Monday, 10 January 2011

Honey - I Shrunk GorJuss!

Yup, as opposed to Honey I Shrunk The Kids :) I have just one GorJuss Girls stamp and this idea came to me in the early hours of this morning. I stamped out a few images onto Shrinkles plastic and coloured them using pencils before trimming round them and punching a hole just above each little girlie's head.

This was my first venture using shrink plastic - I've had some for ages but was always a bit 'fazed' by the 'shrinking/curling and unfurling' that goes on. But, it worked a treat!! OH arrived home when I was in the midst of the 'heating in the oven' process (am not yet brave enough to use my heatgun!) and I could see him thinking 'What's she gonna get up to next?!'.

And here's a finished one, alongside an 'unshrunk' one, that I made earlier - so itsy bitsy and cute huh?! The Shrink Art mobile phone tags came from the Range last week and I suppose that's what kicked this experiment off! I can see me making quite a few different things now!



Unknown said...

Thanks so much for you lovely comments on my blog Di. I didn't realise you'dthought of me for the post. Its nice to know someone out there thinking of me.

Take care

Paula x x x

Karen said...

Love the Gorjuss girls! Brilliant idea for making phone charms, so many different ways of making new ones! Have fun! Karen x

Julie said...

Hi Di,Thank you so very much for coming to visit my blog,How lovely are you!!! I too have an old Fiskars trimmer and have had trouble finding them,I can usually get them from Hobbycraft but it's not on my doorstep so buy several packs at a time. I've been rooting through my drawers and have found one of the packs that I stasshed away,if only I had a good memory lol. Thankyou so much for the offer of yours,I can't believe how generous bloggers are. I had a little experiment and run my old blade over some foil a few times,it does seem to have made a slight difference to it's cut too. You may be able to get the "wrong" blades to cut by attacking the bottom edge with a nail file,I've managed it when desparate. I Love my old trimmer,have also a Rotatrim type but can't stand all that mucking about to change between blades and scorers.Have a great week Julie.x :)

Julie said...

Also,love your Gorjuss shrink plastic girlie,you can also use it through some punches and it can be die cut. I made some tiny snowflakes from it,pretty scarey watching it when using a heat gun but if you have a wooden stamp ready,you can flatten it down quickly using the back of the block. Have fun,Julie.x

Di said...

Hi Julie

Nice tips about the shrink plastic! I whacked a cookery book tome onto it but think a wooden stamp block would be much more in keeping :) Love the snowflakes idea

If you want a couple of blades do let me know - I have tons from a panic buying session, and am happy to send them to you. I don't think my email shows up on the blog so it's

Suzan said...

These are cute!!! I'd love to have something like that too. :)
Think I'll go look something like that here in Holland:)

Di said...

Hi Suzan

The GorJuss girls are designed by a lady in Glasgow - they are really cute and stamps, toppers/decoupage and now even other products with the little girls on can be bought over here. Good luck in Holland - and you can always try to find them online or let me know if you get stuck!! Di x

Sarn said...

Aww adorable! In fact . . . GORJUSS! xxx