Sunday 31 May 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #379

Here we go again, still soldiering on and with more easing of lock down. We'll be watching the infection statistics with interest.

I'm seeing quite a few people's comments on blogs saying, quite truthfully, that they're scared to go back out into the 'open world such as it is', now that restrictions are being eased. I can empathise so much with that  - it worries me that all this might be a bit too soon and, for what it's worth, if going out at this early stage is going to stress you out - stay safely at home until things really do seem to be much improved. Not everyone is in the position of being able to do that I know - but if it's an option then stay home if you feel overwhelmed by venturing out. There again, I certainly don't wish to spent the remainder of my life locked in at home!

Finally got round to baking the cheese scones I've been threatening to make for literally weeks. Totally yummy recipe (BBC Good Food one) with a few tweaks by yours truly. The main one was to use buttermilk rather than ordinary milk and what a difference it seemed to make. 

Here's my snippets card for this fortnight, and it has nothing to do with the prize(s) on offer this fortnight! Well, there is a very tenuous link but you'll have to read on to find that one out:
I used:

- 5.5" x 4.25" rose pink card blank, tent style

- a snippet of off-white card trimmed to 5.25" x 4" and with a faint pencil line drawn horizontally right across the centre

- I returned to the lovely roll of Altenew 'Vibrant Spray Die Cut Tape' (as I was making another run of cards to enclose with prizes) and cut a length of the die cut tape so that I had all the pink flowers in the pattern showing, to match the card blank itself

- then, I sliced the die cut tape piece horizontally right across the centre (ahem, at least as close as possible that is!)

- then placed the top section of the tape about quarter of an inch above the pencil line on the white panel and then the bottom section about quarter of an inch below the line - thereby leaving a half inch gap across the middle of the card

- I wrapped the tape ends around the back of the white panel rather than trimming it but, in fact, trimming it works better as I ended up adding a strip of sellotape to each side at the back to stop the die cut tape from coming away from the card

- then I stamped the sentiment onto another snippet of the off-white card using Versafine's Clair 'Nocturne' ink pad and a stamp from a Simon Says Stamp set of 'Handwritten Borders' sentiment stamps

- trimmed the sentiment strip to about half an inch height and adhered it to a border strip of the rose pink card (left from when I trimmed the rose pink card blank down to A2 size)

- then glued the sentiment strip across the gap between the upper and lower parts of the die cut tape and trimmed off any excess from the back

- finally, glued the whole panel onto the card front card front - finished! 

It was fun to use the 'Vibrant Spray' tape a second way, and I have a couple of other ideas buzzing round - but I still like the original card which I posted HERE the best. I made six cards the same once again. The off-white card was lurking in the bottom of a box where I keep all my 6" square card blanks, as were the rose pink cards. In real life it does match the off-white edges of the die cut border very well. However, I have no idea what possessed me to buy rose pink card blanks in the first place so it was good to finally find a use for them!

And here's the tenuous link to the prize.  As I tidied my card making stuff away, I cleaned my stamp using one of these:
It's a Lawn Fawn Shammy - and there are three of these on offer. It's over two years since I first bought one and offered a couple as prizes so I thought it would be nice to offer three this time. Three chances to win has to be good! I love my stamp cleaning shammy and use it all the time. Sure, they end up stained but that doesn't affect the performance. I keep mine in a small zip lock bag in a desk drawer where I can easily grab it. No more stray bits of lint from baby wipes - hooray!

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 13th June. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're only playing for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

Dudley continues to be an absolute delight here, he's more loving than ever right now, although he still resists his daily grooming sessions - little tinker.

I managed to take this photo of him on Thursday afternoon, right at the start of his grooming session as he sat up and prepared to 'do battle' with me:
Unfortunately, he was a bit distracted by the fact I had my camera in my right hand and he began to 'wobble' a bit. He was perilously close to the edge of the table I groom him on so I did gently support one of his paws as he would have come a real cropper had he tumbled sideways! Normally, both paws are either down like his other paw is or raised like a boxing hare or kangeroo. When he's at ground level, dancing and wanting a treat, he sort of pirouettes with his front paws literally out sideways like a ballerina keeping her balance. He's a dog of many poses :) 

Here's a photo of our favourite poppy in full bloom. There are too many buds to count - which is as well as they're gigantic pale pink Californian poppies and the petals are so delicate that it just takes one breezy day to almost decimate any open blooms. But their short lived beauty is a sight to behold:

Stay safe my lovely friends.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip, Dudley and of course me,


  1. Beautiful card Di, great way to use the lovely tape. Love the sentiment too. I'll be a Yes Please for the prize, I looked for one of these a while back, but couldn't find it in stock anywhere, so I'd love to win one.

    There are some crazy people about who seem to act as if the lockdown is over. We're mostly staying at home, with just local walks in quiet places and one weekly shop. I'm hoping to meet up with a couple a crafty friends in one of their gardens next week for a socially distancing chat, which will be a nice change.

    Super photo of Dudley and what a gorgeous poppy! xx

  2. Wonderful card, Di--love everything about it! Please put my name in the drawing--still haven't tried the LF shammy & would love to. Dudley is so cute & how great that he's so affectionate. Nothing like puppy cuddles! Your poppy is just stunning! I brought in a couple roses before the rain hit, but the aphids are terrible this year & I don't know if I'm going to spray. They're pretty from a distance, at least. Opening up here, but we're not changing our behavior, for the most part.

  3. I'm quick off the mark this morning. I waited to post this and you'll be pleased to hear that the photos loaded with no trouble at all. No idea what was wrong last week, I did exactly the same as always!
    This card is lovely and what a great idea to cut the image in two like that. I'll be thinking about using that idea.
    Dudley looks like lots of fun and I'm sure he's keeping you entertained.
    Yes please to the prize. I'm sure it's just what I need. Thanks for entertaining and inspiring us. x

  4. I LOVE this card! The layout is just amazing and I have to keep this in my mind!
    I hope you and your family is still fine as we are over here. We stay at home as much as we can and enjoy the fine weather!
    I say yes to the prize: it's a great.
    Lia xx

  5. Aww l love this card l like the floral image and that you placed the hello sentiment across the middle of your card just stunning as always, Yes l see and hear a lot about people becoming apprehensive during this pandemic l purposely took myself out once or twice a day to prevent this but l must admit when l went to the supermarket after not going shopping for 10 weeks l felt a little panicky and couldn't get out of the supermarket quick enough l did go a 2nd time and felt much better but l didn't go knowing it was going to be busy l went later in the day knowing there wouldn't be too many people around so l wasn't queuing too long so it will get better just take it slowly and don't over do it love seeing how Dudley is coming on and he's a blessing for you and Len also love your pink poppy take care and stay safe only playing for fun xx

  6. Such a beautiful card Di and those shammies look fab,yes please to the prize this fortnight! I agree about lockdown, let's hope common sense prevails, around here everyone is being very sensible but I do hope we avoid a 2nd peak, that would be awful. I still miss my grandbabies so much and will not be able to see them for some time but managed to see our son and my Mum and Dad in their gardens which was wonderful. The poppies are amazing at the mo, I too recently posted photos of mine in my garden and they attracted a lot of interest! A bit pat to Dudley and take great care, hugs xx

  7. This is a very pretty look with the floral washi tape Di, and love the look of the sentiment too. I actually already have one of these cloths so will say 'no thank you' this time. I love your photo of cute! We have been out for a few walks and been a bit further afield in the car but only to places where there are not likely to be lots of people, and we have been doing our own shopping with Tony waiting in the car and me going in to do it, and only to smaller shops as going round a big supermarket I find takes too long and obviously there will be more people to cope with. We haven't tried to get a delivery slot and maybe now we would be able to but I take sensible precautions and I do prefer to choose my own vegetables and meat. We have been better here in the south west, less cases, but that saying I think since more people have been driving longer distances the 'R' number has increased, but I just think we can't hide ourselves away for ever, but we have certainly not been in a crowd. We have had a couple of walks with a couple we know, in similar circumstances to us, and we did social distance whilst walking and chatting, and it was good to talk to different people and not just say hello to people you pass by on a local walk. I think we have to beware that staying isolated and not venturing out beyond our four walls and garden doesn't become a way of life. x

  8. Beautiful card Di! And cheese scones sound delicious! We are in Phase 3 now here... back to gyms and restaurants only 10 or less or with dining you have to be outside... same with gyms.... Maddie FINALLY GOT GROOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful!!!!! Dudley looks sooo handsome!I'll be playing along! Who couldn't use a good shammy?

  9. wow, this is such a stunning card, I love Altenew, every their product is just fantastic!
    and Dudley is super cute ....
    yes for the prize, please.
    have a great Sunday.
    hugs xx

  10. A lovely card Di and I would like a chance to win one of the cloths, please.

    Steve makes amazing scones and he uses a BBC Good Food recipe with buttermilk too. If he can't get buttermilk he used half milk and half yogurt - also very scrummy!

    Take care, Kath x

  11. Super card and what a great idea to slice up the floral tape - so clever. Could I say a 'yes please' for an opportunity to maybe own a handy stamp cleaning shammy. I can't help thinking that this latest relaxing of some the rules is a diversionary tactic to lead us away from the debacle which has been so much in the news lately - just hope it doesn't have nasty repercussions. I'm still staying put!!

  12. Wow, such an amazing card Di! Love the design, so unique! Dudley is so sweet!
    Yes for the great prize please.
    Valerija xx

  13. Wonderful card, I like how you used the tape by cutting in half and forming the base design! Thank you for the shammy, I would love to win it! :)

  14. Hi Di, your card is beautiful, lovely floral design and gorgeous colours. Dudley is absolutely adorable, he does pose well for the camera.
    You are quite right to keep yourself safe Di, the Government are not listening to the scientists who are saying it's too soon to open things up, and from tomorrow the people who have been shielding can go out.... I've never heard anything so appalling. I am sure there will be a second wave of the virus, if we take this Governments advice. Best to be safe and not sorry, hugs Kate x

  15. Great card and post.

    Kath x

  16. This truly is a beautiful card! Yes I would love to play for the prize!
    Hope all is well in your part of the world!💕

  17. Love the beautiful flowers and they way you got double use from one stip of the tape. That scripty hello adds a good interest. I am playing for the prize for sure. Even with ease of rules, we are staying home. We were able to get out on this beautiful day to do a nature hike and picnic. Easy enough to do social distancing in those activities. I sure am missing my grandkids though.

  18. Lovely make, very spring like.

    Like others, I'm not dashing out to flout "the rules" we've had to live by the last ten weeks any time soon but .... it WILL be nice to be able to see people from outside of our household.

    FAB pic of the lovely Dudders too

    Happy Monday, stay well and YES PLEASE to an entry in the draw this time around too


  19. Beautiful card! Yes Please! to be in with a chance to win the shammy! Looks brilliant. I am worried about the easing especially as so many people are rushing down to Bounemouth Beach. We are still shielding ourselves for the foreseeable but I am thinking the cases down here will go up as there are so many people jammed together - so not good! Rant over! Dudley looks as sweet as ever and that poppy is awesome! Hugs my friend xxxxx

  20. A beautiful card Di. That tape is certainly useful when you need to batch make. I think some people are getting too complacent about social distancing now. I know I won't be going anywhere crowded for a while. Dudley looks so sweet and he's a proper little poser. I will be a Yes Please for the draw thanks. Have a good week x

  21. So pretty. As usual, I'm just playing for fun these days xoxo

  22. That's a gorgeous card Di, and I love the design with the sentiment in the center. Love the beautiful flower from your garden also, and what can I say about sweet Dudley? He's adorable and a beautiful ball of fluff, and you are so blessed to have him! His antics must bring you and Len so much joy and laughter :) Thanks for always keeping us updated on life in your part of the world! It's a yes please for the prize this week, and thanks for another fun playground challenge! Stay safe!

  23. What a pretty card. I agree with you about feeling nervous about opening up ...we have been on a stay at home order since March and it feels very odd to venture into public places. I love that picture of your Poppy...just planted a bunch of flowers this past weekend and what a great feeling. I would love to be considered for the Lawn Fawn prize...thanks and have a great week.

  24. Beautiful card...I am playing for this lovely gift..

  25. My garden seemed not to do anything for a day or two and then activities started happening. Have planted three loads of seeds now and planted up a border. Woodpecker has had his nightly banging on the tree.. hugs Me.

  26. Love your card. I need to get me one of those shammy's. I lost mine in a move. Yes please for the prize. Hope to get my entry done soon.

  27. Oh, YUM...your scones sound delicious!! I must ask, though, how you personally pronounce "SCONE"?
    I, being an American, always figured everyone said "scohn" that rhymes with "lone".....but several years ago discovered (through the miracle of BBC!) that some of you across the pond say "scawn" that rhymes with "lawn". Now I am curious. :)

    Beautiful card, Di. Love that gorgeous floral tape. I adore easy and quick ways to make pretty cards. This is esp lovely with the sentiment in the middle and that rich rose colored card blank.

    Yes, please, to the prize drawing this fortnight. I still clean my stamps with a baby wipe. Would love to try the shammy.

    Take care and thank you for another sweet challenge.
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  28. Beautiful! Love your card and all the details. Your pup is pretty precious too. Thanks for the invite to your challenge but please exclude me I'd hate to have you pay for mailing to the US though your prize is wonderful!

  29. Hiya! I'm back! Love your card and how you created it. I'm just here for fun again this time hun. As for your gorgeous pup he is a real delight would love to see him dancing a jig as he asks for treats. Take care and if it has rained I hope not all those poppies had flowered nothing more disappointing than seeing them open only to have all the petal knocked off by rain. x

  30. Gorgeous card Di - that tape is beautiful!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize.
    Helen x

  31. Your card is lovely and so is your poppy. We have bright orange ones in flower at the moment and I am also sharing flowers from my garden on my blogpost bwahahaahhhhaaaaa. Would love to be included in the draw for the shammy. It is strange to be moving around again but don't be scared, just keep on keeping some distance and washing those hands. Dudley looks gorgeous as usual. Hugz

  32. Your beautiful card has inspired me, Di! I have some pieces of wide washi tape on cardstock from last year's retreat. I've been wondering what to do with them. Your card shows me. Thanks so much my friend!

  33. Pretty floral card Di and I love how you spotlighted it!
    Dudley is looking Handsome!
    Yes to shammy love!!!

  34. Lovely card Di, Dudley is looking as handsome as ever, I am finally back with a card. Live has been so busy since lockdown I make cards for challenges then run out of time to post them on my blog. I am also looking after by GS on Friday and from next week that will include a 8 week old puppy as well, on the days DD has to travel to work. Life is never dull around here, I am sure Stanley will enjoy showing the new pup how to behave lol. Have a great week and keep safe. Playing just for fun this time

  35. A definite Yes from me on entry for the prize on offer, thank you.

  36. Hi Di. I have just entered the challenge with this card I made last Sunday. I did at the time consider entering it then, but thought I might make something to enter other than a Christmas make, but have decided at least this does have some snippets, especially as a lot of things I have been making recently have not been rich in I feel bad that I have not been entering much recently and this entry is only for fun so hope it is OK that I have delayed a week to enter this card. x

  37. Oh that Dudley is quite the character!! Love his antics :)
    I will say yes please to the prize.
    Stay safe

  38. Such a pretty card Di, I love how you've used the tape. I would love my name to be entered into the draw please, that looks really useful, I've not seen those before.
    Keep safe.
    Janice x

  39. Hi Di, I decided to enter some challenges again. I have been crafting, but not entering challenges. I love your watercolor creation. It is absolutely lovely!!! No prize necessary. Just entering for the fun of it. -Higgledy Piggledy

  40. I love that card with the sentiment running across it and that lovely rose paper, Di! How clever of you to die cut that tape and use it. I'm playing along for fun this week (as usual.)

  41. Hello Di
    Dropping off an entry and would love a chance to win the shammy. Thanks for all the hard work you do to keep this challenge going.

  42. I love all of Altenew's gorgeous washi papers! I haven't bought any of them (except the skinny ones). I love how you used it here and adore that loooooong sentiment. Just playing for fun this go round. Glad to hear all is well with everyone.

  43. Your card is absolutely gorgeous and Dudley is as cute as ever! Thank you for a chance to win a shammy!

  44. Such a pretty card, Di! Dudley is as adorable as ever, and your pale pink poppy is lovely. A definite 'yes please' to the prize. x

  45. What a pretty card you've made with that die cut floral tape! I have some floral printed wide-washi take that has a similar look, but it's just straight across. I may experiment and see how bits look with some snipping and altering.
    Yes please to the prize. I used to have a shammy, but it somehow got misplaced somewhere in my cave of a craft room.
    That Dudley is so as cute as ever, even though he's been a little stinker about getting brushes. I think he knows he's adorable, don't you?

  46. Hi Di this card is gorgeous. I was thrilled to receive it with my prize thank you so much. It is a yes please from me this time. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  47. Ooops, I got my weeks mixed up and thought I had more than a week of this challenge left, good job I thought I was getting in "early". I know we're all saying lockdown means we don't know what day it is but i don't even seem to know what week it is!

    Just playing for fun as I bought one of these shammys when you first mentioned them and wouldn't be without it now. It's saved me a fortune in baby wipes, as well as helping to salve my conscience about what all those wipes are doing to the planet.

    Like so many others who have commented, I'm still not venturing out, but in last week's sunshine I managed to have a friend visit for coffee in the garden and saw our daughter and grandchildren at the weekend, which cheered us up a lot even though we couldn't have a cuddle.

  48. Whoops, I almost missed this challenge! We've been having really hot weather and I think my brain has melted. My kids are spending most of the day in the wading pool, while I sit and sip iced tea. We're still in social isolation too, but things are beginning to open up a bit. My 9 year old daughter told me she's afraid to go out now, so I think we need to discuss safe practices etc.

    That Dudley is always such a character, and a real handsome pup!

    Yes please to the prize. I don't have a shammy and I think I need one! I've been cleaning my stamps on a damp kitchen sponge that I keep on a small saucer. Thanks so much for another great challenge and chance at a prize.

  49. Your card is lovely. The California poppies are such a pretty color. Not at all like the orange red ones. I do not need to be entered for the prize as I already have a shammy. Someone else would love to have it instead. They do last a long time!

  50. Lovely card, this tape is surely a blessing if you're mass producing cards. We have to trust that the majority of people will continue to be responsible when they venture out. I think most governments are trying to do what they believe is best, while balancing health and economic considerations. Your poppies are gorgeous; I'd love to have a pretty garden but the closest I ever get to florals in on cards.

    I'm playing for fun but the linky isn't working for me at the moment, so I'll link my entry here: Much appreciated if you can add it, thanks in advance. Stay well my friend.

  51. Hey, Di. Yes, I'm in for the prize, please.

  52. I can't find the widget. It's gone missing. Here is my URL.


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