickle flinging around!

  18. Can you tell I am enjoying these tags? You are so right about wire wool making your teeth itch!!

  19. I'm feeling the overuse of minimal brain cells. I just spent five minutes trying to figure out why it wouldn't let me like, didn't like my url, finally liked that, and then didn't like my name. Well, duh, I was trying to paste my URL in the name spot and vicaversa. Ding Dong. Hello!

    I LOVE your penquin tree! I didn't put my nose on the monitor (only because I don't want to spend time cleaning off the resulting smudge, not because I'm above being a sticky beak!), but from here I sure can't see any boo-boos and I'm glad you were able to fix it after all the work that went into making this adorable card!

    Off to check out the other pippets!

  20. Loved your little birds all trooped up in their stance. (Now if that sort of thing is going on at the Playground, I dun wanna be on the bottom, now heah?). This is such a cute image, and I sure didn't see any boo-boos. Lessons please, in fixin' up. Loved Mrs. A's little elfies too. Your post made me chuckle. Thanks for the smile, the beautiful card, and heads up on the festivities. Got the nog ready to go - posthaste. Hugs

  21. Oh my, Mrs. A. is in great form. I wrote the below in response to a wonderful post on my blog for little you....thank you. Love your little card...that is a rockin tree, cute little ones they are. Sorry this is so long, grab a cup of coffe and enjoy....

    Hi Di, The computer Gods must be angry. This is reply # 3... let's hope it's a charm. Nope, I'm wonderful, but thank you for your concern. It's been so busy here, I've been chasing my tail for the past 2 weeks. I do have something to post, and maybe I'll get to it in a minute. Had a big Thanksgiving dinner, followed by my husband going south to spend some time with his son. I had big plans to actually get lots done while he was gone, however, Mother Nature had other plans. She must have been pretty upset because she threw quite a tantrum. The wind howled, the rain pelted our roof and we were without power for a bit, so the puppies and I cuddled and I did some reading on my ipad while they slept. Then, I realized I am many Christmas cards short and a friend and I created like wild women. Still not enough. Then there was shopping with the girls, more creating and still behind. I promise I will post soon and I'll hop on over to the playground. A donkey, what's a donkey doing on the playground. I hope it hasn't found the lettuce I planted behind the potting shed. Chestnuts, I was hoping someone would have them. I've never had them and I always wanted to. I hope there are a few left. I'd be willing to bet a little elf spiked the egg nog. Any guesses who? Christmas play. Any parts still open? Please not a singing part...we don't want anyone running away! I'll be over to visit the playground in a few.

    And here I am. Mrs. A. sure keeps us all on our toes. Maybe it wasn't Mother Nature that put out our power...Mrs. A.....anything you want to say?

    Have a wonderful week....

  22. Absolutely brilliant post Di, Your card and image is amazing and beautifully presented, well Mrs A what can l say.....but brilliant lady and always a pleasure to read her posts and its lovely that you have featured her adorable Pipkin oh so have a lovely day xx

  23. Here's another...I went a little crzy on the challenges...I don't know what came over me!

  24. Hope you like this one Di!

  25. Hello Di, struggling to keep up at the moment but just had to make one card this week, if nothing else ... not to mention hit that snippet box :) Now, going off to drool over that trifle again ... this could just be the perfect dessert :) Elizabeth xx

  26. Sorry, girls, little time to spare this past week (lots of visits to mum to sort out cards etc - and Christmas shopping) - my first opportunity to creep into the playground - feel too tired to even try a gentle swing ... but I'll be back! x

  27. Sorry guys. In my defence I do have to say that I started a snippet post this morning but was called away by 'The Doc' to help put the curtain poles back up in the lounge(I held em up while he drilled the holes. Sure enough we found we had one wooden curtain ring over so down they came agian). By the time we had finished the park gates were well and truly closed. The padlocks were frozen over with ice and not having me blow torch on me had to give up trying to pick the lock!!!!
    Mary, I deny all knowledge of your power failure. Wasn't me honest. I'm too busy making retched 'C' cards by the dozen.
    Hiugs from naffed off in Hampshire.


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