Sunday 24 February 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #345 - results

Still not out of the woods here but thankfully there's been a lot of improvement. The searing pain in my right foot has subsided immensely so I can at least walk around indoors (barefoot most of the time) in between still resting it to keep the swelling down. No clog dancing here just yet but any improvement (as well as actually sleeping through the night) is a huge plus!i!

I've been doing my best to keep up with entries in the current challenge and will do some more commenting ASAP.

Let's get straight on with the fortnight's picks:
Jackie T brought this gorgeous card to share with us - I'm so keen on folk using up their strips of snippets right now so it really did catch my eye. Even more so when it arrived here in the post - thank you so much Jackie!

Oh how clever this card is, made by Sue M. The image and sentiment are just fabulous - and the addition of one snippet of black and white striped paper lifts it sky high for me! Absolutely perfect!

And Tracey, who is one of our newer Playmates, made this wonderful wall hanging. Believe me, there is so much detail and work in this, it really is exquisite - you must hop over the read the whole post! 

We had three more new playmates this time:
Dana K - who was one of the the inspirations behind me using the MFT Christmas Tree dies 
Susan B

Welcome to the Snippets Playground girls and what an absolutely wonderful selection of cards - hope you all come back and play really soon.

Including our three new Playmates, we had a total of 64 entries - brilliant!

Now it's prize draw time, and our winner of the Woodware 'Smile On My Face' stamp and also the Woodware 'Time to Wine Down' set of stamps is:

You'll have to trust me on this one girls, Lynne was entry number 17 and for some reason I just can't manage to paste the results box from Random Dot Org into this post. I've tried several times - managing to wreck some of this post along the way. My baby pink laptop which I'm using whilst laid up just doesn't want to play nicely today!

I think it's about  year since you had a win Lynne so this is well due as am sure you play with us on almost every challenge - well done! Do pop over to say hello - Lynne has such a beautiful Westie called Ruby - she was actually a driver for us to get Dudley. So cute - and Lynne is just a wonderful person, inside and out and makes fabby cards. I hope one day we will finally get to meet up - ha, and then see what Ruby and Dudley really make of one another! 

Please send me your address Lynne, with your full name at the top as well so I can copy and paste or just write straight from the email onto the envelope - for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course and I'll post your prize once I hear from you. Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

I'll post the prize off to you as soon as I'm out and about - until I can get a shoe on am not going far. I still have Andrea's prize to post from the other week as well. 

Being able to move around the house doesn't mean I can bear a shoe just yet, or even a thong/flip flop on that foot. Len caught me 'on the quiet' trying to unsuccessfully ease a flip flop onto said foot yesterday and said it made his eyes water ........ as well as mine which were also streaming at the time! I don't broadcast it but I have RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) in 'old speak'. That means that damage to extremities of limbs such as feet, ankles hands and wrists just takes longer to get over because of a nervous system wiring glitch. In fact, it prolongs recovery and the pain so please, if you're ever faced with gout, do not think my long length of recovery time is what you should expect! By rights I ought to be dancing the' light fantastic', a jig, the Highland Fling and a bit of clog dancing as well!

You might know the way the dice fall, I'm booked for a hair trim on Tuesday and also Dudley is supposed to go for a trim and groom session on Thursday. Obviously I need to be there for my own hair trim (snigger) and Len won't trust himself to take Dudley to the groomers on his own - in case the little chap ends up with a crew cut I suspect! But both venues are a distance from where you can park. Len also hasn't experienced the whole trauma of Dudley panting and yodelling his head off whenever he's in the car, at least not since the day we brought him home for the first time last September and at that point he hadn't perfected the yodel part! So it looks right now as if both might well have to be postponed for a while although we shall see as each day brings an improvement. Getting the 'little Dudley mop' trimmed is my driving force right now!

Remember folks, there's still almost another week to run on Challenge #346 - you can find it HERE. The prize is the MFT die called 'Christmas Tree Window', and there are three of these as prizes!

Hope you all have a lovely week ahead. No photo of Dudley this week - sorry. He's such a little scamp - so entertaining and has been such a help in keeping my spirits up over the past couple of weeks. I've said to more than one person that if we could bottle and sell 'essence of Dudley Joy' we could make a fortune!

Right now Dudley is dozing, keeping me company. Len is in the garden putting up a lot of sturdy clematis support/mesh as barriers to keep Dudley away from the rhubarb patch etc. (I guess you know that rhubarb leaves are poisonous - and right now Dudley is keen on nibbling anything going). It will give him freedom to play on the grass - and still allow Spikethe Hedgie and family to come and go without any hindrance as Len has cut little gaps in the mesh for them - aw. They'll be waking up soon I should think.

Do remember that it's ScrappyMo's 'Rudolph Days' Challenge from 25th to the end of the month as well! I'm going to really push myself to make an entry - a goal to aim for! February is a short month remember so get your skates on!

A huge thank you to everyone who sent me their cards from the wonderful blog hop organised by Darnell - so very kind of you. I'm sure I thanked everyone as they arrived - but just in case ......... Of course, if you didn't send yours then it's also very precious to me - am still overwhelmed by the love and kindness - mwah xx

Almost finally as an edit, Len let Dudley have a practically 'roam free' run in the back garden just before I closed this down to be published. I watched from our bedroom window and that little dog went absolutely wild with delight round and round the grass area and needless to say he then went straight for all the things he shouldn't eat so am grateful he can't scoff the rhubarb leaves! One very happy dog, jumping for joy in the sunshine!

And now finally, apologies if some of the spacing, font and also the text 'depth of black' varies a bit in this in- I'll be so happy to get back to my proper sized laptop - which is also loads faster than this baby one. It's still much easier than a tablet or iPad but I tend to touch type and my fingers go faster than the letters appear on the screen, which is really frustrating! And as for tinkering round with HTML - it doesn't bear thinking about!

Parsnip and Dudley send their love, as usual - and of course me too,


  1. Oh so sorry you're not yet doing the clog dancing, Di! At least there's improvement & thank goodness you have "essence of Dudley Joy" to keep your spirits up--truly nothing like a puppy! I can just imagine the sight of him scampering around the yard & of course wanting to eat everything he can--haha!
    The zebra card is indeed brilliant & congrats to all the picks & welcome newcomers! Hugs, Greta

  2. I always enjoy reading your updates and seeing all the picks. Such a variety of projects that you feature, and all wonderful. Hoping you are back on your feet again soon, but also glad you have your puppy to entertain you. He sounds like loads of fun (and work!)

  3. Lovely picks and post as usual Di, well done for getting through it, and well done for putting up with all the pain and slow recovery (I'd never heard of that nerve thing), although I know you don't have a choice sadly. Two suggestions......revive the Sandy Shaw fashion, or would it be possible to have visiting mobile hairdressers for you both? Take care and get well soon xxx

  4. Your getting there slowly Di and that's what counts. Your barefooted patter has brought out a few warmer days in the UK, I hope you too have had the pleasure of the surprise warm spell?
    Thank you so much for sharing my little bit of creativity. It's so lovely to be here and see all the different ways people create with our bits and bobs & snippets.
    Wishing you and Dudley a Happy Hair day when that day comes around and of course a relaxing Sunday. Creative Hugs Tracey xx

  5. Great picks as always and welcome to the new playmates and congratulations to the winner. So pleased to hear things are improving for you, albeit slowly - hopefully you will be able to catch up with your appointments soon. Take care.

  6. Thank you so much for “picking” me Di. So glad your foot is improving, it sounds really painful and must be so frustrating too! Sending big hugs! xx

  7. Lovely pick and I love to read you posts everytime. I totally understand your Enjoy "Doodly Joy" eseence reference becouse I have 2 friends with dogs and they are real JOY too. Take care. Keti
    p.s. I totally missed blog hop but would love to send a card your way anyway. Better late than never.

  8. Sorry to hear you are still struggling and hope it won't have to be for much longer ... since both you and Dudley need a trim!

    FYI ... I have finally gotten round to using my prize (THANK YOU again) check out my post tomorrow!

    Happy Sunday - feel better soon


  9. Sorry to hear it's such slow going but at least it's better than it was a couple of weeks ago and is heading in the right direction... that is IF you continue to take things steady. Glad to hear Parsnip and Dudley are working so well together to keep you well looked after and entertained.
    Congrats to Lynne, Fabulous picks again and a big Hi to the new Playmates - lots of super snippet inspiration for us xx

  10. So pleased that things are calming down a bit but sad it is taking so long and that you and Dudley both have to forego your trims this week. Great picks again and congratulations to Lynne for winning the fab prize, and three new playmates to help us cause x

  11. Oh, bless little Dudley's heart … I think he was doing a jig for the both of you out in the year. He knew you'd find so much joy is just watching him. ;-) So glad you are on the mend, albeit slowly. As long as you mend - that's the most important thing!
    Congrats to the top picks and to Lynne. :-)

  12. Love your picks and they are great ones, as always. I hate that your foot is still hurting so much. It is one of the most painful things I've ever had and that includes childbirth and dentist appointments. Any movement hurts like you are being stabbed with glass shards so I feel bad for you having to go through that. My thoughts are with you.

  13. Oh Di, you poor thing! Praying hard that you will keep improving each and every day!!! It is rough stuff that gout and your other disease, life can throw a lot at us but I suspect it is so we can really enjoy the good times as well even more. Again, keeping you in my prayers for much improvements! What wonderful picks!!! I declare the talents everyone has just blows me away! I love it! Dudley and Kahlua could get into some serious trouble together me thinks! Kahlua still wants to chew on everything she should too! She chewed the top of the tv remote off while I was using the bathroom! Bret had to go buy another one. Never a dull day with these puppies, but they give such delight don't they?!!! Get well soon Di, hate when anyone suffers like this with such pain! Big hugs, Brenda

  14. Goregeous picks! I'm hoping you and Dudley get to "GET YOUR HAIR DID" on Tuesday!Sending healing vibes your way!!!

  15. Hi Di! Sorry to hear that you aren't still very well, but I'm glad your health is improving! A bit by day and early you will dance again on your clogs and walk out with Dudley! :)
    Great picks, I'm very impressed by the beautiful works of the new and old playmates! Congrats to the winner!!
    Puppy joy melts hearts, isn't it? They are grateful for life... and we have to remember this :)
    Big hugs to you and a lot of cuddles to Dudley (and Parsnips of course!)

  16. Nice to read Di that your getting stronger it will take some time so please don’t over do things as always your picks are well deserved to be showcased and many congratulations to Lynn enjoy your prize and l so love to hear of Dudley antics take care sending lots of love x

  17. Yippeee, thanks very much Di, I'll get a wee email off to you but no rush at all in getting it away to me. I'm so glad to hear you are improving - slowly! - and that Dudley is entertaining you. I love to hear your Dudley stories, and you're forgiven for no Dudley pic this week, don't make a habit of it though! I'd love to pop over with Ruby ... me and you could have a play in your craft room and Ruby and Dudley could wreck your garden LOL

  18. Sorry to hear that you are still suffering but pleased that you are improving.
    A great post and I just can not wait to see you in your dancing mode, maybe with your versatility you could be on Strictly, but I would not see you as I do not watch it.
    Let Len trim your hair!!??
    Now I really must apologise because I really did not know that we were supposed to send you the card we made for you, I should have know better, sorry Di.
    Hope as this week goes on you will improve even more.

    Kath xx

  19. Lovely picks Di and sorry you are still suffering, you must feel like a prisoner in your own home not being able to go out. I hope it gets better soon xx

  20. Great choices Di, and congratulations to Lynne.
    I hope you are able to make your outings this week and soon get back to feeling your usual self again.
    Janice x

  21. Owch Di I can feel that from here. I hope the recovery continues albeit slowly. This glorious sunshine helps doesn't it. Lovely pics and well done to the lucky winner. Take care, hugs xxx

  22. Glad you're slowly improving, Di. On step at a time... excuse the pun! Hope you'll soon be doing your clog dancing - now that's a video clip I'd like to see. ;-)

    Great selection of pick again, such a varied selection of creative talent. xx

  23. Dear Di.. am praying for recovery so glad that Lynne won.. yes her Ruby is very very cute
    Sorry indeed youre poorly still and trust youre well enough to take the delightful Scamp Dudley for a clip very soon.
    Am weary deary so won't rattle on but ever so glad you reminded me re the Rudolph Day. My brain is dead.. remembered last week but had dental dilemmas this week or Drs so scooted it out of my head!
    Hugs and prayers

  24. Fabulous showcased items Di.

    Congrats to Lynne on her win!

    Waving hello to the new playmates.

    So pleased to hear there's been some improvement in your Gout. Shame the recovery is being hindered by another condition though. Fingers crossed each day sees you feel a bit better.

    Good old Dudley keeping your spirits up.

    Sending hugs,
    Sarn xxx

  25. Gorgeous cards, Di. Please take it easy xoxo

  26. Hi Miss Di, the lovely Parnip and cutie Dudley.

    Oh I am so sorry to hear you are still in a lot of pain and can't get about.
    I do hope you are pain free soon.
    I wish I lived closer as I could do your errands for you or post your prizes.

    Congrats to Lynne on her win and also congrats to the super picks wern't they brilliant use of Snippets.

    Lots of craty love and gentle hugs. Jenny L.

  27. I'm sorry to read you are still having problems with gout - I do hope you get to run around with Dudley really soon. L x

  28. Fabulous picks and congratulations to Lynne too. I hope you're soon feeling better and can get out and about soon.
    Kath x

  29. I'm scrolling backwards to see what I've missed and I see another thank you from you, Di. You're very welcome again! Lovely featured artists this time and wonderful to see new playmates that I know! I suspect that last line of your post was intended for me. :) Never again! But I have to add that I found this interesting: in the week that followed, three other bloggers wrote about their posts just up and disappearing, so now I wonder if my tinkering was just coinkydink! We'll never know and I'm sure as hades not going to test my theory!! Hugs, Darnell


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