Tuesday 29 December 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground #393 - Prize E

Here's the fifth prize in the 'Snippets Playground Celebration' prize draw: 

I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank, side opening

- snippet of dark blue pearlescent card, trimmed to just slightly smaller than the card front

- snippet of a much loved design in pale blue by Kanban called 'Merry Mistletoe'. I bought a good few sheets of this card some years ago, absolutely love it and squirrel away every last scrap

- used a Hero Arts die called 'Cut out Season Fancy Die' to die cut into the patterned card

- then glued it onto the dark blue card layer, using a mixture of Collall All Purpose glue for the bigger areas of card and little dots of Zig glue for the more detailed areas

- glued the finished panel onto the card front

- added five 'platinum' sequins from Lucy's Card's 'Little Things' here and there as a finishing touch

This was a really fast card to make so I made two at the same time. The added platinum sequins really made this card feel 'finished' without the sparkle of bright silver. 

I LOVE this die, which is from a range of three Christmas themed ones, even more since I made this card. The die practically does all the work for you so it's ideal for 'batch baking'. I took the even easier route as I was racing to make this just yesterday and followed one of the designs on the reverse side of the die packet. These are the designs shown, and apart from the one I followed, I think you'll agree the other two shown are quite similar to the Memory Box 'Grand Merry Christmas' die that we all went crazy over back in 2014 or so, you would just need to trim away one or other side of the bottom edge of the cutaway part. But it's even more versatile in that you can also use the same design as I did with part of the sentiment in a cut out box area - nice:

Hero Arts - Fancy Die - Cut-Out Seasons

The image came from the internet Hero Arts website and if I increase the size it's blurred - but it's enough to show what I mean! It's on the back of the packet the die comes in as I already said - it would have been quicker to take a photo of the back of the packet than explain why the image is small, blah, blah - but the light isn't good right now. .

And of course today's prize just has to be this:

It's the Hero Arts 'Cut Out Season Fancy Die' the same as I used today and the die is 3.75" wide, measuring across the rectangular box cut away section.  Of course, I bought three (plus my own one of course) as prizes so you have three chances to win this lovely die!

At the end of all of the celebrations I'll do a massive draw session for all the prizes using the one Mr Linky - which is on the main snippets post HERE along with details of exactly how to join in - so you do need to have entered one snippets make over on that post during the three weeks that the challenge runs for to be in with a chance :) Maximum of one entry please - to keep things fair for those who may not have time to craft. Mr Linky closes at 11am on Saturday 9th January so you do need to have added a snippets make by then to be eligible for the draw.

Do please take time to read 'the rules' on the post in the above link. No-one has found them confusing, as yet, but they really do cover a lot of ground and are worth reading.

Just leave a comment on this post if you would like the chance to win today's prize.

We've had snow here today! It fell this morning and looked to be quite big and fluffy flakes at one point - but as I'm typing this in the evening it has melted, although there may be more to come. For us in the South part of the UK it's not a very frequent event and the silence still reminds me of my childhood spent elsewhere. It was quite funny as Dudley hasn't seen snow since he was a puppy and Len had to encourage him into the back garden. He (Dudley!) trod very gingerly, squatted to do a wee and then followed up with the rest of his 'performance' as if to say 'Dad, I don't need a walkies today - I'm all done - can I come inside and snuggle up again please?' And then he scampered right back into the warmth for treats and cuddles. And yup, at two and a half coming up - Dudley still squats to 'spend a penny'. It's very endearing and long may it continue.

Speaking of our beloved pets, I wept yesterday when I read a comment from our lovely Playmate Lynne in NI (Northern Ireland) where she wrote that their darling wee Westie called Ruby had gone to the Rainbow Bridge just before Christmas. Ruby was one of the driving forces behind my longing to have a dog, her dear little face, dark eyes and button nose smiled up at me when we went to choose Dudley to be honest and I actually feel as if that sweet little girl took a piece of my own heart with her as well. Sending you our love and hugs Lynne, from everyone in the Playground too. 

I think it might be a nice idea if we have a 'Ruby's Snippets prize' on offer now and then - I often have a few pieces in the Toy Box which I can't make a sample with as I only have one of them. Wouldn't it be lovely if 'Ruby's Prize' happens every so often - as she truly still is a very special and much loved family member. I wouldn't make a card but would make it Ruby's own challenge by using her photo as our inspiration. Help, I didn't ask Lynne about this but am sure she will be content. And then whatever prize we wish to offer further down the blog post. So, if you do wish to send something for 'Ruby's Snippets Prize' then feel free to get in touch. Brand new, unopened and the sort of thing we'd love to play for please.

Love from Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. So sorry to hear Lynn lost her furbaby. The house is just not the same without them. I like your Ruby's Prize idea. Beautiful card, Di--can see why you treasure that paper & love the platinum sequins! So sweet of you to have multiples of prizes & please put my name in the drawing for this die. Snow is pretty rare here, too. So far, none this year, but hope we get a little.

  2. Oh, I have a lump in my throat from hearing about sweet little Ruby. It looks like she was the same age as my Toby, and as Toby is in kidney failure now, we are trying to prepare for his loss as well. Those little pups really burrow in and grab hold of our hearts, don't they?

    Yes please to this wonderful die. I love the clean and simple look, and your card is beautiful. I understand completely how you hoard pretty papers and use every last scrap. My problem is that I hoard mine to excess and don't even cut into it for years!

  3. Wow! This is a MUST HAVE, I love the colors you have chosen! Yes please for the draw! Thank you for all these lovely prizes!
    We are in for a major snow tomorrow..8-10 inches which will be over a third of our annual snowfall...love that I’ll be home all day crafting away...but we will not be so lucky for it to melt and we will have to get out and shovel at some point in time. Praying for everyone to stay safe on the roads and from this nasty virus!

  4. You got snow? So close to us yet we didn't have a single flake. Just near-freezing drizzle all day.
    Love that die and agree that it does all the work for you - we all need one or two things like that in our stash! Definitely would like to be in the running for it.
    Hope Lynne likes your idea of a tribute challenge in memory of Ruby. I think it sounds lovely. Maybe in a while though, it might be too painful for her to think about at the moment.

  5. What a lovely idea to have a "Ruby's Snippets Prize" every so often. My heart goes out to Lynne losing her precious pet. They wrap themselves around our heart and it is so difficult when we lose them. You are such a beautiful person, Di, to think of having something special to honor Ruby's memory.

    Your card is wonderful. I love it when dies nearly make the card all by themselves! The addition of the platinum sequins was just perfect. Yes, please, to this lovely prize...and many thanks for all the work you are doing to make this holiday season bright and cheery!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  6. Oh Di, what a stunning creation - please put me in the drawer for the it!
    So sorry to hear of Ruby's departure over the rainbow bridge - always a devastating time for any family to loose a pet.
    Her legacy lives on in Dudley.
    Stay safe

  7. What a lovely card, you've used the die perfectly.

    I didn't know about Ruby - I used to have a Westie myself so was always drawn to the pic of Ruby on Lynne's blog. I'd love to send something, shall I just pop it in the post to you?

    It's snowing on and off here, but not settling, as I have to go out later I am hoping it doesn't!

    L x

  8. Aww it’s alway sad when anyone loses a pet they are a big part of anyone’s family Ruby will be missed and she was an inspiration for you and now you have Dudley who brings many happy a moment in your lives and the snow is one of them lol 😆 your card and die is gorgeous good luck to all who enter for this prize take care stay safe xx

  9. Beautiful card Di, gorgeous paper and a really useful die. I’m a Yes Please for Prize E.

    I hadn’t come across Lynne’s blog before, so I’ve just popped over to see her precious Ruby. Such sad news to hear. xx

  10. Yes please to this versatile die - just love your card! We had snow on Sunday but it didn't stay long - so much prettier than the rain we've been getting since forever!

  11. Clever die for this card Di, and an unusual one...anything that mentions the words quick card gets a thumbs up from me...so Yes please thumbs up to this prize.xx

  12. Ruby's Snippets Prize is a wonderful idea Di - and a big hug to Lynne - part of her family who will be sorely missed. x
    Yes please to this wow die - cos you know I haven't got many.... x

  13. What a pretty card. I always love it when a die can take center stage. Please include me in the drawing.
    Both the soft falling snow and pets are such a beautiful thing...they both, I feel, uplift the soul. So sorry to hear about Lynne's Ruby but what a special friend you are to celebrate her memory this way.

  14. A lovely card Di and I would like a chance to win this fabulous die, please.

    So sad to hear about Ruby - she always looked such a little treasure.

    Kath x

  15. I'm so sorry to hear about Lynn's loss of Ruby. We lost one of our cats Christmas week. I miss his face. Ruby's Prize sounds like a wonderful idea.

    Yes, please to the prize. This die looks so versatile.

  16. Yes, please.

    So sorry to hear about Ruby. Prayers to her owners.

    Spend a Penny? I didn't have to look that phrase up as you pretty much spelled it out. I did have to go see the origin of the phrase. Sheesh! You had to spend a penny to go potty away from home. The men didn't have to. Only the women.

  17. This is a great sentiment die and love the pretty paper with the rich blue colour behind the cut out and as a border, and as I don't have a die like this I will be a 'yes please' for Prize E. So sad to her about Lynne's Westie Ruby, so sweet and pretty and will obviously be greatly missed. There was a little snow over the hills here but luckily none down below where we live. I don't blame Dudley for wanting to do the necessary and then head straight indoors again, personally when the weather gets nasty I feel the same if you get what I mean..lol. Hope you manage to get some time to relax during the coming week. x

  18. Hi Di! Yes, please to prize E. Your card is lovely. Sorry to hear about Ruby. Our Tini left us two years ago 12/22 unexpectedly and the loss is still overwhelming for my son. We added a new fur baby 1/14/19 but there is still a gap in the hole in our hearts. I know all pet owners have that same problem probably.

  19. Very pretty card. Yes for the prize. I am always on the look out for sentiments that take center stage and need little else. So sad to have a beloved pet pass on. How sweet of you to want to honor her memory.

  20. No snow here yet...
    Beautiful card and I love the die, so YES PLEASE.

    Poor Ruby... I would love to make a card inspired by her photo!

  21. I am sorry to read about the loss of your friend's dog. It's so sad and lately I have been reading of other crafty friends losing their beloved pets within the last couple months. We just lost our cat Kiwi last month and we still miss him so much and talk about him every day. Sending hugs and sympathies to Lynne in NI.

    Di, your card is beautiful! I really like this die and can see lots of possibilities for this one! I'm a YES, PLEASE! Thank you for your awesome Snippets Playground Celebration prize draw - it's exciting to think about winning!

    I giggled when I read about Dudley in the snow hehehe so cute!

  22. Hi Di! Love the pretty paper you used for this fun die; great card! I'd love to play for it, please (I already have a card idea for it should I be so lucky lol).
    So sad to hear about the beautiful Ruby. You are so thoughtful to think of having a challenge in her honor. ;-)
    I live in So. Florida so snow is pretty foreign to me. lol We did get flurries once when I was in the 7th grade (1977 I think!).

  23. Beautiful card, Di, and I really love both the color combo and the paper you chose! I'll be in for the prize on this one. :-D
    So sad to hear about Ruby and I do so hope Lynne will think that a "Ruby's Prize" now and then will be a great idea. I'm emailing you with an idea I have about a donated prize if indeed we get Ruby's Prize going. :-D

  24. Another beautiful card Di with that gorgeous die and those elegant sequins. And not a all surprised you stocked up on that paper! I'm going to step back from this prize though.
    We are wishing it would snow here in Buckingham but so far nothing but mud. Had to laugh at the idea of Dudley saying 'I think we'll skip the walk today - it's a bit cold!' Eva adores the snow and it's a lot cleaner than mud - until it melts of course!
    So very sad to hear about the loss of little Ruby. What a lovely idea to have a special Ruby prize. Once life is back to some kind of normal around here I shall head off to the PO.
    Hugs, Vicky xx

  25. Oh, it's a very elegant card! I pass for this one, I already have something similar in my stash. So so sorry for Lynne's dog Ruby! Any pet loss is always devastating. Their lives are too short for us :(

  26. Woke up to snow here today but it's nearly all melted now... didn;t even get chance to make a snowman!
    Fabulous card and the paper snippe is so pretty. Not seen that die before and it's a 'yes please' from me to going in the draw for this prize E.
    So sorry to hear about Lynne's furbaby and a 'Ruby' prize sounds like such a great idea xx

  27. May I pop my name in for this one please Di

  28. Yes please to this great die (unless my mom wins it, then I'll just borrow it..lol). I love the mix of modern design with pretty papers. Quick and easy is always a plus during the holidays.

    Awww, so sorry to hear about Ruby. I always loved Westies and losing a pet is always hard. I had to go over to Lynne's blog to get a look at her, and she was a cutie.

  29. A gorgeous card Di. I am sure I have that paper somewhere in my stash!! Dies like these are always so useful. Big hugs, Carol S.xxx

  30. Big hugs to Lynne, and to you, too, Di. There's nothing harder than saying goodbye to a beloved fur baby. I think it's a lovely idea to have a Ruby's Snippets challenge!! I absolutely adore your gorgeous card, and am a definite "yes please" for this draw!

  31. Your card is beautiful Di and that paper so pretty and elegant. So sorry to hear of Lynne's news. I know how empty our house feels when the boys (dogs) aren't there. It's a lovely idea to have a Ruby's Snippets prize, if Lynne agrees. I will see what I can come up with. Have just heard we're in Tier 4 as from midnight. I am so pleased I have my crafting to keep me going. Stay safe and I would love to be a Yes for this one please xx.

  32. Enjoy your snow (which in my mind means staying inside, keeping warm, and admiring it out the window.). We had a white Christmas for the first time in ages, but only because we've moved so much further north (and I hope it's the last snow of the season).
    I really like how you can use this die to create the window in the middle of the card -- very cool. Please add me to the draw.

  33. Oh how sad, my condolences to Lynne, but what a lovely idea to remember Ruby, I will have a look in my box.
    Yes please to the draw, I’m sure I could figure it out with a bit of help, and would make lovely quick cards. Big hugs to all xxx

  34. Love this - I have the Memory Box 'Merry Christmas' die, which I've much neglected, so am going to use as the inspiration to dust it off!
    So sorry to hear about Ruby xx
    Helen x

    PS - as I already have a similar die, I'll pass on this prize

  35. Happy New Year Di.
    So sorry to hear about Ruby.
    Wonderful card and die. Yes for the prize, please.
    Valerija xx

  36. so sorry to read about Ruby...
    very nice cards!

  37. Lovely CAS design in these shades of cool blue that are perfect for this season. It seems I opted not to comment at all to keep my name out of the draw for this prize *sigh*. No, thank you, for this prize. Our borders and airport have been closed since March and our international mail service has been suspended too. As soon as I can, I'll send you some items for the prize box.

  38. Hi Di, gorgeous card. Always sad to loose a fur baby. Your idea for the occasional prizes is wonderful. You are such a sweet soul. Yes please to include me in the draw for this lovely die. So many gorgeous prizes!! Hugz

  39. Oh... I love the beautiful simplicity of your card! I don't do CAS very well, but this die might help me to do that. So... please put me in the draw. Thanks so much, Di! You are so very generous!

  40. Love this festive die Di, you've made a lovely card with it.
    Yes please for the draw, thank you.
    So sorry to hear about Ruby.
    Janice x

  41. This is a very pretty card, and a lovely die. Yes please to this prize.

  42. Would love to win this prize Di - thank you so much - Cheers Maurs xxx