Sunday 26 April 2020

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #375 - results

The sun has got his hat on 'Hip-hip-hip hooray' - washing is out to dry (Saturday as I'm typing this post), we have a grocery delivery arriving late this afternoon and all is pootling along fine in the Playground here. How about you? I hope everyone is well and coping with this long lockdown slog.

The unsettling part is that more people are ignoring the 'rules of the game' and taking several outings a day, not watching social distancing as much as they were - and there seems to be a growing feeling of 'Enough - now I'm gonna break out'. All I can say is that it will be on their own heads if they do! There also seems to be a bit of an attitude of 'it only affects the elderly'. Don't they watch TV or listen to the news at all? The Darwin Awards keep springing to mind - this statement sums up the criteria for being given a Darwin award perfectly 'They contrive to eliminate themselves from the gene pool in such an extraordinarily idiotic manner, that their action ensures the long-term survival of our species, which now contains one less idiot'. But, the difference is of course that they're also affecting others by potentially spreading the virus. 

The converse of course is just how many people (on top of the NHS, carers, emergency services, supermarket workers etc.) are pitching in to help out - for no financial gain. So there are two sides to the coin - and it's much healthier to focus on the good rather than the bad side. 
Rant over - oooer, I do feel better for that ☺

Let's move straight into this fortnight's picks - which all struck me as so appropriate given the current situation - smiles, hugs.......... and an outright hoot of laughter at the last one:
Meghan made this beautiful card - who could fail to smile at the wonderful colour combinations and all those snippets used! I love it. 

No apologies from me for choosing another card made by Carol L! Carol always uses snippets so imaginatively and the frame on this one is actually the leftovers from making a herring bone technique panel for a different card. Waste not want not - and herringbone is such a great way to use up little strips of snippets as well.
I just burst out laughing when I spotted this brilliant card, made by Nicky for her hubby's Birthday. You absolutely must hop over to read Nicky's blog post and find out the remainder of the sentiment inside her card - I cracked up even more. And, what impact those three snippety strips add to the card, as well as that hilarious bird!

One new Playmate this time:
Angie (Cimbacreativefun)
We had 52 entries in total, including Angie's lovely and very dimensional card above. Welcome to the Playground Angie - come back again soon!

Now for the prize draw, which is for Concord & 9th's 'Woven Plaid Background' stamp set plus a Woodware 'Celebrating You' set of sentiment stamps:

Well done Kathy - I'm sure it's absolutely ages since you had a win! So pleased for you. Please send me your address, with your full name at the top as well, for speed, ease and, confirmation that you still would like the prize of course. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

I've already said, during this lockdown I'm keeping well away from the Post Office, in fact well away from even venturing out at all so even UK prizes are building up a bit here. All in good time though - I keep very careful notes and you will receive your prizes just as soon as it's deemed OK to post them off to you.

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #376 - you can find it HERE. The prize is Pink & Main's double die set called 'Hugs'  and the set of complementing sentiments called 'Hugs Needed'.

Dudley is still doing really well. He absolutely floored us one evening this past week though - needless to say I wasn't quick enough to take a photo of him. Cutting a long story short, he adores a marrowbone, which has been filled with some sort of chicken gunge - he'll spend hours licking at one, although they're a fairly rare treat. Len came up with the bright idea of scalding the one he'd licked to death and then once it had dried out again, filling it with a particular chickeny dog food that he won't eat. We have three unused packets of the stuff, it's the same consistency - so it seemed a good idea at the time!

When Len produced the filled bone from behind his back, Dudley was up on his hind paws in a shot, tail wagging.  Then he hopped onto the sofa Len was sitting on for a closer inspection. A couple of sniffs as Len offered the bone to him and he looked plain horrified. 'Come on' said Len ' try it'.Whereupon Dudley promptly and very pointedly turned his back and sat on the sofa with his face up against the sofa back. And he wouldn't budge! We totally cracked up and still have a chuckle when we visualise the whole scene - talk about making your distaste known! 

It's been a while since Dudley was weighed - it was a regular thing for him to hop onto the stand on scales in the local Pet Shop or our Vet's. We did think of one of us getting on the bathroom scales, with and then without him in our arms and then working out the difference. However, Len came up with the idea of using our luggage scales instead - so earlier, just before his walk, here's Dudley suffering the indignity of being suspended by his harness from said scales:
I have to say, he was totally uncomplaining and just hug there like a bag of shopping being weighed in a Far East market! And his weight is quite stable we were pleased to see. Despite his antics during grooming sessions, his patent dislike of 'the bone' - which was disposed of, and he was given a new one we had tucked away - Dudley is the sweetest and most patient little dog about so many things. He just dangled there quite happily!
The hedgies are out and about still, Dudley charged down the garden at one the other night, then screeched to a halt and just peered at it. And the hedgie stared right back at him.

Last but not least - remember it's April's Rudolph Days challenge over at ScrappyMo's HERE. You have until the end of the month to join in. There's gonna be a bit of frantic card making going on here!

Love from Parsnip and Dudley - plus a couple of 'fist bumps' from me,


  1. Oh bless him and at least he was go while you weighed him. Not sure my Buddy would be as good or that I could lift like that. Lovely cards. Stay safe

  2. Hi Di.. before I forget!
    Just the link over to challenge is dead end.. sorry page does not exist..
    lovely picks by clever playmates well done!!
    Huge chuckle of dear Dudlet's antics isn't he the cutest.. love it.. nit biased at all of course. And yes must get ont Christmas cards here too. 😊
    Thanks for sharing, and funning this challenge do faithfully Di.
    So many variables, good to have the good old playground to visit.. a real comfort! Checked out your picks too.
    May God bless and keep you and all whom you love, in these changeable times. As Paul wrote: "We walk by faith, not by sight."
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  3. OMGoodness - he's soooo cute :-) I would love to have seen the 'bone' incident LoL
    Nicky's card cracked me up and the sentiment inside was soooo funny hahahaha
    Glad you are all safe xoxo

  4. Wow lovely picks and thank you for choosing my card as well. Found Dudley hanging on the scales really funny. Having a greyhound and being vertically challenged I dont think this would work for us. With the used morrow bones we stuff Stanley's with cocktail sausages as an extra treat and he loves it. Have a good week love and hugs to all.

  5. The usual interesting and entertaining post and some great picks. Congratulations to the current winner too. Good to hear that Dudley isn't into the 'excess baggage' category - so sweet!! There are always people who flout the rules but as you say they don't seem to realise the possible far reaching consequences - that's my rant for the day!! Quite scary even thinking about getting back to 'normal'. Hugs.

  6. That gave me a laugh. Stop trying to trick Dudley, he's smarter than you think. Lol. And so cute being weighed. Beautiful inspiring cards, people always come up with new ideas. I have some cards made so just need to write a post and get them linked up! Glad you are well and being entertained. X

  7. Oh Dudley is so lovely even being hoisted up he looks to be content great idea using the luggage weight - great cards and congratulations to your winner - yes there are a lot of idiots about Di regardless what the rules are they don’t seem to get it enjoy your day and stay safe x

  8. Terrific showcased cards.

    Waving hello to the newbie!

    ADORE the Dudley photo's and the bone tale. Little scamp. It's a good job he can't talk, or the air may have been blue!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  9. Oh what a character Dudley is - he certainly knows what he does and does not like :) Loving the photo of him being weighed.
    Congratulations to the worthy winners.
    We too have some rather rebellious folk here - it seems to be a world wide phenomenon!!
    Stay safe

  10. Great picks from the challenge.

    Reading the story about Dudley and the fake bone reminded me of when we kids were younger and our mother to try and save money tried to mix milk with powdered milk and water. Oh, the horror of it. We still laugh to this day. [Bunny]

  11. Some wonderful picks Di, very cleverly done and with a fun side too and congratulations to Kathy. Your Dudley is a real character and so patient too, being prepared to be dangled like a piece of luggage to be weighed, a great idea though. x

  12. Lovely picks Di and congratulations to Kathy too. Dudley is so cute and I would love to have seen him turn his back on you both!
    Kath x

  13. Congrats to Kathy Asper on her win and also to Angie, Nicky, and Meghan on their spotlighted cards! Thanks for including me among those highlighted cards, it's a very proud moment for me :) Loving that story about Dudley and the bone - it just goes to prove that dogs have taste buds just like us and there's something in that dog food he doesn't care much for! Smart dog!! Hopefully you continue having good health and stay well in the coming weeks! Take care, and thanks again!

  14. Congrats to Kathy and the other picks! Thank you so much for choosing my card!!!!I LOVE how you weighed Dudley! TOO CUTE

  15. Love the reaction of trying to trick Dudley - too funny! Thanks so much for the pick and congrats to all, really appreciate it so much. Stay safe everyone!!!

  16. Oh, my goodness!! How funny seeing him hanging there! I'm going to chuckle about that one for a while!

  17. so nice cards!
    Dudley is cute!

  18. Great picks and it really made me wonder how we could stand it if we were weighed like that, so sweet, wonder what he was thinking, bless.

    Kath x

  19. Oh... what a nice way to start the week. Thanks Di... and Mr. Random for picking my card. Welcome to Angie (You're gonna love it here!) and congrats to the winners. Your cards were amazing... and the leggy chick one did crack my up,too! Di, as for getting to the prizes mailed, I'm sure I'm speaking for all of your followers when I say, your health and safety is important to us! So, please do wait until you get the all-clear. And then maybe wait a few more days... just in case! YOu are loved!

  20. Dudley looks so cute in his weighing photo.
    Congrats to the lucky winner and the picks are all fab-looking creations.


  21. Congrats to your winner and picks this week Di and a gorgeous card from Angie too. Your first pic of Dudley made me laugh. He's either saying "I'll just hang around for a while" or he's got his beady eye on his toy on the floor. Stay safe x

  22. Sounds like you'll be awarding some of those Darwin Awards, Di! Congrats to the winner and stand-outs! I am always in awe at the amazing use of snippets by other crafters! I need to try some of these wonderful ideas! Dudley is such a cutie and what a great idea to use your luggage scale. Now I'm wishing we had one of those to weigh our cats. We must keep an eye on their weight because all 3 of our elderly kitties have thyroid disease. I do like the idea, thank you!


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