Sunday 29 January 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Challenge Number 5

A whole bunch of you visited the playground this week - there was a 'right little flurry of activity' on Friday especially - for some reason :)

Firstly, let's get my own snippets offering over with:
It was such fun to photograph - not! So, you'll have to put up with some reflection - believe me I tried all ways to take a photo, including standing to one side madly waving camera in front of card, kneeling on the floor etc. All to no avail - and it seemed a bit OTT to dig out the mini tripod, set the camera to timer and then run away and hide.

The 'ingredients' are all from some leftovers I found whilst having a little bit of a sort out during the week, plus the snippets folder.

I used:

- 6" x 6" white square card stock

- lilac plain and patterned with silver card from leftovers that hadn't found their way into the snippets folder. These (including the sentiment) all originally came from a co-ordinating card pack from Hobbycraft

- silver mirri card and some lilac paper, used to punch a lacy strip (Martha Stewart punch used)  to go across the front of the card, from snippets folder

- flower made using heart punch and snippets

- clear gems from stash

The flower was fun to make and I'm not the only one who's been doing this - if you hop over to Elizabeth's you'll see that she also made a flower using a heart shaped punch on Thursday. It's different to how I'd already made mine and really worth a look, in fact it's much prettier the way Elizabeth did it and I can foresee a run on sales of little heart shaped punches:)

For the one I made, I punched out six little hearts (the punch is about three quarters of an inch across) from lilac pearlescent card and a little circle too. I drew an embossing tool down the centre of each heart and gently folded them before sticking them to the circle, three first and then the other three in a layer on top overlapping the first three (I hope you're still with me here?). I didn't feel the flower was quite right so I added another six 'petals' using silver mirri card in the same way behind the lilac ones before sticking a larger circle of card to the back for full stability. Then one large clear gem in the centre as the finishing touch. Finished!

OK, everyone please pull up your socks, stop pulling one another's pigtails and sit quietly - it's time for this week's roll call.

Jackie was first on the swings this week with a lovely card in red, black and white - so suitable for a Wedding Anniversary or a Wedding. She used a Stampin' Up wheel to create a flowered background on her card and it's gorgeous. Like so many of us, Jackie keeps forgetting that she's got it - I bet we can all relate to that one :) To see Jackie's card go here - and isn't the image she used elegant!

Next in, hot on Jackie's tail, came Mags B with such a cute card, using a LOTV Cute Squares image. You can see her card here and I'm sure you'll agree that it's so sweet. She said that the camera hadn't picked up the stickles she'd used but I can see it fine. If you click on an image and then hit F11 the screen is filled with the image, which seems to enlarge itself - quite spooky really. Once you close the image by clicking on the cross you just need to hit F11 again to restore your toolbars - a great way to have an even closer nosey.

Our founder and Patron Jules hopped in next a really lovely card (has anyone ever seen Jules make one that isn't totally gorgeous?!) - it's here and the pink and black work so, so well together. A double offering this week and if you look further down her posting there's a Christmas card with such a happy little snowman on. You'll find the hearts easily too - I often wonder how Jules finds so many heart embellishments as well as stamps with hearts on - or did she add the little heart bauble to the snowman I wonder. Go and see to make your own mind up :)

Carol followed with a real beauty of a card, made for her Aunt's 89th birthday - there's going to be one happy lady when she sees this for sure! And, the inside of the card is also decorated for good measure - plus it's pink which is always a hit with me! I love the sketch that Carol followed too.

Next was Heidi, having had a mega-panic over the temporary loss of her blog. Her card here is totally perfect for a boy (or a chap) into drumming - and I just bet that Heidi's heart was thumping pretty loudly during the 'blog-loss crisis too'!! I did smile as Heidi 'fessed up' that she'd pinched a snippets scrap from her friend to use on this great card - it's allowed though, share nicely girls :))

Sandra H followed with a beautiful, fresh Christmas card in white, red and gold with some stunning cut outs - perfect for the Less Is More challenge that she entered it for. Sandra's card is here and it's amazing how well the tree image (salvaged from a Christmas card received last year) fits perfectly inside the 'Nesties tree cut out' - brilliant!

Next was Gilly with a card shown here. It's Gilly's first ever easel card and such a lovely combinations of pink, white and chocolate with a cheeky touch of purple, brilliant and it also looks good enought to eat. Also, check out the lovely MS border she punched - another punch on the wish list here!!

For anyone who frets about folk knowing what to do when they receive their easel card - I have a file with lovely little labels that I showed here. Ha, ha - you'll see by the 'avalanche of comments' that I hadn't had this blog very long :) If you'd like the file, or even a sheet of them printed (65 per sheet which will last you for a while surely)  and popped into the post - just let me know here and they will be yours ASAP - no charge, although you could be 'milk monitor' for two weeks running :)

Irene nipped in next with her gorgeous little girl card, sploshing round in the rain, here.  Irene had followed the same sketch as Carol and, like Carol, had totally done it proud. It does so remind me of the sentiment which goes something like 'anyone who only likes sunshine has never danced in the rain' - and the lovely fresh colours that Irene used are just perfect.

With a stunning card complete with a tassel for Chinese New Year, Beryl was next with this black and gold beauty here. I doubt if any of us have missed the fact that it's the year of the Dragon now - and Beryl really cracked it - one of those cards that makes you go 'Wow!' I love it.

Which reminds me of a comment that Jo (aka Twiglet) left on my blog during the week, too funny not to share :)

"I heard Ken Bruce say....lady didn't know which to celebrate - Chinese New Year or Burns Night - so she combined them and gave hubby a Chinese Burn!!!"

Hazel visited three times this week - her first jaunt into the playground was with a great Christmas card in vibrant pinks, white and black and it works so well. Another really cute snowman image (I just got dizzy hopping back and forward between this one made by Hazel here and the one Jules used - they are different ones) - with a super little blingy star embellishment as the finishing touch. Hazel's next card is here - for several challenges, one of which is the 'Willow challenge', making three of you this week following that sketch. Don't those purples look terrific?! Her last visit was made clutching this - sort of 'gentle steam punk' - and perfect for the man in your life.  I'm still amazed at the productivity of Hazel! No way could I keep up with her, else we'd starve and be living in a  house a bit like Miss Faversham's!

Next was The Crafty Elf, with a gorgeous white on white card which is here. Our elfin friend is in the throes of decorating right now so it's great that she found the time to make a card as lovely as this one and come into the playground for a little play with us this week. White on white is just so beautiful - and becoming very 'on trend' at the moment. See, I know some of the right expressions :))

Karen tootled in to play next with such a bright and cheerful card - as with a few of you, made to cover another challenge which she totally nailed! The criteria for the challenge was a real mix 1) Bunting, banners, pennants and/or flags. 2) Stripes and spots combined. 3) Use aqua and red. You could wonder how on earth this would all work - but it does, and brilliantly! To see Karen's card and just what I mean go here

Hettie (aka Sam) arrived next, kick starting a little flurry of activity. Our buddy Sarn has a Rudolph Day Challenge running right now (if you're really quick you could catch it as it runs until 31st January, and there's a small prize for the winner of a random draw too) - and Sam brought a couple of great Christmas cards. Sam's been a really good girl this week as well, I'm a bit worried 'cos we all know that when things are too quiet, trouble could be brewing :) Anyhow, here's Sam's cards - I love both of them, although the carol singing chickens with their very own lamp post are probably my favourite. I wonder what Tim Holtz would make of his lamp posts being used to embellish 'chooks singing carols' cards - very clever touch. Sam nipped back in on Burns Night with a further two Christmas cards here, those lovely chickens again, plus a great card with birds on and a photo of her pet haggis :) I did begin to think that things were livening up in the playground at that point!

Next came Linby with a delightfully fresh card using Spring colours and full of butterflies and flowers, shown here. Super use of snippets by Linby and the background worked great too, despite her misgivings. Housework was calling at the time so it was a real sacrifice for her to drop the vacuum cleaner and dusters in order to make up her lovely card - so glad you did Linby, great result!

Sally M arrived with a really striking card, using 'rounded tiles' (for want of a better description) of papers in a lovely co-ordinating range of colours and patterns - all snippets too. To see the result go here, a couple of small butterflies and a sentiment completed a perfect way to use up snippets - I bet a few of us will be following this idea Sally.

Then with something really different for a baby card - along came Andria. Wow what a stunner! I have this little LOTV stamp here ready for its first inking up - but would be playing safe probably. However, I'm now really torn and might go bold as I adore what Andria did, totally different and it works brilliantly. I'm saying no more - to find out go here and see what I'm raving on about!

Tammy visited us twice this week - firstly with a delightful 'shabby chic' birthday card shown here. I got so excited about this card I let Tammy have three goes on the swings - love the pink, white, cream, silver and blue here - all perfect colours for 'shabby'. Tammy's next visit was with a great Valentine's Day card which you can see here - red, pink and white are a lovely combination of colours. Running this challenge means I get to hop round a lot of blogs - have any of you noticed the fantastic buttons that Tammy often displays with her cards? Some serious button envy going on here Tammy!

We had two visits from Bernie this week - and you'll be pleased to know she isn't awaiting bail after hammering the snow plough driver over the head with her shovel. Things calmed down so she let him carry on playing at covering her freshly cleared drive with snow after all :) Bernie's first card is here - and it's a very special card, made for her daughter but also with a lot of loving memories of her grand daughter Shanna, who sadly died very young. Do go and see the absolutely beautiful card that Bernie made - I won't spoil it for you but I just know you'll realise that a whole load of love went into the making of it. So, so pretty. Bernie's next visit was with a stunning Valentine's Day card in pink, black and white, shown here. Do go and see her card, but also read her whole posting about the 'lost die' - I got into bed in the early hours of yesterday still shaking with laughter :))

Next, along came Maggie. Like many crafters, Maggie is full of different ideas and always lets us into the secrets of how she does things - this week she brought a really striking Christmas card with her - shown here. It's stunning in its simplicity - yet, to achieve a look like that can take a whole load more planning than you'd think. Great Maggie!

Next , running into the playground, flushed from running her Rudolph Day challenge, came Sarn with this beautiful card. The white and lilac, with just touches of brown for the teddy and where he's 'stood standing' make for such a fresh look. With Valentine's Day fast approaching, who couldn't fail to love such a cute image and the look of hope and almost sheepishness on the teddy's face. Aw - just perfect Sarn!

Elizabeth arrived next with a really gorgeous card, with a real vintage feel about it. You can see it here - all beautiful pinks and greens. A lot of work went into this card which Elizabeth made before becoming unwell so it had to wait for her to bring it to 'show and tell' in the playground this week . Hopefully you're up and running properly again now Elizabeth - mind you, if you're well enough to tackle dusting I guess you must be recovered. Err, or maybe not, you might still have a fever - 'crafting forever, housework whenever!!' Good to see you back :)
Then Liz came along with guess what, a white on white card! Oh wow, I totally adore this style of card and it's also a special card for her Mother's 90th Birthday next week. I've seen a few white on white cards recently, as I already said, and yet no two are the same, each one is really stunning - to go and see what Liz made for her Mum, go here, it's really beautiful. Happy Birthday from the playground playmates to your Mum Liz - hope she has a great day :)

Then last, but by no means least, Brenda nipped in with this lovely card. Beautiful and so right for this weeks Less Is More challenge. I can see the subtle meaning of Brenda's combination of a music background, teeny little butterflies and the sentiment 'Let The World Hear Your Song' - love it! Plus, the playground was empty when Brenda nipped in, so it must have been very quiet - we'd all gone home and were sitting up nicely at the table having tea before watching an hour's children's TV :)

So, that's this week's roll call. As usual, I hope I included everyone and it's been a total delight to see what you've been making with your snippets - everyone can now have a double turn on the swings! The gates are open again.

I have to say, that due to keeping up with the snippets posts  that you link in and making sure I always hop in ASAP to comment, as well as trying to write up the roll call and perhaps make a few cards of my own - I might not always get round to comment on your other postings. I do truly try really hard but am sure I must miss some. It doesn't mean I haven't been in for a peek and am always stunned at the lovely 'non-snippets' work you all produce. So much talent playing in our playground!

Mr Linky is below as always - trends may come and trends may go, but there's always going to be a million and one uses for your snippets!



  1. Great roll call Miss Di. Thanks for the RD day plugs, and for your sweet comments.

    Happy Sunday xxx

  2. A beautiful snippet card Di. I love the shades of lavender and with the added sparkle - just perfect.

  3. A fab snippet card, love the sentiment, fun roll call, you do make me giggle, what with your playground tales and Sarn's Sunday Roast, it sets me up a treat on a Sunday morn!! Thanks! xx

  4. This post seems to be getting longer and longer each week Di! It's great to see so many people participating! Beautiful card too, it is always difficult to photograph mirror card. Hope you've had a good week.
    Laura xx

  5. I do love the way you do the roll call. It always gives me a giggle, just what we want on a dull January day. Well done to everyone, there were some fabulous cards as usual. It is amazing what you can do with snippets. it has made me do really small cards to use up my oddments. See you again next week. xx Maggie

  6. Afternoon Di, Oh wow onto Challenge number 5 Snippets, you have done another fabulous card just love all the Embellishments you have used and l have come across this too trying to get a good picture sometimes it can be the mirror card which seems to reflect back on the picture but yours looks lovely another great creations Di and another fantastic challenge:) Sandra H

  7. How rude of me . . . I didn't tell you how much I loved YOUR snippet card! Thanks for the info on the heart flower.

    Happy Sunday. xxx

  8. You are doing fantastically with the roll call and all the comments - you certainly are following well in the footsteps of Jules! And I love this snippet card (I know what you mean about taking a photo - I, too, have tried the standing to the side and pointing the camera, but never get rid of reflection). Thanks for all you're doing for the snippets playground. Btw I've sent an email for the easel card labels file - a brilliant idea x

  9. Hi Di

    You made me smile when you talked about setting the timer on your camera for taking your picture .. .. I had visions of it being like when you have an x-ray at the hospital or dentist and folks suddenly rushing to a "safe area".

    Fantastic snippet register Di .. .. and so many lovely playmates!! You are making it a super friendly place to visit!!

    I have just added two snippet makes. I am going to try really hard to do at least two cards every week with one of them being a Christmas make .. .. just to ease the stress later LOL!!!

    Loving your snippet make. What super posh snippets you have!! Can't wait to have a go at the heart flower!!

    Enjoy the rest of Sunday and thank you again for taking over the snippet playground and making such a brilliant job of it.

    Love Jules xx

  10. Love the card Di and your flowers, I can't believe it is week 5, do you get school holidays as half term is in 2 weeks time?

    Kath x

  11. Great post. I am really getting into this snippet thing now! thanks for the inspiration, I just love your very elegant card.

  12. Gorgeous card Di and mirricard is sooo very difficult to photograph. Loving the roll call and popping round to see everyone while we have internet!!
    I have been scrapbooking with my friend today and can you believe that when I finished it I turned to my Buddy and said "I am not sure Di would approve as I have used two WHOLE sheets of paper/card. Though the embellishments are scraps out of my tin!" LOL! I will put it on tomorrow once I can photograph it in daylight!! Do you see what you have done to me now?!!!

  13. Hi, I thought I was a day late and a dollar short....I guess I'm actually late for last week and early for this week. Maybe I can actually get more than one done this week. Di, thanks for giving us a place to play.

  14. Morning Di, just catching up after my busy weekend. Your card is lovely and so is your heart flower ... love the double layers of hearts. I suppose, if all we were concerned about was how a card photographs we would never use mirri card, or any other shiny surface, as it is such a pain - but sometimes nothing but mirri will do as in your card. Anyway, that aside, here's my latest snippet offering - finished on Friday but not posted until today despite my intentions to be first into the playground this Sunday ... ah, the best laid plans, etc.:) Elizabeth x

    PS: Your cheesy vegetable curry was a great hit yesterday - yes, I got round to trying it out at last :)

  15. Gorgeous creations from yourself and all the other playmates...Such talent :).

  16. Gorgeous card, Di! I have finally found some time for a little play - it is good to be back!

  17. Another great card Di, wow can't believe the roll call you have to do each week now. You are doing a great job.
    And yes, I am planning on doing my wedding invitations, you will get to see some of my attempts shortly.

  18. Woo Hoo! I have joined the chain gang again this week and I too am having problems getting a decent photo but this time it is because of the flash on the camera! Hey ho!

  19. HI there Di - it's been a while since I joined in with Jules snippets, so thought it was time I got my act together and paid you a visit! Loving your blog Di - hope to pop by again.
    As you will see from my card, I have used tiny snippets of leftover paper and card for the hearts.
    Sylvia xx

  20. Di, you are too cute and funny! I have enough buttons to open up a store! That goes for ribbon too! I love love me some buttons! :-)

    Your snippet creation is a beauty as always! Thanks for taking care of us on the playground and I get extra excited when I get more time on the swing! :-)

  21. A very elegant snippet card, lovely!:)

  22. Loving your card.
    Knew I shouldn't have eaten all that chocolate before I had a go on the swings!!!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.

  23. Great roll call Di, I'm still working my way through them ... should be finished by Sunday when it will be time to start all over again :) I've just added my contribution for this week ... only one, I'm afraid. I'll say it for you, 'must do better' next week. Elizabeth x

  24. Doh! There was me thinking I was going to be missing out this week and guess what - I had already joined in! See what the cold does to me! Lord help me next week as I am off to Sunny Prague at -18!!


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