Sunday 3 April 2022

New challenge over at the Snippets playground

Hooray - there's a new challenge (#425) over at the Snippets Playground HERE - and it's my great pal and our Head Prefect/Chief Mischief Maker Sarn who is your hostess for this fortnight.

I'm really delighted to welcome Sarn in sharing with me the fun and games of running the Snippets Playground. 

Dudley and I discussed this the other day and we both have a strong feeling that Sarn's mischief will continue, if anything it might get worse. But, we agreed that it's a small price to pay - no doubt Dudley will be hoping for extra treats and cuddles from Sarn ☺

I've seen from the many comments on here, Sarn's blog and also the  Snippets Playground that you're genuinely as pleased as I am to have Sarn partnering me. Thank you everyone from, both of us, for your kind words!

'Pupdate' on Dudley: already Dudley's pale peach coloured ears are growing a bit longer and it's so lovely to be able to stroke the silkiness again. He doesn't seem to notice any difference since being so shorn, although in some ways he's a bit like a Spring lamb chasing round the garden in leaps and bounds doing his 'zoomies'. 

He's very keen on certain raw vegetables so we keep a dish of freshly chopped carrots and chopped baby red, orange, yellow bell peppers beside his water for him to 'snack' at during the day. The other day, Len added part of a green bell pepper and there's obviously a subtle difference in taste. Dudley very carefully sorted through the whole dish and removed each piece of green pepper, lining them up like soldiers beside his bowl. The look of disapproval on his little face was priceless!

A little heads up about a giveaway. Our Playmate Sue, of Zouave Cards is busy doing a craft room blitz and she is giving away two lovely bundles of Little Claire stamps. If you live in the UK, all you have to do is leave a comment on her blog post here.

OK - this coming fortnight, let's see if as many of you as possible can make something using your snippets and play along to make Sarn's first turn at being hostess 'go with a swing'! Being the Playground, that pun was totally intentional!

Happy dance here!


  1. Aww - thank you so much for the lovely welcome Di. I’m so excited and happy to be playing on the swings with you. See you up in the Treehouse later - but first, I’m trying out my new silver whistle!!!!

    Glad to hear Dudley’s hair/fur is growing back nicely. Too funny about his disapproval of green peppers!!! That’s told you hasn’t it?!

    Happy Sunday xxxx

  2. Off now to visit the Playground but just had to say that I share Dudley's distaste for green peppers - can't stand them but will happily eat the red, yellow and orange ones😀

  3. Of course I will pop over to the playground to support Sarn...
    Young Dudley obviously has a keen sense of taste, and definite preferences :)

  4. Dudley and Buster obviously have similar tastes ;-)
    Buster has got used to having his 'extra dinner' - after we've had ours he gets a little something that I've kept back for him. Usually bits of veg - green beans are a big favourite - and very occasionally he scores an egg!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I'm with Dudley about green peppers - yuck! :) The red ones are so much sweeter. xx

  6. This is a great post been and played at the playground xx

  7. Another Challenge at the Snippets Playground - great I have just finished one with left over bits and bobs which I'm quite chuffed about! I have to agree with Dudley - I don't like the green peppers as much as the red ones!

  8. sounds like fun is abounds here, I haven't been around in... well too long! Work is keeping me overly busy but I hope to join as soon as possible! Welcome, Sarn, and head pats to Dudley!

  9. OH! You have taken on a dangerous lady to play at The Playground Di, but as she respects you? I'm sure she will accept the seriousness of helping you out? Great partnership methinks :)
    Faith x

  10. Hi Di,
    lovely to see Sarn at your helm this time around.
    I do so hope you have a nice rest while she is causing mischief if you can.
    Didley is not daft that's for sure they sure know what they like and don't like.
    Sorry I have bben missing for such a long time as I wasn't constantly blogging for some time just doing my DT work but I promised myself this year would be different.
    Just find it difficult to juggle all the diffrent jobs myself now.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  11. So great Sarn is now your partner in crime--haha! Can just imagine Dudley picking out the "bad" veggies & looking at you with disdain! It's amazing how particular they can be. Fritz lets me know when we're walking & he doesn't want to continue in that direction. Puts on his breaks & looks at me obviously saying--I'm not going that way!"


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