Thursday 15 December 2011

I've thrown the towel in - and the rubber duck, or goose even!

After weeks with a couple of back to back bugs, or one that keeps popping up again like a flipping jack-in-the-box, I actually just might be getting over it, it's hard to tell if it's just the panic of knowing that things have to be done regardless. But, I managed a nights sleep without wandering the house in the wee small hours :) Yippee!!

But, at this time of the year, it means we neeeeeed to go to Costco and also the supermarket to buy some replenishments just in case it returns again! Lately I've felt like a honking goose on the surface and paddling like mad under the water - so, if you hop in today my lovely bloggy friends this is me - over and out for 24 hours!

Thank you for calling by, normal service will be resumed ASAP I promise :) I hope to post a recipe tomorrow, thankfully I have a couple up my sleeve - along with a bunch of tissues :( Mwah!!



  1. I feel the same as you, my cough is lingering like a bad smell and even after five weeks is still waking me up. I feel like the walking dead most days and I wish i could postpone christmas for a few weeks lol. Hope you continue to feel better.

  2. Think we are all feeling the same Di. This morning I have started sneezing like mad and eyes and nose are running :-( Mine usually waits til I stop working for Christmas....last year I had the flu right over my days off! I'm keeping everything crossed that it just goes quickly.
    A x

  3. Oh dear. We all seem to be in the same boat. The bug has arrived in Spain too. I have an annoying cough sneeze cycle that comes around every couple of months but I think it is mainly allergic (mimosa blossom and fluffy cats!), but it is rare for me to have a 'proper' cold. The last few weeks I have been coughing and sneezing, but also feeling quite low. I have had to keep going because I had lots of mince-pie orders to fulfill - the last batch will be done today. Also we have four Christmas concerts with our choir this week, and I am very croaky this morning. But next week is very quiet, so I shall sit back and relax in the sunshine (hopefully), and I am sure I will soon shake it off then. I hope you feel a lot better this week and able to do all the things that are needed to prepare for Christmas and the winter months. Take care. Kate x

  4. Well I'm all hale and hearty me land lubbers! So far so good!

    I wish all of you who are feeling unwell a very speedy recovery so that you can enjoy the festive season. Ho Ho Ho!

    (I'll shut-up and go away now! I know you're all sticking your tongues out at me and cursing me!)

  5. Thanks for your far as I can see they allow you to vote every day so if you've got a minute.... :-) :-) [I'm a very close second at the mo]
    Annie x

  6. Hi there Di hope that you are sooon on the mend some summer colds down here in Oz but none at our abode and hope it stays that way, Shaz in oz.x

  7. Fingers crossed for you, hope it all clears up soon.

    Kath x

  8. Hi Di
    Oh!! I know how you feel coughing and sneezing and guess what him indoors now has it only of course much worse!!! typical. Hope you feel well soon, and will be one hunred percent for Christmas. Take Care.

  9. Hi Di, I think its the time of year where we try to get too much done in such a short time and it creeps up with us from time to time and pulls us back, in your case Di these nasty bugs, hopefully all will be well again soon:) Sandra H

  10. Oh Di, I do hope you are feeling better soon ... nothing worse than feeling groggy when you have so much to do. Take care, keep warm and get lots of fluids down you ... your choice of fluids you understand :))Elizabeth x

  11. Don't need the recipe for the tissues thank you!! I can make those myself!!


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