Thursday, 9 February 2012

Quick make with Kraft card

Last Summer I got a bit stung in a shop in Spain when I bought some 45mm wide ribbon. The last 8" of it was sellotaped together - something that I think Kate (who lives in Spain) says has happened to her in Spain too. Bit naughty - what if it had been for something that needed a specific length of unjoined ribbon? Being a squirrel I still kept the little piece and yesterday rustled up a real quickie using it -  as a change from stamping and cataloguing stamps - which seem to be breeding on the quiet!
The mustard colour of the flower is a perfect match to the leaves on the ribbon in real life BTW.

I used:

- 6" x 6" square Kraft card stock

- length of patterned ribbon, gathered in the centre

- ready made flower embellishment from stash

- sentiment by Hero Arts from the 'Live Life' set, stamped using a Tuxedo Black Memento ink pad which was already out being used for the marathon stamping exercise

- A couple of topaz coloured gems to 'dot' the i and the j on the sentiment




Jules said...

Morning Di

That was a bit naughty of them wasn't it. As you say it was a good job is wasn't for a specific purpose.

It is very beautiful though and I can see why you would fall in love with it!

A lovely finished card and the embellishment in the centre of your flower is gorgeous!

I do love kraft!

Have a good day.

Love Jules xx

Annie said...

Think I would have taken it back :-) Any excuse for a few more days in the sun eh? hehehe
A x

Anonymous said...

Naughty Spaniards! Lovely ribbon, great card! xxx

mamapez5 said...

Sorry Annie. You don't take anything back in Spain. It's not a concept they have grasped yet. It's lovely ribbon though DI. Worth buying and you've put the end to good use. Kate x

Irene said...

A beautiful card with such gorgeous ribbon. And so naughty of them (thanks for letting me know, I shall remember)

Jackie said...

I really like your card and the sentiment is lovely.The ribbon is gorgeous so I can see why you kept it (I do the same ) :)

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Lovely card. The bold ribbon is beautiful and the sentiment simply gorgeous.


Mrs A. said...

Those stamps are a bit like those bunnies that got let loose in the park. Two and your done for!!! Hugs Mrs A,

lisa said...

That was a bit naughty of them but at least you made the most of the bit that was left. It's gorgeous ribbon too, I can see why you bought it.
Thanks for the Homebase tip, I shall go and have a look when I'm allowed out the house again!!!
Hugs Lisax

Elizabeth said...

Very naughty practice ... luckily your ingenuity has enabled you to make the most of this beautifully patterned ribbon. The Kraft is a very effective foil for the eyecatching colours in the ribbon and the flower. Hope you're having a good day. My resident handyman is laying new flooring in the bathroom ... it's chaos! Elizabeth x

Sandra said...

So annoying Di when something like that happens l think l would be tempted to unroll it but then we think about this after and then it's too late to do anything about it learn by our mistakes, this is gorgeous Di, love the ribbon is beautiful and your card is too:) Sandra H

Di said...

I only discovered the sellotaped piece when I got home to the UK as I'd left the ribbon unopened in the carefully sealed paper bag - now I know why it was carefully sealed :( Di xx

Bernie said...

Wow this is COOL as the kids would say. Fresh design I haven't seen before. Love it. May have to copy this idea.

M said...

This is really lovely. M x

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Di,

What a nice card. I love the ribbon - bummer on the last of it being stuck together.

Say, how does the sandbox thing work? I may want to join in at some point.. I mean, yes, I've had sand in my britches before.... but this looks like fun!


PS I got to every WOYWW post (finally). The last maybe 10 I couldn't leave comments on though. I might re-visit them to leave a comment over the weekend - if the secret word thingie is working....


Kathleen said...

Lovely card Di, shame about the ribbon but that happened to me in Madiera once.

Kath x