Sunday 24 July 2011

Blog Candy draw results

Thank you to everyone who joined in my little Blog Candy Draw for some Pro Marker Ultra Fine Nibs.

And, from the entries the Random Number Generator has picked the following numbers. .... 1 to 28  .................................. what? ........................every single one?! Yup, as in the Hot Chocolate song.........'every one's a winner,baby, that's no lie'!!

I saw a lot of people who regularly comment on my blog take part and wondered how on earth you differentiate between 'bloggy friends', even using random selection, for such small things. And there were some very sweet newcomers who were also in love with the thought of those nibs - so, the simplest thing was to keep watching how the numbers went (if there'd been an avalanche then I couldn't have coped, and neither could my piggy bank) and make sure I snagged a few more whenever they came into stock.

What you have to do next is straightforward enough - send me an email at

Please use a subject title of Pro Marker Candy in the email - a lot will just drop into my junk mail and I'll be rooting around the Viagra/Rolex watches/on-line pharmacy/saucy undies junk emails so a distinctive title of Pro Marker Candy will be helpful :)  I have to primly remind you that at no time have I ever bought any of these products, so there!

In the email please give the number of your Mr Linky entry and the name that you entered under - then add your name and address.

Edit: I've been asked if I'll still send these out of the UK to those who entered from 'foreign lands' - I sure will!!
Please try to leave a comment on here to say you've emailed me so I know to look out for it, mistakes can happen when I'm around!

That's it girls - I hope there are some happy bunnies out there. Only a little something, but you can all say you won some blog candy today!



  1. Hello Di, this is incredibly generous of you - I can't believe you're going to treat us all!!! Oh, and yes, I can well believe that you haven't bought any of that stuff spammed into your junk box - aren't the perpetrators of these emails absolute pests. Spamming must work or they wouldn't do it - I just can't see who would be daft enough to reply, especially to the various widows, princesses, etc., that need your help, read: your money, to get their hands on a fortune!! Anyway, thanks again and will be emailing you as instructed - these little nibs look really useful. Elizabeth x

  2. Wow. How lovely. Now all I have to do is buy some pro markers for them to go on :-)
    A x

  3. Hi Wipso - go for it, you won't look back! Di xx

  4. Oh wow, you are one amazingly generous lady! You must've wiped out the stocks of every craft shop in the area!!! Thanks again!

  5. Wow Di!
    That is so lovely of you to let everyone win! I've not been able to order any of the nibs from anywhere in the UK yet, and they look amazing!
    Will email you (I know what you mean about spam...tons of it!)

    Thank you!
    Esme xx

  6. Di, how wonderful of you to spoil us all, Thank you, you have made my weekend x

  7. Wow - do you really mean ALL of us!! You are indeed a treasure - will email asap. x Jo

  8. Hi Di, Thank you so much , i didn't believe what i was reading i have to read it more then once, yours amazing and so very generous, hopefully it's not going to be too costly for you again thank you so very much :) Sandra H

  9. Hi Diane, I have sent you an e-mail. Again thank you so much, I couldn't believe it this morning when I read your posting either. No wonder they are out of stock everywhere, you must have them all.
    Thanks again.

    Kath x

  10. Hi Di, seems my 1st email didn't have my Address details on for some unknown reason so l have sent you a 2nd one with the full details as requested many thanks again:) Sandra H

  11. send email :)
    by nick catymariposina

  12. wow! What a lovely end to the weekend... thanks so much, can't wait now for Postie to come up the path, hugs Anj x x

  13. Hi Di

    What a lovely lady you are!

    Love Jules xx

  14. Awww Di . . . what a generous soul you are to treat everyone who entered!

    Kindness personified!

    Hugs, Sandra

  15. Thank you so much for letting us all win - that's really kind of you. An e-mail is on its way.
    Gina x

  16. WOW!!! You are such a generous crafter!! Thank you you have made me smile on a very stressful day!

    LOL I bought some Radox, rosemary and eucalyptus flavour, says it's good for stress. I am definitely going to give it a run for its money tonight, all £1 of it!!

  17. This is so generous!! I've never tried pro-marker... and this is the occasion! :)

  18. Oh how exciting! My daughter will thrilled to bits:) I've not been keeping up with the blogs since my children broke up from school and I missed woyww last week. Thankyou so much xx

  19. Fabulous!!! You are a star! love Promarkers! Thank you for your email, (as I was having trouble finding you again, It wouldn't let me follow, but luckily it does now!!
    Have a great week!!

    best wishes

  20. Di, I've just been rooting through your blog and was looking at your promarkers posts and came across this. It really made me laugh when you wrote 'I'll be rooting around the Viagra/Rolex watches/on-line pharamacy/saucy undies junk emails' you are such a character!!
    And also a very generous lady.
    Laura xx


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