Friday 29 July 2011

Friday Feast - store cupboard tuna, sweetcorn and pasta

We all know what it's like when we're doing other things (crafting for instance!), racing in from work, been out in the garden or whatever - and suddenly it's time to make a meal and fingers are being drummed in the background! Help - can I get away with a pizza from the freezer? How about egg and chips for speed (ooer, reminds me of school suppers). A takeaway? Oh dear, what to cook?

This is a great one to have as a 'quick and easy' - everything can be in your store cupboard as a back up. My OH came up with the 'combination' years ago - it's a bit cheeky to call it a recipe but I think you'd like it anyhow.

Tuna, sweetcorn and pasta super quick supper:
Serves 2

Approx. 200g pasta shells (I'm guessing a bit here, but you can vary the quantity according to your own likes - I like to use the medium/large pasta shells 'cos the sauce gets right inside them. The proper name is Conchiglie)
2 x 200g cans tuna - in brine
1 x 340 g can sweetcorn
1 x 290g can sliced mushrooms

2 x 'normal sized' cans mushroom soup - Wild Mushroom soup is especially good (I have used one can of chowder and one of mushroom and that's a good one to try as well)
One can opener!

Boil the pasta according to the packet instructions in a large saucepan
Meanwhile, drain the sweetcorn and the canned mushrooms
In a separate saucepan gently heat the 2 cans of mushroom soup, sweetcorn and mushrooms - stirring now and then
Once heated, almost to simmering point, add the 2 drained cans of tuna - having gently flaked it a bit, but not too much otherwise it will break down too much in the 'sauce' as it's being heated and gently stirred
Once the pasta is cooked, drain it well and then return to the pan
The tuna should be heated right through - I find that by the time the pasta is cooked the tuna sauce is almost ready
Add the sauce to the pasta and gently mix to coat all the shells
And hide those empty cans :)

Sorry about the brightness of the photo. This is yummy with parmesan cheese sprinkled on and is real comfort food with minimum effort, little washing up - and full tummies!



  1. Mmmm, this one sounds yummy and QUICK. I like!

    Hugs, Sarn x

  2. Thought it would be right up your street Sarn - after giving you the vapours over the Red Dragon Pie and three hours to cook it ! :)) Hugs, Di xx

  3. That sounds like my sort of tea :-) Might just do that later cos hubby is off to a footy match and will need a quick tea.
    Thanks for the recipe.
    A x

  4. Sounds tasty and a handy standby recipe. It reminds me of a spate of recipes that were popular in the 70s/80sm published in Family Circle magazines, etc., using a popular brand of condensed soup, which you diluted with only half the recommended amount of water,as the base for the sauce. I tried them all and my favourite flavour was celery soup but the kids liked anything with chicken or tomato. There was one that involved tomato soup, rice and sausages (forget what else) that was a great favourite - the end result somewhat similar to a risotto. Might try this one out tonight as the EM, in his role as Chief Painter and Decorator, is painting the kitchen and everything is such a muddle, and I'm losing the will to live - so food has to be easy!!! Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x

  5. It's on the menu here tonight too! Coo, I remember those Family Circle recipes too Elizabeth. Life savers weren't they. Di xx

  6. I got a recipe much the same as your's at a Tupperware party about 40 years ago! I still find it a good standby. I was going to shout.. .where is the cheese!!! then you mentioned the parmesan! Saved!
    Love joZarty x

  7. This looks gorgeous so TEMPTING sorry l have already eaten it would of been great for our tea.........maybe 2moro!!:) Sandra H

  8. I must try that! My kids always adored tuna-pasta salad: pasta shapes, mayo+yogurt, sweetcorn, tuna, chopped apple plus any additions eg tomatoes or parsley. Nice to have a recipe for a hot version - thank you!

    luv, Mags x

  9. sounds lovely, but Im too polite to say what it looks like!! and this comes from someone who cant cook (cheek)

  10. I meant to say in the posting that it doesn't look that great, the mushroom soup imparts a greyish hue. Let's leave it at that shall we :)) Di xx


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