Sunday 26 December 2010

Poliflora nothing to do with adhesive - it's an anagram of:



Oooer, I'm SUCH a bad, bad girl:

I disabled comments on the post you came here from - let's see if anyone else falls for it :)) Feel free to leave any berating comments on this post though!

Have a nice day, snort, snort!!



  1. Lol, I was all set to spend too and I thought I might get away with adding a few stamps too. To funny and yes you did fool me. Hugs, Amanda x

  2. I am so gonna get you for this. Hugs Mrs A.

  3. Oh, you are in trouble now. And I believed the sweet, innocent little you. Shame on you! What ever will I do with the truck load of Tombow tape runners. Mrs. A. If there is a plot brewing. I want in. I've got to say, you got me!

  4. Hello Di,

    You are so naughty but I love it.

  5. Hello Di, you got me just about to tell husband will have to stock up on glue products, love your blog always laugh. Best wishes ginny

  6. Well you certainly had ME fooled . . . you BAD BAD GIRL.

    I was soooo trusting . . . I didn't even bother to look it up!

    Hmm . . . bad move though because it's not too long before I see you! Just you wait Mrs.


  7. I fell for it! Was telling OH all about it and he said do you think it is an April fool. So came back and clicked the Link this time. Ooohhh you are in so much trouble lol!
    Linby x

  8. aha, Miss, you are MOST certainly standing in the corner every playtime for a whole week, I think!!

    Miss, what a bad girl you are!!!

    .. and here I was blaming blogger for disabling the comments; you know we shall never ever believe you again!!!

    .. you know what happened to the boy who called wolf :D

    Happy April fools day from a definitely caught out crafter..Shaz in oz.x

  9. ROTFLOL!! well done Di!! loved it LOL!!

  10. "Too" Late she cried ..... the lorry with all the sticky stuff is arriving outside your house NOW...
    Q. How do you fix a broken tuba?
    A. A tuba glue.
    Q. How do you fix a broken roller skate?
    A. A rolla tape.
    Q. How do you fix broken bagpipes?
    A. Scotch tape.
    Q. How do you fix broken dentures?
    A. Toothpaste.
    Q. How do you fix a broken email?
    A. E-poxy.

    So now you will be taking delivery of enough of the stuff to repair all these things......... you naughty girl.... LOL

  11. You got me! This is a very good one. I missed AFD being on a non work day this year as I like to set up my colleagues - my best one was a H&S rule telling them they could only open windows 12cm to prevent them falling out and issuing special rulers.... I got some very angry emails that year lol!


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