Saturday 14 January 2012

Do you believe in Fairies?

I'd like to think I do - especially being a flipping Pixie!

I've seen the UIU (Use It Up) resolutions that so many crafters seem to be trying to follow for the whole of 2012. Eeek, no way can I do that - I'll give up chocolate (fairly easily in fact), new shoes, wild parties (ha, never get invited and wouldn't have the stamina anyhow) and even, at a push, ironing :)) But, I can see the reasoning behind the resolution so this is my take on it - I hereby pledge to go right through my basket of unused stamps and other goodies and make sure I do at least give them a whirl before putting them into their rightful homes. Sorry, I just know I can't do better than that so am not even going to try kidding myself:(

As a start on the 'unused stash' basket I made this card using some Lavinia stamps I bought at Ally Pally last September plus an unused LOTV sentiment as well as a Lyndsay Mason stamp - all for the first time:
I used:

- 5" x 7" cream card stock

- TH Distress ink pads in Faded Jeans and Peeled Paint applied with duster brushes (with a die cut circle to mask off the moon area)

- Lavinia 'Moon Fairy' stamp, with toadstools using stamps by both Lavinia and Lyndsay Mason

- LOTV 'Believe in Fairies' sentiment from the 'Dreamy Days' set

- Josy Rose baby blue star shaped nail heads

I still struggle leaving empty spaces which is why I added the stars - one day I'll crack it perhaps! 

Oh boy, talk about Friday 13th here - I wrote up most of the snippets posting yesterday, all ready for tomorrow (and believe me, it ain't a quick thing to do) and then Mr Blogger kicked me out and I lost the lot!! Am now using Gedit in Ubuntu to compose at least the text part of postings - trust me, there was a bit of 'banging head on desk' here yesterday. Err, amend that to a LOT of head banging on desk!!!



  1. Hoping your head isn't suffering too much after all that head banging hon...VERY frustrating when you write loads and then it disappears...grrrr..... A beautiful card tho, loving it muchly hon! xxxx

  2. I certainly believe in fact anything magical/mystical. :-)
    I don't collect anything but if I di it would be dragons :-)
    A x
    ps fab card btw :-)

  3. What a brilliant card Di. Did you get the duster brushes out? xxx

  4. Hi Sarn, sure did use duster brushes! Di xx

  5. Morning Di, l believe in Fairies and just love the images, your card is fabulous love the stars they just finish of the card beautifully, how frustrating after all that work a tip if you doing it again which l'm sure you will put it on a word document and save it to your desk top then cut and paste to your blog once you have finished and this way it's a lot safer than Mr blogger crashing as he has been doing these last few days, have a lovely weekend Di:) Sandra H

  6. Hi Sandra - absolutely sound advice! That's what Gedit in Ubuntu is, more of a very quick and easy to use notepad so at least am not at the mercy of Blogger when actually writing the text - although I still have to add the links to everyone's lovely cards once it's in Blogger - unless you know of another way? It's the links that seem to take an age - the rest of it I just opens me mouth and me tummy rolls out :) No wonder I was always in deep trouble at school for talking too much!! Di xx

  7. Moon fairy is gorgeous Di. Does make you wonder how we can buy stuff cos we love it so much and then not use it for months!That's crafting for you.........always so much to need. he he. Dee xx

  8. Hi Di, l think if you copy and paste the link to the word Document it will highlight it l'm sure l have done this before anyway just a thought:) Sandra H

  9. Hello Di, thanks for the heads up on the Fat Pages link - I was there, and then I wasn't - sorted now. I like your interpretation of the UIU rules and that you've cracked open those new stamps - love Lavinia stamps and have some I do not use nearly enough too. For the snippet post I would follow Sandra's advice to create it in a Word document first and I think you can hyperlink straight from Word by highlighting the name/word (whatever word you want the link to be on, e.g. 'here'), right click on mouse which will take you to a list of options, scroll down to 'hyperlink' and left click - this will take you to a scary window which shows you a number of options, one of which is 'recently browsed', click on this and hopefully you should see the link for the blog page you want to link to. Failing that, you could copy link and hyperlink using the same method - just paste the link into the 'address' box at the foot of the hyperlink box. After doing all that, and after a restorative drink, I think it is possible to copy and paste the entire document into your blogger post without losing the links. Phew! Hope this helps :) Elizabeth x

  10. Thanks ladies - I'll be experimenting here, anything rather than lose a shed load of work again! That could have been valuable crafting time :) Di x

  11. I do believe in fairies....I do, I do! Now that all the festivities are over there is no excuse in this house to NOT have a mess on my desk and get back to being crafty again! I vow to use up as much as I can of my stash before spening any more money on new stuff. I think,I hope to, well I want to if that carries any weight! I'm still struggling with blogger too and by the look of things... so is many others. I'm thinking they'll get it straightened out eventully so don't be banging your head anymore. Besides, you don't want to crush that pretty flower in your hair now do you? LOL

  12. I know the head banging feeling too. I posted the pictures, did the blurb, linked up to all the challenges hit the post button only to see my post pop up on 'Tag Tuesday' that now appears on my dashboard (along side my own blog) instead of being posted to my page!!!!. Can you copy and paste between em no you darn well can't. Much wailing and nashing of teeth and head banging later I gave up went to bed and started agin the next morning. Won't make that mistake again. Less haste more speed is what I need. (now that a thought Head Banging, Speed?) Think I will stick to a drinkie poo instead. Bottoms up.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  13. Crikey my head is banging just reading all these tips and ideas, lost me.
    Fabulous card, not sure about fairies, but love the layout of this card and the placement of the images.

    Kath x

  14. Hi Di

    My heart goes out to you .. .. I know only too well how long it can take to draw up and link a snippet post!!!

    Loving your Lavinia make.

    I too struggle to leave blank spaces on my makes!! LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  15. It sounds like your craft fairies have visited with lots of good advice Di. What a treasure fellow Bloggers are aren't they?
    Hopefully you won't have to do any more desk banging, although I know the feeling only too well!!
    I always start out the year with a UIU resolution and it usually lasts until the second week in January,lol.
    Your Fairy is beautiful and I'd have added the stars too, why have empty space!!!
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.
    Hugs Lisax

  16. Your card is gorgeous! Love it Di! I'm not taking the pledge either, like you I know myself all to well. Blogger has not been playing nice of late. Sorry you lost all your work, happened to me when I first started my blog, I've writen up my posts in Word ever since.

  17. Yes, I believe in fairies. As a matter of fact, I just picked up a book of Fairy Tales!

    Your card is adorable, as always.

    I also read your other post (the long one) and I can just imagine the head banging that went on, losing that one!! You are lucky you didn't break your neck!


  18. I believe in fairies too! I have a porch fairy who comes and sweeps my front porch all the time. All spring and summer flowers fall from the oleander tree (it is not a bush anymore) so I'm always happy when the porch fairy visits.

    I am partaking of the UIU challenge but I'm not signing on to not buy more, but I am trying to shop my stash first. So far, so good.


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