Monday, 1 November 2010

Olivia's Ist Birthday card

Today Mia's baby sister, our other Grand daughter Olivia ( known as Livi) is one! I followed very much in the same line as Mia's 3rd birthday card made recently.

This is Tinkerbell, in a bit of a 'minx' pose, from the same Disney set (QVC) as a few others I've used recently. The card is from the same set that I made Mia's card from but this one has an aperture as I wanted it mainly for the lovely green to match Tinkerbell's dress :). The lettering and ribbon were from my stash. It was made in a trice but still with lots of love for a very special little lady. Here's the inside of the card just so you know I didn't clip Tinkerbell's wings and feet!

See what I mean about the saucy pose?! The backing paper on the inside of the card came from my stash - no idea where I got it from, sorry.

And finally, here's the Birthday Girl herself - Happy Birthday Livi! From Grandad and GranDi XXX


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