Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hoping Christmas is a hoot

Quick post from me, dashing here and there isn't conducive to crafting :(

I've arranged to collect some 'Stottie Cakes' from Gregg's the Bakers shop at Newcastle Airport on my way home this evening - yummy. They're Northern flat bread cakes, just found a recipe on the net for future use - whoop, whoop! My little order will be waiting for me and no doubt Len will think I'm totally barking (as ever) when I get back home and produce one to make bacon sarnies with one on Friday morning - plus the others will freeze brilliantly :) Haven't had a real Gregg's stottie cake for years!

Anyhow, this card is for Crafty Hazelnut's Christmas Challenge, which is to 'Feature a Creature':

I used:

- 7" x 1.75" oblong white card stock

- Penny Black 'greetings from the wise' stamps, coloured with Pro Markers. I resisted the urge to add some glitter to his hat - like him just as he is

- sentiment stamped using a Woodware Francois Collection 'Merry Christmas' stamp (FRH003) from Handy Hippo

Yikes, without really thinking about it, I made a one layer card - how very brave.

Snort, of course as Pro Markers bleed through he did have to be backed with another layer of white card behind :)



  1. Beautiful stamp with stunning colouring!
    Love this.

  2. Mmm... Stottie Cakes! I remember eating them when we visited my grandparents in Newcastle when I was little. Delicious!

    What a cute card, Di! I love that sweet owl with his Santa hat! This is so simple and so good!

    love Mags B x

  3. Love it, you should have used your blog post title for the card (could have made it on the puter!). Save some stottie for me, I haven't had it in years either! Travel safe.


  4. Oh what a cute little owl Di. He looks like a fir cone on legs :-)
    A x

  5. Hi Di

    What a fabulous Christmas card .. .. love the cute little owl.

    Hope you have a good day today you little "gad about" you!

    Love Jules xx

  6. I agree with Brenda. Your post title would have been a good sentiment for this card. He is a cute little owl, but not very 'Merry'. He looks a bit sad, or maybe just 'hopeful' to me. I always forget that copics and promarkers bleed, so you need to colour first and then cut and mount. It's a cute card all the same. I love owl images.
    Kate x

  7. Gorgeous one layer card - such a cute image(I know what you mean about having to add card because of the bleed through). Enjoy the Stottie cake! Thanks for joining in my CHNC challenge 76 - hope to see you again soon.

  8. Have a great day and wish your stepmum a very happy birthday. I have now found someone just like me as I order welsh cakes from Greggs when I visit my mum, I know i could make them myself but the greggs ones always taste so much better. Enjoy the bacon sarnies tomorrow too. Hugs, Amanda x

  9. Great card Di. Enjoy your bacon sarnie.
    Caz x

  10. Stottie cake, sounds interesting are they like oven bottom bread? I buy those sometimes for the lads lunches.

    Lovely card and well done on producing a one layer card, something I have struggled with this week and gave up in the end!

    Safe travels and Happy 80th to Pearl


  11. Hoot hoot! What a sweet Chrimbo card . . . AND it's one layer! Superb!

    Never heard of Stottie Cakes . . . but they are clearly memorable if you've eaten one!

    Happy Bacon Buttie for tomorrow!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  12. He's a real cutie, although he doesn't look too happy. Perhaps when Santa has been he'll cheer up! Hope you enjoy the buttie!

  13. Oooo I love stottie cakes! Smashing one-layer card - everything in perfect balance!

  14. Gorgeous card Di, and no excuse for not doing one layer perfect for Hazels challenge good luck and enjoy your Stottie cakes l have never heard of the but they sound lovely enjoy with the bacon:)x

  15. Hee hee! I like that challenge title, "Feature a creature." You picked quite a darling creature too. You are right... a one layer card. I need to go lie down now. One layer cards make me twitch.

  16. Never seen them in Gregs here but other bakers have them.

    I am certain I have that image somewhere. Great Cas card.
    Hope you have arrived home safely.

    Kath x


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