Friday 13 January 2012

Friday Feast - Cheesy Vegetable Curry

Before I begin - goodbye for today Kath! It's a standing joke that Kath isn't partial to a lot of my recipes, despite being a good pal, and is often seen running in the other direction on Fridays! I think this recipe is quite unusual and not one for a 'meat and two veg. and none of your foreign muck' girl - but it could be worth reading on if you aren't called Kath :) Or perhaps you'll be racing her for the exit :))

I was given this recipe by my friend Joy a few years back, and I did raise my eyebrows a bit at the concept. But, I gave it a whirl  and we like it here, a lot. It's great for vegetarians or meat free days.

Drum roll - I present to you :
Cheesy Vegetable Curry:

40g butter
1 large onion, chopped
1 small green pepper, cut into strips
2 carrots, thinly sliced
2 large courgettes, sliced
1 large cooking apple, peeled, cored and cut into 3/4" dice
2 rounded teaspoons curry powder (I use medium curry powder)
40g plain flour
1 pint vegetable stock (made with a stock cube)
25g sultanas
salt and pepper
2 tablespoons mango chutney, chopped or use spreadable
150g Cheddar cheese, cut into 1/2" cubes

Melt butter in a large pan, add onion, green pepper and carrots and fry quickly.
Add courgettes, apple and curry powder and fry for a further minute.

Sprinkle in the flour and then gradually blend in the stock.Add sultanas and season to taste.

Cook until vegetable are tender. This could be about 20 minutes, I keep checking with a sharp knife.

Add mango chutney and then stir in the cubed cheese.

Serve immediately with rice and possibly naan bread.

Things I do - prepare all the vegetables etc. beforehand so it means no hold ups during the cooking process once it's under way. It's a bit like being a TV chef (no wisecracks about Fanny Craddock please!) with everything neatly weighed and chopped in a selection of bowls. It's a good idea to slice the carrots very thinly as they will take the longest to cook. The eagle eyed might spot that the pepper I used is a red one and not green - that's 'cos I didn't have a green one left from the big bag I'd bought - and it didn't make a ha'porth of difference anyhow, green red, yellow, all are fine!

Previously I've chopped Mango chutney for this recipe but I managed to find Sharwoods Smooth (ie. spreadable) Mango Chutney in Sainsburys, so a bit of time saved there!

The end result is quite a sweet curry, but very tasty. NB. It's important to serve this immediately after you've added the cheese.

Hmm, there could be mixed reactions today :)



  1. This sounds scrummy will let you know how it goes. heidi x

  2. Hmmm now that is one I wouldn't be rushing to make Di but as we eat mostly anything it would be ok if you cooked it for us when we pay you a visit :-)
    A x

  3. Hello Di

    This sounds absoloutely fabulous and shall give it a try.


  4. Well I reckon this one's worth a go. I think I'd prefer a sweet curry rather than a spicy one! xxx

  5. Morning Di, hope you are sat down, I will try this one but I won't use curry powder and flour but will use Patak's curry paste and creamed coconut.
    I am well know for my curries, everyone loves them. I always have to make one for my SIL as soon as he gets home on leave, no matter where he has been in the world or the fine food he has while away he always looks forward to my curry when he gets home. It is usually chicken but my Daughter doesn't eat chicken so I do her a veg one and as she loves peppers and courgettes this will be perfect for her. I also made some mango chutney at the end of the tomatoe season so that fits in nicely too.

    Kath x

  6. WHAT!?!? Sitting down, I just FELL down Kath :)) I like the idea of using curry paste and coconut milk - do let me know how it goes! Di xx

  7. Yep - if someone cooked that for me I would be delighted! Will test it out next week. Although having just burnt a whole bar of white choc that I was supposed to be melting for my moccachino slices I am not a happy Fannie to day!!! So my visitors will have it plain or have a slice of lemon drizzzle cake instead. We can't be perfect all the time can we?!

  8. Think I'll start calling you Julia (as in Childs!), she was quite a character too! As much as I love curries, and we have them all the time (homemade), we're having one tonight actually, I've never liked sweet curries so I'd have to pass on this one unfortunately. I actually don't like sweet with any savory meal... think apple sauce with pork for instance, not my cup of tea!


  9. Your blog AS EVER is a real tonic whichever day I read it! As I don't eat very much meat this is an EXCELLENT recipe for me...I may well try it out soon........xxxx

  10. This sounds lush Di, I might have to make this for the family soon. Thanks for the comments on my promarker post, you are very good at colouring!I totally understand about the cheeks, I did exactly that and felt like kicking myself afterwards. Nevermind, learnt for next time!
    Thankyou for the advice.
    Have a lovely Friday xxx

  11. Hi Di, Yummy is your recipe today l will add this one to my recipe book:) Sandra H

  12. Me again, pick your self up, dust yourself and down and try harder next week,lol.
    Don't use coconut milk but creamed coconut which comes in a block or sachets, prefer block, but it is getting harder to find. This helps to thicken the sauce and take the bitterness out of the tomatoe puree. Also I always put a good shaking of ground anniseed in my curry's

    Kath xxxxxx

  13. Wow Kath, I like the ground aniseed 'secret ingredient' - and as you say, blocks of creamed coconut are getting harder to find. Di xx

  14. Another one for the cookbook, Di. It looks and sounds delicious to me - I love vegetarian food anyway and have a favourite slimming recipe for a recipe that includes courgettes too, and I was going to be making it for tonight's dinner. I wasn't sure what the EM would think about the cheese but he said, 'that looks good' - so will give it a whirl tonight instead - I'll let you know his verdict tomorrow :) Elizabeth x

  15. Your creations are just fab Di! The plate looks very inviting I have to say! Do you think you should start at second blog? Di's Dinners? LOL


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