Sunday, 6 December 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #392

What a week of tail chasing here! It ended on Friday with the delights of a routine blood test at our local surgery, with the nurse having several attempts to find a co-operative vein - oh deep joy.

In between it all I managed to make a snippets card for this challenge - at one point in Thursday afternoon it was looking a bit 'touch and go'. However, this is the result:

I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" white card blank

- piece of white card - trimmed to 5.25" x 4" for the panel I wanted to work on

- snippet of white card which I die cut using a Spellbinders Shapeabilities 'Chevron Border' die

- glued the die cut in place onto the white panel using a Zig glue pen, leaving some of the die cut hanging over at either side, to be trimmed off later 

- rummaged around in my overflowing snippets folder amongst the 'fifty shades of brown' and pulled out four different snippets (forgot to take a photo, although I was watching the clock as it was almost time to groom Dudley)

 - then die cut the snippets using the same chevron die, one colour at a time to avoid getting in a muddle

- then added each shade of the brown chevron die cuts into the white chevron frame on the card panel using a Zig glue pen

- trimmed the overhanging sides of the chevron with the inserted chevrons, from the back using small sharp scissors

- next I found some metallic twine in gold and brown and twisted two lengths together (couldn't decide between gold and brown so I mixed them!)

- sellotaped the twine strands to the back of the card and snipped off the excess

- backed the whole white panel with a piece of fun foam trimmed to  5" x 3.75" - using Collall All Purpose glue

- glued the panel onto the card front

- final touch, added a Craftwork Cards pre-made and die cut gold on white oval Birthday sentiment on top of the chevron panel - little tip, I used thin sticky pads and made a sort of bridge with two pieces of sticky pad so that the twine wasn't squashed down at all

And there you have it - what I hope is a card suitable for a chap. I'd originally intended using blue snippets but couldn't find four shades of blue snippets which really worked together.

Let's move onto the prize for this fortnight's challenge - which you will no doubt have already guessed:

My 'sample' card is very much based on a card I found HERE - a lovely blog with several clever ideas how to use the Spellbinders Shapeabilities 'Chevron Border' die (I went for the quickest one and also one using snippets of course!). The prize is also the same die that Christine used for her Hope & Chances Charity kit card that I published HERE not so long ago. I loved the die cut in the kit so much I ran out (metaphorically speaking) and bought the die, one for me and one for the toybox! It's a super die and I've seen it used in red and gold for Christmas cards - stunning!

A couple of points about the die - I reckon you really should use waxed paper or similar for easy release of the die cut. I find this with Spellbinders dies, particularly more intricate ones. I didn't use waxed paper and struggled a bit, but got there in the end - I have a roll of the stuff but was too lazy involved to get it from a cupboard literally just behind me in here, which would actually have saved me time in the long run. Also, I had to use shims (just card or paper) - which is often the case with a long and fairly intricate die cut. Don't let that put you off joining in the draw - it's a great die for male cards and would be lovely (for example) for a baby card, made in advance in pink and blue all ready for you to add a sentiment or whatever you fancy.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 19th December. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.
Please also remember that I only allow a total of nine other challenges, which makes 10 in total, when you enter a snippets make into the Playground.
One little task this weekend is to make Dudley some more doggy treats as he's just finished the ones I made a few weeks ago. Knowing the things he particularly likes (cheese and carrots top the list!) I'm going for a recipe which uses wholemeal flour, polenta, grated cheddar cheese and grated carrot, egg, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and a touch of black pepper. It's from a book I bought fairly recently called 'Homemade Dog Treats Recipe Book' published in the UK by Wet Nose Publishing. How sweet is that for a publisher's name then?! I'll let you know the outcome and whether Dudley approves!
BTW - we thought Dudley had stopped hiding toys in our bed, but last night Len found that Benjamin Bear was safely tucked under the duvet! Absolutely no idea when he actually does this - his second name is 'Stealth' we've decided!

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me. Stay safe.


Liz said...

Great masculine card Di, would look beautiful in more feminine colours too, or as you say a baby card. I love how you’ve twisted the twine, very effective. I’ll be a Yes Please for the lovely prize.

Dudley’s treats sound delicious! xx

Greta said...

Oh that little stinker! So funny he can hide a toy & neither of you see him do it! That is a neat border die & I love your card, Di! I do have a chevron die--not so interesting--so will stay out of the draw this time. Happy Holidays!

Karenladd said...

What an elegant and modern design, and as you say it's perfect for a guy. I LOVE that you used shades of brown, since that's not a color I use that often. It's wonderful to see different ways to use it, other than a kraft card base. The two colors of twine add texture and that little extra that makes a card stand out.
Yes please to this die!

Karenladd said...

I forgot to add that you'll have to let us know how Dudley likes the new treats once you make them. What a lucky little pup to have his custom baked, gourmet treats!

JennyH said...

I love your card Di, looks a lovely simple design but also intricate.
Yes Please to the prize draw, would love to win : )

LesleyG said...

Oh boy I just love this Di. I’m always struggling with male cards, and I do love a bit of fiddly paper piecing! I’m hoping to play but just for fun, as I had a recent awesome win. I hope you’re not too black n blue From the needle, and hope you can slow down a bit, although I wouldn’t mind some of those doggy treats, they sound yummy. Maybe we could have some instead of mince pies when we have the Playground party. We are having one? I’m happy to wear thermals and keep the

Sarn said...

What a SUPER masculine card you've made here Di. I went and checked the links you gave and there are indeed some brilliant card ideas made with the chevron die you're offering. I will be adding a card to this challenge on my usual midweek post . . . and am very tempted to say yes to the prize . . . but I just know I haven't the patience to make it look as good as the examples I've seen, so will play just for fun thanks.

Hope you're putting some arnica cream on your stabbed arm - bound to be bruised you poor thing. Dudders is a lucky boy to have you as his Mama - baking him wonderful treats!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarn said...

Great card Di . . . further to my previous comment, I decided to play early to give everyone enough time to prepare for the Christmas party! YES, of COURSE we're having a Christmas party Lesley! But it'll be in the gym this year as it's a larger space than the treehouse, and a bit less draughty!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Aquarius said...

Looks like a super versatile die for the prize so I'd like my name to go into the 'hat' please. Love what you've done with it and as usual had a smile at your tales of Dudley's exploits. Sure he will enjoy his treats but if not they sound good enough for you to eat 😉

Helen said...

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Lovely CAS card, Di! Perfect for a male recipient, but so useful for anyone.I have a similar die by TH but very neglected. So thanks for the inspiration!!
Your veins aren't collaborative? Perhaps the nurses need new glasses. LOL
Your doggy treats sound always so yummy, I'm sure Dudley LOVE them!!
Hugs (and cuddles to him)

MadeByMeghanK said...

Great GUY Card! What a fun die!
I love that Dudley is a sneaky little guy!

Kath said...

A fabulous snippets card Di and I would love a chance to win that beautiful die, please. I'll be in the playground soon!
Kath x

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

Your card is stunning Di, now I'm going to have to make a card to be in with a chance of getting that die! I said no more stuff too.
As for the vein thingy, my son has problems with them getting blood out of him too, each time they say have your drunk plenty? I hope you did!
Faith x

Carol S. said...

A brilliant card and a fabulous design Di.
A week ago I had to have 5 blood tests all together. As usual for me, she couldn't find a vein. Finally after a few goes she found one. She manged to get 4 out of the one vein, then on the 5th one she couldn't get any out. So she had to go to my other arm and try there!! So I went home with lumps of cotton wool on both arms!! But, for a change, the bruises weren't too bad!!
Not looking forward to the vaccine jab either! Hugs, Carol S.xx

designbydonna said...

Great masculine card. That chevron is very striking and I can see several uses for it. Playing for the prize as I would like to try it.

Kate said...

I love the bold masculine colours you've used but this die has so many possibilities - it's a yes please from me Di!

Becca Yahrling said...

Lovely card, Di! Love the colors you used for the chevron. I'd love to play for the prize, please & thank you. Not sure how I missed entering the last challenge!! I know I've been busy with Christmas decorating, but I did manage to make a couple cards, too. lol

TK said...

Terrific masculine card, and the die would work well for a lot of things -- yes please! Yours in terrific colors, and I too love the twisted twine. Dudley is a prankster in the making - lol

Pat said...

This is a great chevron die and love the masculine colours you have used Di and the metallic twine looks great. I think this would be useful so will be a 'yes please' for this lovely prize if I manage to get a card in. Sorry you have a sore arm after the blood test and I nearly always get a massive bruise afterwards myself though finding the vein isn't usually a problem, but hope yours is better now. I love the name of the publisher of that dog treat book.. very apt, and hope that Dudley approves of the results, and his hiding toys in your bed and so cleverly tucked under the duvet is really funny..he certainly doesn't lack x

Sandra H said...

Not much fun trying to find a vain think sometimes that's worse than putting the needle in but at least it's done now bet you came away with a bruise too! your card is so cute l do like that die it's so effective and the colours are lovely l am still only playing for fun, Dudley is so cute and how nice that your able to make his treats he's just so adorable take care stay safe xx

Lia said...

This is the best idea for snippets. What a great card!!
Lia xx

Kampin' Karen said...

Oh, Di, I do love this die and would like to win it! The ingredients in the pup treat sounds like something I would even!! Let me know how it goes. How's that shoulder doing?

Carol L said...

What a fun and unique masculine birthday card you've made with that die. It's a yes please for me in the draw. Dudley has certainly developed a playful attitude with hiding things and I love how he's grown with you and Len into a playful, fun-loving pet. Good luck with that sore arm - I hope it feels better soon!

KathyA. said...

You always offer the neatest prizes! Count me in. Thanks and keep staying safe!

Tina Z. said...

Great masculine card and I like all the possibilities with this die.
yes for the prize, please.
crafty hugs xx

KandA said...

That is a brilliant male card Di, and what a fabulous use of your snippets. The colours are perfect and that is a super die.

Hope the arm is less sore and you managed to get Dudley's treats made. Just wondering if he's going to get his very own doggy christmas cake?

I'm only playing for fun this time round xx

Gloria said...

Hello Di,Thank you for wonderful challenge and chance to amazing prize.
I hope you are doing very well!

Diane said...

What fun colors and card design.

Hugs Diane

Kathyk said...

FAB make and prize but I'm just entering for the fun (and snippet usage) this time around, thanks

Happy Wednesday


Valerija said...

Wonderful card. Love the die you have used.
Yes for the prize, please.
Hugs, Valerija

Jane said...

Hi Di, yes long time no see! I'm glad to see you are keeping OK and busy. Such a great card. I am just popping in with a card and post from Billy, I'm just playing for fun. Take great care, a pat to Dudley. Hugs xx

NanaConnie said...

Oh, my, Di, I do love your card! It's perfect as a masculine card even if you didn't get to use all blues. I simply MUST have that die! I can already see cards designed with it and some of the quilting dies I already have. If I don't win it, I'll have to steal some budget funds from something else to buy it so I'm crossing my fingers. LOL

Karen Letchworth said...

Glad to hear you're doing well, and getting back on track. It's a crazy busy time of year life has been a tad crazy as well. I always like to play along for the prize (just in case my lucky number pops up) but I enjoy playing along because SNIPPETS MATTER and they deserve to get used on our cards and projects. I always enjoy this challenge.
Blessings to you,

KT Fit Kitty said...

Gorgeous card, Di, and very eye-catching! This is perfect for a man but I think it would work for either gender depending on the colour choices. I like this die - it's different than anything I have - please count me as a YES for the prize, please! I know what you mean about bloodwork - I have this problem nearly every time so I always dread it. They had 3 goes at me last week, and luckily the second lab worker was able to get the red stuff. On a previous visit last month, they took 5 times to get it! You should have seen my arms!

Way to go with the homemade treats for Dudley - your new recipe sounds great! Funny about him hiding treats in the bed. My Honeydew likes to bring a pair of scissors into my bed! He steals them from Brian's basket and meows all the way back the hall! It's hilarious to see!

Thanks for the snippets challenge and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Lia said...

Today I am joining the challenge with a christmascard and I already like to say a Very merry Christmas to you, your hubby and Dudley ofcourse!
I LOVE the prize you are givingaway and say yes! As you say: it is a great die great for masculine cards and all other kind of celebrations etc.
Lia xx

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous card! It looks like a very versatile die set, suitable for lots of occasions. Yes Please for a chance to win. Those doggy treats sound good enough as a human treat too! Take care and stay safe my friend. Hugs xxxxx

Inkami said...

The effort to inlay all the chevron pieces was definitely worth it, this is a fantastic CAS card that will be just as lovely in brighter colours. Glad to hear that all's well with you, stay safe. Sweet update on the header, the typeface looks different to me (perhaps I'm not observant and it's been that way for a while).

Jeanne H said...

Again a wonder prize offered. Yes, I'd like to be in the draw. Hey, Di, I love your card with the ric rack. Nice idea!!

Helen said...

Love the colour combinations, Di! A great card for many occasions!! I love this chevron die. I'd love to be in the draw please. Take care!:)

Marjeta said...

Beautiful die. Yes I would like to be in the draw.

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Entered! Yes please for the draw, please.

Lynne said...

A fabulous masculine card Di and you could use this die for many different occasions, it's great! I will be a "Yes please" for this one. I often get that problem when going for a blood test. I'm due to have one and when I made the appointment it was 3 weeks before I could get in! Have a good week x

Heather said...

What a great card, Di! It is absolutely perfect for a masculine card, specially with the colors you chose! I think I will play just for fun this time, thanks!

Vicky Hayes said...

Well Di, what a stunner of a card you've made with this die! Perfect for a male card or for anyone else for that matter. I won a spellbinders die here that I could use to try to create something similar - watch this space!
Love the story about Dudley hiding his toys in your bed - I think you are supposed to feel deeply honoured!!
Vicky xx

Sue - said...

Playing just for fun.

paperpapier said...

Yes, I would like to participate in the draw for a chance to win the prize.
Happy holidays to you Diane!

Mrs A. said...

Playing for fun Miss. Now look ere I still got loads of strips left from me envelopes so I will be over laters with me glue pot and making a start decorating the swings. Dun sit on them cos they will be sticky!!! Hugs me.

Lillianb said...

Lovely card and prize and yes would love to be entered for the prize

Lilian B