Sunday 9 June 2013

Pixies Crafty Snippets Playground - Week 76

Wow, another really busy week in the Playground - despite our lovely weather here in the UK. I see the duck pond is in full swing with folk taking the plunge :) I bought this stamp some while ago:

I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- image is by Elisabeth Bell for Belle's and Whistles and it's called 'Tube Wear', coloured with Pro Markers and a tickle of Glossy Accents on the sweet little drop of water she's shaking off plus some around her feet and a little yellow gem in the centre of the hair decoration thingy she's wearing. Cut with an oval Nestie and then mounted onto a snippet of SU 'Baja Breeze', cut with a scalloped oval

- SU 'Daffodil Delight' snippet behind the patterned papers - and the reason I know the colours is due to having made a little swatch for all SU card stock - so I can check even when they're mixed in with other shades of the same colour in the snippets folder

- all patterned papers came from Echo Park's 'Hello Summer' paper pad - the main background was a whole sheet trimmed, the other pieces are snippets which I keep with the pads

- the sentiment is one of the larger ones from the Whimsical Delights 'Whimsical Fun - Vol. 1' set, stamped onto a white snippet using SU 'Baja Breeze' and just snipped into a pennant

- three raspberry coloured card candi pieces to finish off

Ha, ha - there's a deliberate mistake in the way I assembled the card so don't look too closely.......I said don't look! Sigh, OK, so I stuck the assembled backing onto the card stock upside down so the spine should have been the opening. The pennants ought to have been along the top but I flipped the card to tent orientation before adding the topper etc and  almost got away with it but the clouds are on their sides, snigger!

A quick fly through some entries for this week:

Cathy R made this stunning little bouquet, and not only that, she deservedly won over at Cuttlebug Mania with it - gorgeous and so small, hop over and look how it compares to a small Stickles-like bottle!
Hettie (Sam) made this stunning Wedding card using loads of snippets - my immediate reaction was that the Arboscello Tree die would lend itself to this treatment :)

I really could cover loads more, every entry was beautiful as always, but I need to move onto the prizes etc. BUT, not before showing you this card made by Bonnie.
It's a fabulous card in its own right, but the story behind it is very moving. A lovely young girl called Maddy is undergoing chemo for the second time and lots of crafters are making cards to send to her as encouragement. I thought it would be a lovely gesture if we try to follow Bonnie's little plea and make cards to send to Maddy - all the details are over on the posting on Bonnie's blog, link above the photo.

Prizes - off to run the Random number thingy for the SU 'Sprinkled Expressions' stamps set - and the winner is:
This took me three tries, people who say no thank you to prizes always seem to come out first! But, I do know that Karen was really keen on this stamp set so well done - especially as you also won Ryn's Droplets stamp in week 71, wahoo on a winning streak :)

And next is the really tricky one - the Ryn Tanaka Water Droplets stamps that are on offer. Well, I've been keeping a secret - I ran off to Ryn's and bought even more Water Droplets stamps since you all went wild over the first draw and then there was such a rush to do three entries last/this week, and even six entries over the last two weeks - amazing! I couldn't tell you my plans as that would spoil the surprise but I really did try to quietly encourage you as much as possible!

So, I'm doing it in order of the number of entries and FIVE of you entered six times for Ryn's stamp over the two week period. One of you, Mary H, was playing along to see if she could win and then very kindly pass her chance to someone else (thank you for that Mary, what a lovely lady you are!) - so that leaves THREE of you: Elizabeth,Maudiroff (Maureen) and Bonnie. Each of you will get a 'Water Droplets' stamp.

But, I still had five stamps left - so here's the next little selection, I picked folk who made a total of five cards with three of them in one week over the two week period: ScrappyMo and Shaz in Oz - you both win a Water Droplets stamp :)

So now we're down to three stamps and taking away all those who already won a stamp or said they had it already - we had one person left who entered three times in this last week only, and there was meant to be a draw so only that one person was eligible - and that's Debs, so you also win a Water Droplets stamp. Wahoo - me enjoying this!!

Two stamps left and what to do? I looked carefully at entries and a couple of little playmates who entered three times in one week leapt out at me. The first one is Mary Mac - Mary entered three times the first week and once last week.

And last, but by no means least, is someone who entered three times in the first of this two week period and that's Kath.

I've gone over and over the last two weeks entries so I really hope no-one is disappointed and that I didn't make a big boo-boo anywhere. By my reckoning, if you entered three times in even just one of the weeks you ought to be in the names above. If you think I accidentally left you out then please say so!! I should also add, this is a one-off girls - my pension can't take it :) But I did have such fun here watching for third entries and it's a little thank you for all the fun over almost 18 months now!

Can I please ask though that every one of you who won sends me an email confirming that you do want the stamp and including your snail mail address. I do have most of your addresses but it really would make things so much quicker for me to whizz through some emails and copy and paste your addresses into a text document to make labels without having to search through various (very disorganised) files and emails here. My email addy is and can you please try to put Water Droplets in the subject line. Ta!

So - with all that over, here's this coming week's prize, Hang on, I need a lie-down after all that excitement!
It's a touch of Summer - a stamp the same as the one I used today from me, plus some lovely Prima goodies, kindly sent to me by Sue as a prize. Gorgeous shades of lemon and orange, flowers, ribbons (hey up Sarn!) and also teeny little buttons to match - one pack is plain and the other has little polka dots. Thank you so much Sue!

We're back to normal 'rools' now and the Playground will run as usual this week with the gates closing at noon UK time on Saturday 15th June. I'm off to a local village Carnival that afternoon (I heard a rumour that Len has lined me up for the 'ducking stool' in the village pond) but I should be organised enough to re-open at midnight on Saturday.

Maximum of three entries and please say 'No thank you' in a comment if you wish to still play but not be a winner of this week's prize, the Elisabeth Bell 'Tube Wear' stamp and those lovely embellishments donated by Sue. Mr Linky is below - have fun!



  1. I'm stunned, I'm delighted and right now I'm doing a wee happy dance :) Thank you so much Di, I didn't think for one minute, despite your gentle encouragement, I stood a cat in hell's chance of winning that super stamp. It's late and I should be in bed so I'll email you later this morning. And thank you too for the almost 18 months of fun ... not only do I keep the mountain of snippets in check because of you, but I so enjoy the humour and all the little playground gags too. Simply wouldn't be without you, you're a tonic! Your card is fun too, great stamp and sunshiny colours. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  2. oooo-aarrr!!! BIG happy down rocking the boat downunder :D

    Coo, Miss dont know what to think but as the "Muddleheaded wombat" to to meouse: "I do think you are terribubbly kind!"

    and I am going to be pinching myslef all day over black a blue at the end of it Di!! I had huge chuckle at beginning of your post tryins to work out just what had gone awry.. and the cloud going sideways will am sure they go sideways somewhere other than just on your card, such a wodnerful card love the image.... what a fab stamp and fab prize too Di!! you are a champ!

    THANK YOU Miss you are the bestest!! with hugmongous, heartfelt hugs coming your way from downunder, and huge congrats to everyone else too!
    love Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Oh hecky thump Di yes I do love them and want them but I feel a bit guilty as I only just won the water droplets from you. I'll hunt out me snippets when I'm up to date and make a card for young Maddy - tis such a nice thing to do.
    Now talking about nice - you missus and all the other ladies have made me feel so welcome.
    Don't worry if I'm not around much the next couple of weeks - I've got a couple of big projects on so might not be able to play along so much. With the bonus being that someone else will get a chance to win.
    You so nice to all of us, right exhaustion finally caught up with me so off to bed I go! Huge hugs Karen x

  4. What lovely creations in past week-congrats to all, Di your todays card is so pretty-love it.
    Have a great Sunday
    hugs Tamara

  5. Oh, Di, you DO need a lie down! What an amazingly, amazingly generous woman you are! I felt like I was listening to Oprah Winfrey yelling, "You get a car!" and "You get a car!" and "You get a car!" only it was you and you were yelling, "You get a droplet!" and "You get a droplet!" and ... well, you get the idea. It was all VERY exciting! You've made lots of ladies happy!!

    Your snippets card is a riot! I broke, I mean, cocked my neck to the side to see if the adorable tube girl would look cute lying on her back, but no, better that the clouds are lying on theirs! LOL!

    No thank you on the prize. I will be back to the Playground later with a snippets make! xxoo Darnell

  6. Oh are so very generous! I can hardly believe my luck!

    I just love those water droplet stamps...thank you so muc.

    Your card is so cute...I had to go back and look again for the sideways clouds!!!

    I will drop you an email next...finally up at the lake...DH treated me to internet till we leave on our trip so I am a happy bunny!!!

  7. WOW WOW and WOW! Di . . . you are SOOOO very generous. What a lovely thing to do . . . you've made so many Playmates VERY happy bunnies indeed. I'd seen various comments saying that the Droplets stamp was Out of Stock . . . and now we all know why! LOL!

    Aww thanks for the shout out on my tags too. Your other picks are gorgeous.

    Onto YOUR card now . . . I seriously couldn't fine fault until I read on . . . and even then . . . I still think it's a sweet card, betcha the recipient wouldn't see the "mistake".

    Sending big hugs
    Sarn xxx

  8. Miss I is ever so pleased. Excuse the droplets of water wot is dripping off me cozy. Just climbed outta the duck pond to come and say thank oooooo ever sooo. You is kindness in the extrem. Hugs Mrs a.

    P.s. no thankyou kindly to this weeks prize.

  9. Yeeee haaaaa!!!! Thank you so much Di!! I went surfing to try to find the water droplets and it was out of stock :-( this is so generous of you thank you!
    Would be doing happy dance but brace is back on knee so will hand jive do??? Think Grease soundtrack and happy dancing hands ;-)
    Got mahoosive grin on face now - well done all the other lovely lucky snippeters - can't wait to see all of the makes from this
    Debs xxx

  10. Wow thats a gorgeous card Di another great snippet for the challenge, that's so amusing regarding Mrs A and the diving board over the duck we do do some funny things, lovely image and great papers which l reconise having won a pack from yourself and a greaet layout, many congrats to your winners this week and great creations that you picked out and all winners you will love that Ryn Tanaka Water Droplets stamp l bought myself and my Dil one not long ago and they stunning and so effective so enjoy yours l'd like to see your make on it and what lovely candy from Sue .....enjoy this lovely weather because we don't know how long it will last bye for now xx

  11. Gorgeous card Di ((((love the special clouds)))), this sister has taken the plasters off and now out to sit in the sun. Crafting time is at a bare minimum at present but love your snippet post. xx Flora

  12. Thanks Di! So pleased to have won the water droplets stamp - I didn't think I would be in with a chance as I've not made any cards this week as it's a busy time at work. I'll email you my address.
    Take care
    Kath x
    PS I wouldn't have noticed the sideways clouds if you hadn't said anything!

  13. Reading these happy comments is just as lovely as reading your post today! Fabulous snippety make from you and what a showcase! Thank you for all you do to keep the playground running... and all of us in check what with treehouses and duckponds and all the mad capers that happen!

  14. I shall have to start calling your Mother Christmas lol.
    Fab card Di, Lovely image and great papers, never noticed that they were not the right way up till I read the post, love the left border with the banners.

    Kath x

  15. Wooo Hoo...You had some great winners of the water droplets stamps! All of their entries were so stunning too, and I was happy to see names 'that I know' pop up as winners. Big congratulations to ALL of them! This looks like a fantastic stamp. Based on the washing machine overflow at my house, I guess I better put the one I purchased to good use. We had lots & lots of water droplets around here! LOL (not really...more like sob, sob, sob, groan). TFS & Hugs to all of you.

  16. Totally forgot to say "Thank you" to Miss Pixie who makes all this possible, and offers such wonderful prizes in addition to a place to play & meet wonderful & generous - not to mention talented! - people. TFS

  17. Oh my goodness, a little angel told me I'd won. I spent the weekend with my body buried in my craft room cleaning and dusting and getting the room ready for when I return. I didn't know I'd won! Can you see me jumping up and down? Can you hear me screaming? Can you see my husband running in to see what's wrong? Thank you soooo very much for finding Ryn's stamp. Because of you I went to her site, only to find she'd sold out. I had a note to myself to check first thing when I returned home. Now I'll be excited to ink it up inJuly! Thank you for bringing all of us together...and prizes are nice...but you are the nicest! Hugs!

  18. Hi Di, WOW, you've certainly made lots of playmates very happy :) Thankyou for show casing my flowers too and congrats to all for their inspiration every week!

    Love your card, pretty papers and image :) Cathy x

  19. Okay I'm a bit more compis mentus, aka mental, tonight lol.
    Gorgeous card Die and I would never have noticed the clouds if I hadn't read it. In fact I had to go back up because I didn't notice!
    Thank you so very very much lovely lady - I shall enjoy my stamps very much. I've just had a wee play session with my water droplets and will share as soon as I can - omgee they are so awesome Di, I've so many ideas popping through my head - my usual issue too many ideas not enough time!
    Just off to comment on your new card - tis lush! See you later in the week Karen xx

  20. How about that?! I made it to the Playground bright and early! If I weren't still a bit tipsy, I'd really be moved by that brilliant sunrise peeking over the greenhouse . . . oh, look a hedgie . . .

  21. Congrats to all the winners! Di - you really do a sterling job with the Playground every week and I know how much work it must be. I love the way you write, just as if we were right there and always so entertaining! Vicky x

  22. I really like the pennants down the side, it's different!

  23. Well done to all you lucky winners! I am not in the slightest bit jealous! No Sirree!
    I do love your card and think it looks so cute. So what if the clouds are on their sides? I doubt if anyone would have picked it up if you hadn't said. And the pennants are like that cos that is how they look on boats on the water!

  24. Hi Di - I started reading and thought oh good on you Karen P - and then I kept reading - excited or what - thank you again for such a fab prize... I plan to use it as soon as it arrives!! I will say no thank you to this weeks prize just to be fair - and I have lots of blossoms to use... Mxx

  25. What an adorable little swimmer! I'm still up in the air over my win! You are so very generous!

  26. Here's an entry from me, but no thank you for the prize Di! Have a good week Karen xx

  27. Okay Miss down from cloud nine!!

    ... and cleaned up from blowing bubbles with Mrs A. in the duck pond!!

    ... in time to present me first 'umble offering for the week, 'fanks again, awfly for the bubbles, {{Big hugs}} Shaz in oz.x

  28. Cute little swimmer in this card. And I did think I recognized somebody so I'm glad you clarified! Loved the coloring, and enjoyed the story too. TFS

  29. Hi Di, Just thought l would add another card and the backing papers came from my snippets box although l didn't specify this xx

  30. Just popped in for another short visit. I just had to post my Monday makes. I'm already having withdrawals no playing with cards for 4 weeks....yikes! I'll be looking in to see what everyone else is up to. Good luck to everyone I know Di's prize will find a very happy home. I'm going to pass on this one...I'm still celebrating my last week's win. Can't wait to play with it.....

  31. Thanks for fiddling with my links, Di (oooh that could sound norty!!) - I thought I'd done something wrong, but couldn't backtrack to find out - will miss my turn on the swings as a punishment - lol! x

  32. I'm still not sure what I did wrong here - but was trying to enter my card and think I totally messed it up! Any advise on how to re-do the entire thing? This is my first time to enter and am very excited to be joining in.
    Lynn Hayes

  33. Di, I noticed you fixed my link! Thanks so much and hopefully I'll get it right next time!

  34. Cute card this week, and I just love all those little banners on the side! Summer's here and if I had a little board, I'd be heading for the beach too!

  35. Hi Di - my last turn in the playground this week - just a reminder I am opting out of the prizes this week... I love your popping over and commenting you are always entertaining lol - I will let you know when droplets arrives... hugs Mxx

  36. Congrats to all last weeks winners. I love the stamp but would like someone else to win it so please leave me out of the draw. Hugs, Amanda x

  37. Brought another batch of snippets. I think this is going to be an UFO-Snippet summer. This stuff multiplies like rabbits! Have a fun weekend!

  38. Please Miss, I didn't nick the loo roll fof my card out of the playground toilets, I have a whole carrier bag of em under my desk - and the tin can was gladly donated (after use, of course!) by my DH - he's always glad to add to my crafty stash in this way lol!! Hope this one is 'snippety' enough :-)
    Debs xx

  39. Hey Di, you asked about using the Frantage on metal embellishments - depends if its the big flakes? They are unlikely to stick if u just heat the metal. I would dunk the embellishment in Versamark first, then dunk it in Frantage. This works with the finer powders but the big flakes might blow away - let me know how it goes!
    Debs x

  40. Had to include a snippets make with my lurrrvely new Droplets stamp from Miss!!!

  41. One more for the pot. No swimming practice for me today. Feeling a bit deflated after me pin pricking session. Still one good thing is I don't suffer from water retention!!! Gentle hugs Mrs A.

  42. Hi Miss. I am back. Have you missed me? I bet that Mrs A has been wreaking havoc in my absence!!

  43. Finally home and able to upload a card. I just might have another couple if I get my butt in gear and take photos and write the posts! Now why didn't I think of doing that up at the lake when DH was snoring!!!


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