Monday 11 July 2011

Sweet honeysuckle

We have an arbour in the garden which is a riot of honeysuckle right now. although I can see that some blooms are finished already - they are two different varieties which scramble up each side and kind of mingle at the top. The local sparrows absolutely love to hide in there and are a source of endless entertainment:

And close up - take a deep sniff :))

The sun is shining here so maybe Summer has returned? I hope so!!! But no sign of Spike the Hedgehog lately - the little ingrate is ignoring the food we leave out for him and isn't being picked up on CCTV either. Hope he's OK - perhaps off on his hols?



  1. Atchooooo! I think I took too big a sniff . . . AND I suffer from Hayfever!!!!

    That Arbour looks lovely . . . not a wonky/stranded boat in sight! (Arbour? Get it? I was thinking back your hol pic's). Soz! I'm going now . . .

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  2. Very clever Sarn ! An eggstra point for bein' so clever - but sorry I made you sneeze! Hugs, Di x

  3. Hi Di, you have both Red & Yellow l have the Yellow and don't get a lot of scent from mine your's looks gorgeous and l'm sure the birds just love being in there, it looks beautiful:) Sandra H

  4. Absolutely stunning Di! Ohhhh, I wish I could smell it. I have to say, it would look fabulous in my garden! TFS

  5. Hi Sandra, it's true that the yellow one here doesn't smell either. The bi-coloured (creamy yellow and red) one does smell yummy - it's Lonicera Belgica which is known for the sweet scent and it gets red berries in the Autumn - ha, just realised why the birds like to perch in amongst it, little perishers :) Di xx

  6. That Arbour looks absolutely stunning Di! Mine are just about done blooming, not much smell left. Generally they'll bloom again sometime befor summer is over.

  7. Coo, we only get the one lot of blooms. Lucky you Bernie. Hugs, Di x


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