Sunday 26 May 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #353

Hi again! Hope all of you in the UK are enjoying a very pleasant Bank Holiday weekend - with some sunshine thrown in wherever you are!

This is my snippets card - with a couple of snippets and a little bit of colouring (I told Parsnip not to go sunbathing - snigger!):
I used:

- 4" x 4" square white card blank, side opening

- pulled out Echo Park's 'Hello Summer' paper pad and found a couple of snippets of paper in the back which I used to match the colouring as best I could

- the image and sentiment is from the discontinued LOTV 'Happy Bears' set of stamps, stamped onto a snippet of white card using Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink and the Misti

- then coloured the image using Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils

- trimmed the image and backed it with ta very lightly patterned paper snippet

- then trimmed and glued the flowery snippet in place before popping the image panel in place

The card was super-fast to make and I used Polychromos pencils for speed. I sort of prefer Pro markers as they don't show the pencil strokes, although I also quite like the hand coloured look from using pencils as well! If it's good enough for Banksie the artist, then it's good enough for me :)

The stamp set I used, as I said, is discontinued - I bought it (and one for the toy box) absolutely ages ago as it reminded me so much of little Parsnip. In fact, LOTV are going fully digital very soon (15th June) and are selling off their rubber/poly stamp sets at a discount. Thanks Sarn for that 'heads up'! 

The prize this fortnight is this:
I really love this set of stamps by LOTV called 'Happy Bears' and have slapped my wrists for not using it sooner. The sentiments can be used in different ways with the lovely images - sort of tucked in beside the balloons etc.

As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 8th June. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry, please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you want to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself - just in case you're playing only for fun - otherwise I don't add you to my little list.

Mr Linky is below - please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone ☺

Lots more words next - much of which is a progress update but also for my own records. Skip it if you wish! 

Funny old week really - long story cut short but my BP has really plummeted to the point of being too low and also I discovered that the 'culprit' is a diuretic BP medication I'd been on for about five months when this all kicked off. Ha, it went into overdrive I think - but try getting a doctor to admit to that. However, he's pulled me right off the pills (that alone tells a story) and finally I hope to begin 'goat prevention meds' in a couple of weeks - I have the prescription and just hope the time will be right soon. The gout measurement they use (uric acid) is totally sky high from the blood tests and much higher than any previous readings (like I didn't already know that?). And I should not have needed to go 'spend a penny' five times during the Eurovision Song Contest when we (sad I know!) watched it on TV last weekend.

I think, these days, it's a case of know your own body  and protect yourself as much as possible from the awful meds that are out there. Always double check the leaflets that are in your meds - I firmly believe that because I was too trusting, that trust may have really let me down. My initial attack three years ago was also caused by medication - but you hope that it being in your notes, as well as you reiterating 'no diuretics' to your GP, would count for something, sigh.

Anyhow - the effect is cumulative apparently so now that evil drug needs to dissipate from my system 'toot sweet'!! My fervent hope is that I've found the root cause and things will improve from now on.

We took Dudley to the groomers this week just gone (the day after I'd seen our GP) and the following day (Friday) I was laid up again, but most likely from the lingering inflammation not taking kindly to me wearing (very sensible) shoes and doing just a little bit of walking - rather than a full on gout flare. Literally I did a couple of hundred yards but sure paid for it. However, today (Saturday as I type this) things have eased a fair bit - although have had to cancel the reunion altogether ..... as I suspected might be the case. In many ways it's a relief that the decision has been made for me - I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure' tends to be my motto!

We do have a new photo of Dudley this time round - some of you have seen this on Facebook:
Taken after we got back from the groomers on Thursday so he's looking like a white ball of fluff, so very silky and soft and smelling gorgeous as well. His weight is the same as last time, so it looks as if he's fully grown now (in body, even if not in mind - Dudley will always be a bit of a crazy puppy we think).

The trip to Winchester was better than usual - we gave Dudley some homoeopathic doggie calming drops beforehand and also used his new booster seat for the first time. It's really like a fleece lined box affair which is secured using straps and a mix of the car seat head rest and also the safety belt. So there was Dudley, in his booster seat, secured by his harness for good measure and off we set. I sat in the back beside him and Len was up front playing at being 'chauffeur'. We took Dudley's favourite toy - he came to us with it last September. It's a really cute monkey (and monkey goes absolutely everywhere with him - to the point that he's very grubby and also whiffs a bit from constant chewing and licking, and Len won't even touch 'stinky monkey' now!!). So there we were, merrily tootling along and Dudley started his fretting - not as bad as usual thankfully but enough to make me hold stinky monkey out to him for comfort. So funny, he did his 'grumpy growl' (more than once) as if to say 'Take that thing away from me - can't you see I'm a little bit busy right now, having a panic attack. I can only cope with one thing at a time, you silly woman'!! We did giggle over that one later on - and in fact Dudley was calmer coming back home as well. He even laid down and slightly dozed off a bit ...... knew I shouldn't have given him so many drops :)

We then sat in the garden later on in the afternoon, talking the day over whilst Dudley played out on the lawn (trying to undo all Auntie Steph's hard work!) and we witnessed the sweetest thing ever! We've known that the blue tit nest box above the kitchen window was occupied (as it is most years in Spring/early Summer) and have heard little cheeps recently, as well as the parents flying to and fro to feed their young.We then actually saw a little face pop up at the box hole, whilst the parents called from the far end of the garden. And all of a sudden - out came the tiniest, perfectly formed, blue tit fledgling and off it flew into the honeysuckle covering the arbour.  Literally seconds later, it was followed by another one - and after that the nest went quiet. We think those two might have been the last ones to fly as it was getting a bit late in the day for baby birds to take their first flight. It was pure fluke we saw what we did. And, although my camera was on the garden table there was absolutely no chance to take a photo as it all happened quite quickly whilst we watched in wonder. Needless to say - it's a lovely memory to have in any case and just as precious! Nature is just marvellous isn't it?

Their timing was just so perfect, as we're having work done outside (new soffits etc.) from this coming Wednesday onwards! A bit as if we'd posted them a little letter warning of 'new works ahead' really. Now, thankfully, they won't be disturbed - although we had a pair successfully carry on nesting a few years back when there was scaffolding for the upper house extension and other stuff going on. No doubt Dudley will do a bit of 'woofing' whilst this lot of work is being done though! It was planned so that I would be away for some of the time, making parking for additional vehicles a bit easier, but that didn't happen of course. We'll cope though though - we always do.

Lots of love from us all - Parsnip (who is still very much loved and spends a lot of his time making sure that Dudley can't reach him!), Dudley and of course me,


  1. I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible time with gout and prescription drugs. I face the same issues all the time as my allergy list is a mile long. Hopefully it all gets sorted out soon and you're feeling well again. Dudley just keeps getting cuter all the time (if that's even possible) and I enjoy your stories all the time! Take care of yourself!!

  2. This is my first entry to your challenge blog, I've linked my creation and yes, I would love to be entered to win the prize :)

  3. Oh, Di... I'm so sorry to hear of your continuing health issues, but hope that discovering the med conflict will settle things soon. I understand drug sensitivity. Back in 1990 I was put on a new allergy med... and we quickly learned that I was allergic to it [ironic, huh?] Had grapefruit sized hives for nearly three weeks that only massive doses of steroids relieved. Since then my pharmacist hubby checks any meds, and even over-the-counter drugs, to make sure that they won't cause a reaction.
    Almost forgot to add- yes please for the prize this time. I love those little LOTV bears and your sample card is so cute.

  4. Well, if the wishes of crafters coount for anything, you'll be feeling much better very soon! How frustrating when the side effects of medications make you feel even worse but I'm glad the doctor seems to be managing it all now. The more health issues that arise, the more medications we take...and the more chance of a bad interaction, ugh. Oh, Dudley is such a beauty...and I think he knows how handsome he looks. Of course, dudley being a pup, who knows how soon he will be a tangled mop again!
    Yes please to that adorable little stamp set with all the Parsnip look alikes. That bear with the balloon is such a sweet image and combines beautifully with the floral papers!

  5. Sorry to hear about your health issues still continuing. I do know something about drugs and their side effects 'cause of my 24/7 medication for my nervous pain (and those pills aren't the mildest ones...). Hope you'll feel better soon. At least you can enjoy the summery weather, in Finland it is currently under +10 'C and raining every single day.

    Yes please for that lovely stamp set. Your creation is sooooo pretty in its' cas look.


  6. Sorry your dramas continue Di, I know how tedious it can get... I too long for "beige", lol. Great card and yes please for the draw this time around, Donna xx

  7. Beary sweet card Di! Lovely and summery.

    Very glad to hear you're on the mend mate. Hope things continue to improve. How lovely to see the birds fledge in your garden too.

    Enjoy rest of weekend.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  8. I have lots of strange allergies, so I understand well... Hope that you will feel better soon!!
    Dudley is a marvellous fluffy ball!! :D and it's great you have seen the baby blue till take their first fly!!Wow!
    Hope to have time to play, those LOTV bears with balloons are so cute and your card looks delicious!

  9. Ooh Die sounds like you have suffered and meds can cause other problems and your right you do know your own body l hope all settles soon for you and the right meds given are going to sort you out, l just love this card l have those pencils they are great for colouring l have the watercolours too your card and image is just so cute fabulous background used, Dudley is just so cute and gets cuter every photo you show of him such a loving nature with him too as you can see that and l know your getting lots of happiness from having him sending lots of love and only playing for fun take care xx

  10. Poor you Di but I am glad that things may now be under control. Dudley is so funny, I can just picture him in his booster seat. A great snippets card and yes please to the lovely prize. Enjoy the bank holiday. Hugs xxx

  11. Thank you for the challenge and yes, please to the prize.

  12. Sorry I missed the last challenge but have managed a card for this one - just playing for fun. I'm wondering just how long Dudley managed to stay as neat and pristine as in the photo - he really is gorgeous. Hope they manage to PS - cute bearsort out your meds and the problems they seem to be causing. Take care.
    PS cute bear on your pretty card

  13. So sorry to hear you are still having health issues. I hope they're under control.
    I haven't seen a photo of Dudley for a while -- he has certainly grown, but still as cute as ever.
    Yes please on the prize.

  14. It seems that it never rains but it pours for poor old you (don't jump to the conclusion that I think you are old)
    I know that you are still a Spring chicken.
    Fab photo's , great card and lovely images.
    Gosh it really makes one wonder if these Doctors really know what they are doing, it is a great pity that the old Family Doctors are no long around, they knew you, they knew the Family and they were always right in their diagnosis, these days you are lucky if you get to see the same Doctor twice.

    We have a Bluetit box with a camera in and before we went on holiday there were six egg and when we came back there was six babies, one very really ready for fleeing the next, really small ones that we think may not really make it. I know it is nature but it is so sad that the larger ones push and nearly stand on the small ones when the parent come in with the food.

    It is lovely to have it but on the other hand it can be so upsetting.

    Full of cold, feel dreadful


    Kath x

  15. I entered with my tiny bees :D Yes please for entering in the draw!
    Hugs, hope that today you are feeling better

  16. That's good news Di that you've hopefully got to the bottom of what's causing your gout, you've had an awful time of it recently! I agree we put a lot of trust in our Doctors, my OH nearly rattles when he walks and I'm not convinced ANY of them are actually doing him any good!
    Dudley is beyond gorgeous and puts our Ruby to shame - she's kind of a creamy/grey colour at the minute and really REALLY needs a bath!!
    Yes please to be in your draw, that's a super cute card you've made there! I'm gutted that LOTV are going digital only :(
    Lynne x

  17. I'm glad you discovered the problem, that's scary stuff. Medical mistakes are happening more and more these days. Thanks for a new playground - I just linked up. I haven't been feeling well this month (migraines) but I cobbled together a card with snippets as best I could. Your card is super cute and I'm definitely a yes for the prize! Hope you continue to feel better.

  18. Sorry to hear that about your current health problems. Hopefully the changes in your medication will sort you out soon. How wonderful to witness the little blue tits coming out of the nesting box! We have a blue tit nesting box and a couple of weeks ago there was a lot of coming and going by the parents, but since we returned from holiday there has been no activity. I think we must have missed the little ones flying for the first time again this year. Love your card, such a cute image and a lovely patterned paper panel. I'll be just playing for fun this time as I already have a similar set of stamps. xx

  19. UGH SCREW YOU GOUT! Sorry!!!
    I submitted a Memorial Day card... I know you don't celebrate it there but the card is super cute! I would love to be in the draw for the darling teddies!

  20. What a happy bear card, and cute stamp set, would love a chance yes please. Hope you purge that poison toot sweet! Glad you have Dudley and nature to help the healing. Take care xxx

  21. A lovely card Di and super cute teddies. I'm sorry to hear that the medication has been messing things up and hopefully you will be on the right track again soon. I must say Dudley looks magnificent with his super groomed white coat, but I don't envy you keeping it clean :). It's lovely to see those little birds taking their first flight, I have seen it once many years ago and it was around Bank Holiday time. It must be quite daunting for them after being squashed up in a little box for so long! I would love to be a yes please for the draw, thank you x

  22. Hi Miss Di and the lovely Parsnip and cutie Dudley.
    Yes please if I'm lucky.

    waht a very lovely card and that paper is gorgeous.
    That Bear stamp is so cute too almost as cute as Parsnip.
    Wonderful colouring also.

    Oh my you are going through some awful health issues at the mo.
    Here's hoping it all gets sorted and you are very soon A1 again and out of pain.

    Loved your story about Dudley's car issues and the super Blue Tits.
    My Granddaughter thinks Dudley is gorgeous.

    Lots of crafty love and hugs. Jenny L.

  23. Glad you got Dudders to calm down for the drive, maybe he will come to enjoy a ride in the car .... one day! So sorry to read of the prescription drug nightmare and hope the pesky ill effects will wear off soon so you can get on with getting back to as near normal as possible! Lovely story about those fledgling blue tits too.

    YES PLEASE to the prize this challenge, they're adorable - as is your make


  24. What an adorable card! Yes please to the lovely stamp set.
    What a magical moment, to see the baby bird's first flight! The great tits in our nesting box have all fledged now but the parents still come back to the garden with them to feed, which is sweet, it makes us feel they've adopted us. We were surprised when the parents first moved into the box, the hole was really too small for them and they pecked at it to enlarge it!

  25. Hi what is the challenge?? I would like to enter

  26. Such a cute card, Di! Yes please to the prize. Dudley is just darling as always - he so looks like a fluffy cloud!

  27. Wow, your card is so sweet. Love the cute image. Yes for the prize please. I have my fingers crossed, because I really love LOTV images.
    Hugs, Valerija xx

  28. Poor you Miss... hoping cuddles from Dirty Dudley and Pesky Parsnip will make you feel better very soon. I'd advise having cuddles from the hedgies though - they will make your aches and pains worse....
    Lovely card and yes please - cos I don't have any bear stamps! x

  29. I am loving your little bear card. He is adorable. I have dropped off an early Holiday Gift Set... I am trying to get ahead start.. (^_^) ... I hope you like it ... I would love to win this stamp set.. So 'yes' please enter my name into the draw.. have a good week..hugs

  30. So glad to read your post, my friend. It is pretty aggravating you have to double check your doctors, but glad things seem to be figured out now & hope you're soon doing much better. Well, Dudley does look adorable, so guess the trip was worth it! Glad the booster seat was an improvement. How absolutely wonderful to see the baby birds leave the nest! Darling card with that super cute bear! I'll play just for fun.

  31. It sounds like you're having an awful time and I hope you start to feel better soon. Dudley is getting cuter with each photo!

    A lovely card Di and I'll be in the playground soon, but just playing for fun this time.

    Kath x

  32. Cute card, Di. I will be entering in a few days, but again it will just be for fun. Really hope you're feeling better soon xoxo

  33. Hi Di your card is gorgeous. I love that bear he is so cute. I hope you feel better soon. You really have been through it. I am here just for fun this time. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  34. Your card is really sweet! What an adorable set that is. Yes, please, to play for the prize. :-)
    I'm sorry my prayers haven't been working … yet!! :-)

  35. This card is adorable!! And I love how tan parsnip is!! : ) So sorry to hear you are having even more health difficulties; hope going off the meds will help the other. Would love to play for the prize this time around, thanks!

  36. I'm just playing for fun this time.
    Love your sweet card. So sorry to hear about your meds and the effects. I think we learn not to trust eventually but unfortunately it is at a cost. Hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks for the Dudley pic - as you know I saw the after effects on FB lol! ;)

  37. Commenting only briefly because of injured hand.
    Hoping better days ahead for you with(OUT) your gout.
    Adorable card, adorable dog, adorable prize. Yes, please.


  38. Sure hope you get to feeling better!! With 5 arthritis's, I had to call a halt to all the meds, was getting allergic reactions no matter what. We are all just lab rats! Yes, please count me in the draw this time for the prize, please and thank you! xoxox

  39. Sweet story about the blue tits, Di, and I also adore your cute card! Adorable photo of Dudley this week. So sorry that he has such a hard time riding in cars. I've never had a dog who didn't just beg to be taken along in the car. A sign of being somewhat more attached to their human than their home, I suppose.
    I'm going to add a card tomorrow but will be playing only for fun.

  40. Just posted my card and would love a chance of the prize. Dudley looks stunning in that photo and quite the grown up. Hope you have had a better week, and I love your card. Nicky

  41. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that you're still not feeling well Di. I hope that the doctors can figure something out so that you're back on your feet again. Seeing beautiful Dudley all clean and groomed like that is sure to cheer you up, but knowing dogs I'm sure he didn't stay that way long!
    Yes please to this cute little stamp set!! Get well soon!

  42. I was sure I had commented on this post but obviously not. I love the cute bear and balloon using the great LOTV stamps Di, and such a very pretty paper too. I hope the root cause of your gout problems has now been found and that you will soon be able to take the preventative meds. Side effects and such like from meds can be a big problem and like you I think that sometimes we are too trusting and should go with our instincts more. Dudley looks great after his cut and shampoo and glad the homeopathic medicine might be helping him a little in the car, and how lovely to catch the last of the blue tit youngsters leaving the nest and hope the work on the house has gone well. I am hoping to join in this time but I will only be playing for fun. x

  43. Hello Di (and friends):
    I would not have likely found your fun challenge without Bunny's invitation. It's a great way to use up scraps, and I'm very much (PLEASE, Yes, Please!) interested in the sweet stamp set prize. But nonetheless, it's always fun to play along. There sure are lots of fabulous samples.
    Have a blessed week,
    Karen Letchworth

  44. Yes please include me in.
    I hope you manage to get on top of that pain Di, and that you'll soon be feeling on top of the world again. Isn't it great that we have such a great hobby to distract us and cheer us up? Not to mention little friends to lick us better. CarolG

  45. Finally here with my entry but just playing for fun. Your card is gorgeous with that sweet little ted but Dudley stole the show this week. Isn't he a handsome little chap xx

  46. I made it, I was worried time would run out on me this week but I have managed to enter in time. I hope your recovery is continuing and yes please for the draw, those teddies are so sweet xx

  47. Another lovely read Di, sure hope my now your meds are worked out and that getting about is a bit easier. Dudley sure is a 'white' 'fluffy' fellow and looks amazing in his pic after the groomers visit....does he lose fluff, we have four cats not fluffy and they lose enough fur. Anyway have a great week, glad I got my card finished and thanks for the lucky prize draw..hugs Robyn

  48. I'm so sorry to hear that you've had such a terrible time with prescription drugs. I hope you are feeling better now.
    Dudley is soooo sweet and I love reading your stories :).
    I love LOTV and I love your card, it is super cute.
    yes for the lovely prize, please.
    have a great weekend.
    crafty hugs xx

  49. Hi Di, oh dear I’ve only just had time to read this, and I can say ditto on triple reading things etc. I’ve been overdosed twice into a state of psychosis by mismanagement of medication. I’ve real sympathy for anyone who is in such state, it extremely scarey. Yours is excruciating though different entirely but equally horrid. Drs are human they make mistakes and so we who know our bodies best need to be proactive for our own good. I refuse point blank now to take certain meds.
    Every time I go to Syd specialist we go down same well worn path. They quite literally don’t believe that one med they want me to take cause tooth infections. Had none before took them, had multiple ones a two years was on them and none since, part of issue is they look at all people through the same microscope and don’t account for individual differences. What works with you won’t with me and vica versa.
    No thanks to the prize as have smaller version uninked, Di.
    Love your wee puppy [!!] and enjoyed the tale of trip to groomers and tits in garden very much. How wonderful the timing was, a blessing from the Lord after a rough patch.
    Praying for you each night, actually interrupted my prayer time to catch up with your goings on! Update needed. 😊
    Hugs Shaz xxx

  50. Sorry Di, I entered late last night which was rather late in the day I'm afraid. I was hoping to enter a more appropriate card than this but I ran out of time and as I have missed one or two recently I did want to support the challenge so thought this was better than nothing. I know I have said that this is a 'just for fun' entry this time. I have been out all day and didn't have time to write this before entries closed at llam. x


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