Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Blogger playing up anyone?

I spent ages yesterday fighting with Blogger, when I click on links in the dashboard or the Playground Mr Linky it's just that interminable circle going round and round before it kicks me out. Tried on Len's PC as well, same thing there. Getting to other websites seems to be OK, it's just Blogger.

So I ran away and did a shed load of ironing instead - couldn't even be bothered to make a card. Things are bad when housework and ironing are much more attractive than playing!! Normal service will resume as soon as possible :)

PS - We think it might be overload on the Internet, although we're on the fastest connection available here, Len has also been having problems buying online - Christmas eh!

PPS - Yup, we realised this morning that it was Cyber Monday yesterday, normal service has been resumed - phew!



Mrs A. said...

I have been having connection problems all day too. I was putting it down to the cold weather and static. hugs Mrs A.

Liz said...

I've had problems tonight too with blogger. Often I couldn't get any blogs to open, then a few minutes later things went back to normal. A short time later it would happen all over again. Went on like this for a couple of hours. Very frustrating!! xx

Jane Willis said...

I've been having problems commenting on Blogger blogs. I type my comment then press submit and get a message saying "Comment may not be empty" - and all my lovely words have vanished into thin air! Hope it doesn't happen with this one.

Sue - said...

It was CyberMonday yesterday- everybody doing their online shopping for the big day! I posted on my blog yesterday evening and it was OK then.

Irene said...

Hello Di

Same problems here also.


Sarn said...

I had similar problems yesterday evening Di. Seems ok today. Prob something to do with Cyber Monday! Or maybe it's just Blogger being Blogger! xxx

Brenda said...

LOL Cyber Monday will do it!! Glad you are back to normal, now I need to get into my room and make something so I can play along. Hugs, Brenda

Hettie said...

Welcome to my world! It is like that all the time for moi being out in the sticks and all!
Mind you, maybe it was Mr trying to stop you spending your pennies!!

mamapez5 said...

I´ve had it all week Di. I´ve a stack of cards to post on my blog, and I´ve hardly managed to visit anyone else. Mine kicks into action around midnight every night, just when I´m ready to shut it all down!
It´s very frustrating. Kate x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

It may have been Blogger adding in that new number verification thing. Apparently the UK got it before we did.