Sunday, 22 September 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #360 - results

Autumn certainly is on the way! Cooler at night and in the early morning, although the leaves on the trees here aren't turning to red and gold just yet.

It's been quite a week with Dudley. I spoke/wrote too soon last week and over last weekend he went really downhill. The vet was adamant it wasn't the tick treatment and diagnosed gastroenteritis. Not bad enough to keep him in the animal hospital itself on a drip but enough to give him an anti-sickness shot, a course of anti-biotics and some gel stuff to add to his plain boiled chicken to help to replace nutrients and also stop the 'turkey trots - putting it as nicely as possible'. He turned round pretty quickly and was loads better when we took him for a follow-up visit. And we saw a different vet who actually wouldn't rule out the tick treatment, although apparently there's a bit of a doggie gastroenteritis epidemic around these parts at the moment. The outlook was good though, however, yesterday evening and this morning he's slipping again. Sick yesterday evening and 'turkey trots' last night and this morning.

Len is calling in at the vets after archery to buy more of the gel stuff and to find out if they want us to take him back again, perhaps for blood tests. Edit: Len arrived home with a huge carrier bag of stuff for Dudley. Another lot of the gel, tins of food for poorly dogs, some liquid (which smells like chicken broth and is full of nutrients - and Dudley adores it!) and four little plastic sample bottles with spatulas fitted to the inside of the lids. You can guess what you need to spoon up with the little spatulas :) I almost cried laughing earlier because when the nurses gave Len the little sample pots, apparently his eyebrows shot up in horror at thoughts of running round after Dudley, trying to catch his 'turkey trots'. I've explained to him that you only need to swipe the spatula and then screw the lid back on with it safely enclosed for testing. He says that's my responsibility needless to say. I think the nurses were almost on the floor laughing at his horrified thoughts of having to chase Dudley round and catch things in a little sample bottle as they happened!

Right now the little chap is curled up under my desk dozing whilst I try and do a quick snippets post. Apologies if it's brief - we're a bit at sixes and sevens again here after thinking Dudley was improving. Feeling so helpless and seeing Dudley unwell is heartbreaking of course. What we're happy about is that we chose a vet where all the receptionists are trained veterinary nurses - and they were so helpful and knowledgeable when Len called in, and of course he provided their laugh for the day!

Let's get going with this fortnight's picks:

Kathy A made this darling card as the little chap reminds her so much of Dudley. I've picked it as I think Dudley needs to make an appearance (he's too unwell to pose for photos right now)- and it's such great use of snippets of course.

I just love this Christmas card - made by Jane W. What a brilliant way to use up lots of little snippets, particulary ones from the same set of patterned papers so that they co-ordinate as Jane's have. This is one idea I really would love to try when I have enough time to play.

Lynne made this wonderful card. Of course the sweet image is LOTV, so subtly coloured as well. I picked this card as it shows how well using angled layers of snippets can work and cutting a doily in two and spreading it out underneath a layer of card really adds such a lot of extra interest.

We also had two new Playmates this time:
bless this kitchen
Aunty Sue
We had 53 entries and two new Playmates.

Time now for the prize draw which is for an MFT 'Gift Bags' set of dies and an MFT 'Brushstroke Expressions' set of sentiment stamps, and the winner is:
Aunty Sue

Well done Sue! It rarely happens that a first time player is chosen by the 'Random Number Selector thingy' right away, but with a one in 53 chance your number popped up! Just goes to show, one never can tell if Lady Luck will be smiling on you! Please send me your address, with your full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste or just write straight from the email onto the envelope - for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll post your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #361 - you can find it HERE. The prize is an Avery Elle 'Mimosas' set of stamps with matching dies.

Love from Parsnip, a little wag from Dudley - and of course hugs as always from me,


  1. So disappointed to hear Dudley is still not back to himself. Sure hope this is over soon! Can just imagine the look on Len's face--haha! I've held my breath all day as Fritz is getting mostly dog food with only a little chicken. So far, so good. Beautiful picks & reminds me about splitting a doily which I'm not sure I've even done! Big hugs & lots of positive thoughts beaming your way!

  2. Oh poor little Dudley, I bet he can't understand what's happening. Hope he is better soon.
    Anyway, I was feeling very sad when I read about what he'd been going through, despite the laugh about the sample bottles, but I perked up when I saw that i was one of the picks. Well done everybody!
    Still hoping to get a card made for this week but at the moment all my craft stuff is packed away because we have visitors, and I feel like a caged tiger without it!

  3. Great picks as always and lovely to see two new playmates and a prize for one of them too - well done. So sorry to hear that Dudley is still unwell but good to read the sample bottles story which means that you can see the humour in an unpleasant situation - keep smiling and I'm sure he will soon be back to his normal mischievous self. It certainly sounds as if your vet practice is on the ball.

  4. C'mon little Dudley . . . we're all rooting for you. Sending lots of Duddles!!!!

    Waving hello to the newbies. . . & Congrats on being a First time winner to Aunty Sue.

    Great picks . ... Congrats to the showcased girls xxxx

  5. Thank you so much for having my card as one of your picks and congrats to the others too. Jane's card is such a good idea for snippets. Poor little Dudley. I hope he gets back to full mischievousness soon. One of ours had a similar problem a while ago, but luckily the injections and small meals of chicken and a bit of rice helped. I know they are such a worry when poorly x

  6. Ooh poor Dudley so sorry to read he's not been too good and that the vets you go to are good ones it's a must l think for all staff to be multi skilled and you was right to get Dudley seen too again l too even though l am not a VET!! would think the tick meds could of upset him and as you say there was signs of the other going around in your neck of the woods the great think now is that he's on the mend....Just love the card choices and many congratulations to Aunty Sue enjoy your win and enjoy your day Di take care xx

  7. Sorry to hear Dudders has gone downhill but fingers crossed that all the "stool sampling" will find a cause and then a cure and that he will soon be on the mend

    Have a great Sunday


  8. Wonderful picks this time Di. So sorry to hear that poor Dudley is still unwell, sending big hugs to him for a speedy recovery.

    Sue xx

  9. Aww poor wee Dudley, hope he's feeling better soon x

  10. Dearest Di, well popped over especially to get a Dudley update as had seen comment on Maxine's blog. Sorry the wee laddie is still poorly.. I must confess I chuckled with vet nurses/receptionists re Len and sample chasey tag.. that would be funny.. and of course you're "it" when comes to tag! Funny, that 😁😉
    Wonderful shares.. love the circle layering idea like you.. one to try one time. I'm just finishing a card for Miss Eight. Thankfully Take 4 on design finally worked. First three came asunder!
    Or fell in a heap..
    Praying Dudley is on the up and no more rebounds.. stable and well.
    Thanks for being a blessing, and may God bless you too.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life - Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  11. Sorry to hear Dudley is unwell with this horrid bug and hope you manage to get it under control soon. You obviously have a really good vets who are totally on the ball which makes all the difference. Your story about Len and the sample bottles also made me smile. Well on to today and congratulations to Auntie Sue for winning on her first, how lucky! Great picks too. x

  12. Awwww, sorry to hear about Dudley. Hope he feels better soon. Lovely picks and congrats to Aunty Sue. Fab card. Hugz

  13. Oh Di, I hope Dudley is over his illness now. It's so hard when they are sick. Your picks are so great. I love every card.

  14. Di, I'm so sorry Dudley has a tummy bug of some sort. I'm sure the vet will get him sorted.
    Great selection of cards and I do love that Dudley look alike :)

  15. DUDLEY! Maddie is sending Xs and Os!!! LOVE what Jane W did and Congrats to Aunty Sue

  16. So so sorry for Dudley's gastroenteritis, it could happen especially in young doggies... But I'm sure he will feel good early!!!
    You have made me laugh so much with your story of Len and the testing bottle :D LOL
    Fabulous pics and big congrats to Aunty Sue!
    Hugs ....and a lot of cuddles to the poor Dudley!!!

  17. Hello Di, I hope Dudley is improving and that you'll get to the 'bottom' of what ails him soon. It's as worrying as having a sick baby when a puppy is poorly. I couldn't help it but did chuckle over the tale of Len at the vet's - not so funny that he designated you chief 'tt' gatherer though. You've chosen lovely cards to show-case this week - I particularly love the first one - that wee dog is Dudley's double. Congratulations to Aunty Sue on her win. Sending hugs to you all, especially little Dudley. xx

    PS: just got a wee bit distracted while a flock of geese flew by in formation - wonderful sight.

    PPS: we have a hedgehog in residence at last!!!

  18. A hug and prayers for Dudley. Thinking of you as you all go through this. Hope it gets solved soon. Please let us in blogland know. P.S. Congrats to Aunty Sue.

  19. Oh poor Dudley, I hope he is back to form really soon. What a worry. Well done to all, lovely picks. The sunshine is back today hooray! Hugs xxx

  20. Oh Di - how I feel for you and Dudley, oh and Len of course - the mind boggles at the thought of him chasing Dudley trying to catch the samples as they were emitted.......... I do hope Dudley is on the mend now.
    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog
    Congratulations to the winners!

  21. So sorry to hear the little man is still unwell. But great picks as always xoxo

  22. Oh wow I won what a surprise and I really do hope your darling Dudley is better soon. My baby Buddy has had a poorly eye for a few days. I think I worry about him more than the children they can tell you easier when there not well. Off to email you.

  23. Oh poor Dudley, and poor you as well. It's always so worrisome when these little guys aren't feeling well and can't tell you what's wrong. Our Toby has some tummy upsets this last weekend as well, so maybe he heard about Dudley and wanted some tender loving care as well! Hope that Dudley is all over his bout and back to his energetic self for good.
    Congratulations to all the winners and top picks. Those are beautiful cards from everyone!

  24. What a great selection of picks this week Di and congratulations to Aunty Sue.
    I’m sorry to read about poor Dudley, I do hope he is improving a little bit each day.
    Janice x

  25. oh no not a poorly Dudley, I do hope by now he is feeling better.

    Love the picks especially the Dudley lookalikey.

  26. It is truly no fun when your loving fur baby is ill. I usually add rice in with the chicken and broth, but I have gotten a bit smarter and pick up the sticky rice at the local Chinese restaurant, so I am not cooking it so often. You can go through quite a lot with a large dog. Hope Dudley feel better soon. Congrats to The winner this round, and all those great spotlighted cards.

  27. So fun to see a new member win the prize... yay to Sue!
    And thanks, Di, for picking my pup in a boot card as one of the winners. I'm so happy to hear the furry friend that inspired it is doing better. (And love reading about your sweet hubby's response to the poo sampling process! So funny!)


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