Sunday 3 February 2019

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #345

Well! What a week that's been for sure. I was totally blown away by the wonderful blog hop that Darnell arranged in such secrecy to celebrate 7 years since I took over the Snippets Playground - and of course it's 8 years since Jules started it all off. Who knew it would still be going from strength to strength all this time later? And I certainly didn't realise the wealth of love and gratitude there is for having the Playground to share your snippets in. I've smiled like a Cheshire cat, laughed out loud at some of the outrageous shenanigans going on ..... and also shed a few tears of pure joy to know that you like it here! A huge thank you - and also, don't forget that we do have some lovely Playmates who at times send prizes for the Playground as well. Am not asking for more, can only just close the toy box lid right now - but it's important that we also remember their kindness.

I see the hop carries on for another week as well - I'm doing my best to comment and will get round to every single one of you I promise! A HUGE thank you also to Darnell of course who arranged this, mwah, you really are the best! Reaches for fresh box of Kleenex.

Friday was a blizzard here in North Hampshire for most of the day and in the end the whole area (our closest motorway stretch and other local roads) was totally gridlocked - and a lot of it still is apparently. We'd already decided not to budge and had done all our trips out before yesterday thankfully. We saw people trudging home on foot having abandoned their cars in the lane at the top of our road, or even further afield. Len fought a constant battle to keep the penned in part of the patio near the house clear so that Dudley could go to the loo without being up to his chin in snow. We only had about 9" in total and both of us have seen much worse when we lived in other places - but this is the very worst we've had in the whole time we've lived here and frankly much of the UK is just not geared up for such conditions. Both of us have previously been caught in sudden snow storms in our cars here when we were commuting and it can be pretty scary stuff! Today (Saturday) the sun is shining and folk are out clearing their driveways etc.

Here's my snippets card - and in fact this week you get two for the price of one - special offer (BOGOF, Buy One Get One Free):
This card is for all of you girls, with love from me!
And this card is also for you girls. From some of the comments I've been reading as I hopped around' I can see that the surprise visit from one certain little Miss Mischief precipitated a load of sneaky sips and even some moonshine!

Both cards were made in a fairly similar fashion so am covering them both  in my usual 'I used' blurb.

I used:

- a black snippet of thick card, scored and folded into an A6 sized card blank - tent style and a snippet of Strathmore Mixed Media paper (which is actually 300gsm!), which (once the image panels was ready) I scored, folded and trimmed to 4" x 4.25" - side opening

- then I used a couple of snippets of the Strathmore Mixed Media paper (I never throw any offcuts of that out, it's too expensive!) and stamped the image panels

- I used a Memento 'Tuxedo Black' ink pad and stamps from the Woodware 'Smile On My Face' single stamp set and also the Woodware multiple stamp set called 'Time to Wine Down' (one image and two sentiments)

- before the ink dried, embossed both image panels using WOW clear embossing powder as I wanted to use my Zig brush markers and knew it would spread over the lines otherwise. Really dithered about using a Versamark pad and black embossing powder instead but, even using my anti-static pad, I felt that both panels had such a lot of detail on them it would be all too easy to end up with a stray grain of black embossing powder. Clear embossing at least wouldn't show up!

- spent a happy time colouring both image panels with my Ziggies - word of warning, the red is really easy to pick up on a finger or the side of your hand and then leave a little smudge - ask me how I know this, thank goodness for a sand eraser!

- trimmed and backed the 'thinking of you' panel with a snippet of green card most likely 'Certainly Celery' and glued it onto the white card front

- then trimmed and glued the 'wine' panel directly onto the black card front

I had been going to change the card sizes and add a stripe of patterned paper to both cards but in the end decided they were already busy enough.

I've had both these stamps for a good while now but to be honest, colouring the 'wine down' one always seemed really daunting but in fact it was great fun! When I use the 'smile on my face' stamp again with Ziggies I'll do the backgrounds first so they can be mottled with a mix of colours.

And of course, this fortnight's prize is the same as the stamps I used:

The Woodware 'Smile On My Face' stamp and also the Woodware 'Time to Wine Down' set of stamps. I will be offering these as a bundle and won't separate them, but do feel free to give one or other away if you don't want them both.
As always, the Snippets Challenge will run for two weeks and the Playground gates will close at 11am UK time on Saturday 17th February. The gates will open again at midnight UK time on the same day.

It's a maximum of ONE entry and please say in a comment if you wish to play and be a possible winner of the prize. Please also link back to the Playground in your blog post to be eligible for the draw.

Remember, if you link into the Playground and don't say clearly that you're wanting to be in the draw in a comment on here, then you will be bypassed if your name comes out of Mr Linky. I'm sure you all know I ask for a positive 'yes' on the blog post itself- just in case you're playing only for fun - otherwise I ignore you on my little list.

Mr Linky is below - please let me know if you have any problems linking, it's easy for me to sort out so don't struggle on alone :)

Last minute edit! After the snow clearing, Len took Dudley out for a walk. I managed to take a quick photo when they got back, but he just won't look at the camera so this is the best I could do. In fact, he's really keen on eating as much snow as he can! At least he's showing off his new jacket though:
With love from Parsnip, Dudley - and of course me, stay warm and safe!


  1. You're very welcome my dear friend and Chief Pixie! Enjoy the love and adulation which you so richly deserve! Never mind about the hooch now, you've got the snowball to take care of. We girls will never do anything that you wouldn't do. Oh bwahahaha, got you there, dinnit I?! Your snippets twofer is dandy today in every way! I especially love that it is time "to wine down!" Amen! Lots of love and hugs, Darnell xxoo

  2. Two fun cards this time around and great work with the colouring. Hope your snow is fast disappearing - not as much snow here but still enough to confine me to barracks.

  3. Fabulous as always are your snippet cards Di l really like both but the one that took my attention was the sentiment on your 2nd card Time to wine down and relax which l hope your doing now Dudley looks so cute in his coat just like any small child when you want a photo taken they turn the other way lol just playing for fun take care enjoy your day xx

  4. Morning Di (and all playmates)

    It is so very sweet and lovely of Darnell to come up with the idea of a surprise party in your honour. I love that she's provided a platform for us all to say THANKS for all your hard work, and to show just how much we appreciate everything you do.

    I'm sure I don't know WHO you mean by little Miss Mischief(!). After the first week of partying, I've been round to the back of the Playground Bike Shed this morning and collected up a pile of empties ready for you to get money back on, but you might need a truck! When I say MIGHT, I mean you WILL need a truck!

    Simply LOVE the cards on today's post . . . both fun and colourful.

    Must dash, no time to "wine down and relax" ... still got another week of, er, HOMEWORK CLUB to organise behind the bike shed! It's been fun catching up with old and new playmates.

    We all love you, and, as Darnell said above . . . you richly deserve this "Love Fest".

    Hugs, Sarn
    Stamping for Pleasure

    PS: ADORE the picture of Dudley in his jacket. Bless that little bundle of fur. Please remind him he's on guard duty by the Bike Sheds all next week!

  5. It was Thanks to Darnell that pulled me over here, with or without the wine hee hee!!! Bottoms up as they say Di and a well deserved celebration of those dedicated years.
    Creative Hugs to you all Tracey xx
    P.S Dudley looks toasty warm in his new Jacket :))

  6. You deserve all the praise Di - enjoy it!

    Two lovely cards, especially the Wine Down card - that stamp is perfect for so many occasions! I'll be in the playground soon and would love a chance to win this super prize please.

    Kath x

  7. Two really beautiful cards. Love them both. Esecially love the sentiment on the first one. Amazing!
    Yes for the prize please.
    Valerija xx

  8. You deserve all the accolades sent your way Di, and I will be joining in the hop this week. Your two cards are great and these Woodware stamps are quite versatile and you have coloured them both beautifully, and I especially love the wine theme of the second, so I am a 'yes please' for the prize. x

  9. Hello, Di! I thought Darnell's hop was brilliant, and so well deserved! We all love you and love playing here! Both of your cards are gorgeous, and Dudley is just the cutest with his little vest on! Adorable! Great prize too and I'll be a YES whenever I get back here to join in!

  10. Hoping to join in the hop . Trying not to do much crafting at present as arm still feels like a lump of lead. (shame it's not a pencil then I' d be alwight! . These are super cards . Not spotted either of those Wodware stamps before. Didn't get quite as much snow as you did but still got cut off fior a day. Starting to melt now so the birds are happy again. Had to go an emergency Oder from Happy Beaks though as they are getting through The Docs supplies as if we are running a soup kitchen. Hugs Me.

  11. Those are a fun pair of cards today, but I'll pass on the wine! I think I may have been over-served behind the bike shed last week so now it's time to walk the line :) Love that cute little ball of white fur in his winter coat! We too had snow, but not anywhere near the amount you had. We just had mostly bitter cold temps and lots of wind, but it's calm out there today again with some brilliant sunshine to enjoy! Once again, thanks for all you do, and I'm glad you enjoyed the hop - it was well deserved and Darnell is such a good egg to have organized the whole she-bang for you! Have a great week ahead, and I'm playing just for fun this time around! Hugs!

  12. Darling cards! I love the wine one!
    Are USA participants allowed?

  13. Two fabulous card Di. Sorry I've not been to play for a while, I hope to be here more often this year as I have so many scraps to use up. Playing for fun as normal.

    Sue xx

  14. Terrific cards again! Dudley looks ready for the weather in his lovely coat.
    Yes please for a chance to win the prize.

  15. What fun it was Di keeping the hop under our hats, you deserve all the outpouring of love and thanks...cheers! I love your cards and I'm glad you stayed put to craft. We drove that way yesterday on the A3 and was so suprised by the snow. Luckily none our end or at the South Coast. Yes please to the great stamps..really fun. Take care and keep warm, hugs xxx

  16. Spoiling us with two lovely cards this week Di, I have the second stamp and not been able to do it justice yet but you have made a great card with it.
    Love Dudley in his coat.
    Just had a thought, shouldn't you have had seven bumps to celebrate the seven years, must contact Sarn immediately.

    Kath x

  17. You so deserve the blog hop in your honour, Di. Blogland wouldn't be the same without you and the Playground, you make it such a fun place to be. Wouldn't it be great if we could all meet in the Playground IRL!

    Two fabulous cards, I especially love the second one with the wine. It would be perfect for so many cards for friends! I'm a Yes Please for the prize this fortnight.

    Can Dudley get any cuter??? Hope he didn't get lost in all the snow! xx

  18. Love your twofer offer today, Di! Gorgeous coloring. While I'm here, I want to protest my innocence about the prodigious supply of wine and moonshine! All I did was provide the cheese and chocolates and a few little tea cakes to keep the ladies fed. Otherwise, there might well have been more of the wild dancing on the tables than they could stand.
    Don't tell Sarn that some of us had already hauled off one round of empties before she got there this morning. :-D
    I do hope the hangover subsides so that I can get something made for this challenge, too. Playing just for fun this time.

  19. Well look at you, cranking out not one...but two adorable cards! They are both so sweet and they're both perfect to send to friends. I've been away from home the past two weeks so wasn't able to join in on the surprise hop on Darnell's blog but am going to see if I can squeeze one in. I remember when I first "met" you in blogland and was completely charmed by your chatty and hilarious musing about life and stamping. Now that you have Dudley to show off, I'm hooked even further! Yes please to this prize and thank you for always inspiring me Di!

  20. Hi Di, I like both cards, the wine card is my fav. I'm so happy I found this blog challenge site and I just Love your little Dudley. Yes to the prizes this week. Thank you, Lucille K

  21. So glad you have been stunned by the Hop in your honour! You well deserved your Surprise :D
    Both your cards are stunning, fun and cute and so unique!! Thank you :)
    Love the new jacket of Dudley!! :D Also here there was a cold storm but no snow, also a lot of water and then ice.... Weather is crazy...
    I entered early this time with my snippet card, so yes please for the prizes!! :)

  22. What fun cards you have created, Di. I especially love the wine one and know several friends that would love cards made with it. So... yes please. [And your Dudley does look dapper in his jacket.]

  23. These cards are so funny, because the stamps are amazing!! I say YES!
    Congrats to the 7 years of your blog. It's so inspiring and it's always a pleasure making cards with snippets and you make us to do so! Thanks a lot for that.
    I like Dudleys jacket. Last year we bought a tartan jacket for our Tom when we were visiting Rye. A great souvenir for him!
    Have a nice day,
    Lia xx

  24. Fab makes today, Di. Lovely pic of Dudders too - glad to see he's not ap"paw"lled by snow too!

    Just uploaded my entry, just playing for fun this week


  25. I am so pleased you enjoyed Darnell’s surprise Di, one you so deserve!
    You have made two lovely cards, I particularly like the cheese and wine one....I wonder why! Yes please for the draw, and I’ll pop my card on later, thank you. Dudley is looking so cute!
    Janice x

  26. Gorgeous cards, Di, and as everyone has said, you definitely deserve our adulation xoxo

  27. Great job on 8 years running a challenge blog on you own!!!! Thats a lot of work, I'm happy you're doing it, and so well at that.
    Love your cards and your dog is so charming.
    I just entered my card and yes I would like to participate. Hugs

  28. So glad the hop gave you a happy surprise, Di! We almost never get snow, so I can only imagine what it was like at your place! Our dogs have all loved the snow--seem to smile running around & grabbing bites of the white stuff! Love seeing Dudley in his coat--looks like it keeps him pretty warm & dry! Love your fun cards, especially the first one with the cute wonky squares! I'll play just for fun.

  29. Congratulations Di, what fun to have a hop for you and so nice for everyone to be able to say Thank You to you! :)
    Gorgeous cards, yes please to be in your draw.
    I hope your snow has gone so little Dudley can get out and about again! We had very little, but our Ruby just LOVES the snow, she goes in head first and comes out like a snowball hahaha

  30. Isn't Darnell just the sneakiest...I mean bestest!
    I'm so glad we managed to surprise you with the hop - it really was the least we could all do to say a little thank you to you for keeping the playground in order all this time!
    Love your snippets cards...especially the 'wine down' sentiment - just perfect!
    I'm a 'yes please' for the prize draw.
    Helen x

  31. So much fun to be part of the hop to tell you thank you for all the joy you bring to our little part of blogland!! Thank you for all the time, effort, and expense that is involved in running an ongoing challenge. You are totally AMAZING!!

    Wonderful cards, Di. Such pretty coloring. Yes, please, to the prize on offer. Hugs and love to you!!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  32. So happy you were surprised Di at the blog hop in your honor! You really are a sweetie and provide a great place to play!!! I just don't get over enough as I would like to. There are all kinds of sweet people and this blogging journey has brought so many wonderful people into my life too! Yes, the tears get to flowing here too! 9 inches of snow is a decent amount of snow Di! When areas aren't used to that much snow or doesn't have the equipment to deal with it, it does make gridlock. Glad you, Len and Dudley were in where it was safe! Love, love, love your cards! But have to say I love the photo of Dudley even more. He looks so handsome in his coat. Kahlua and Savannah want to eat the snow too, I have to make them stop because I don't want the cold snow to lower their core temp! Crazy dogs! lol Trying to catch up and then maybe I can play along. Hugs, Brenda

  33. All this talk of snow while we are over heated and dear little Tassie gets all burnt up. The fires here have been bad but not as much damage due to those wonderful firies working their hearts out. Smoke all over the city of Hobart and ash all over our cars yet we are miles from the actual fires. Oh for some rain. I really don't envy you the snow would never be able to endure another English winter and certainly not a US one but used to look for it when I was young.
    Two lovely cards, keep snug and warm spring is just around the corner for you.

  34. Love your cards!! So Fun and your coloring is Perfect!! I just finished my blog post and will be adding my cards on Saturday!! I am excited to play along!!

  35. Both the cards are looking awesome! Loved your coloring! Yes, please for the prize

  36. Such a brilliant idea by Darnell for your surprise and I couldn't think of a more deserving person for it to honour. Both your cards are wonderful especially the wine one, I love the sentiment on it. I will be a yes please for the prize and Dudley looks so snuggly in his lovely coat x

  37. Hope you are recovering from the surprise now! Wasn't it naughty of Darnell to get us all to gang up together behind your back? I'm amazed we all managed to keep quiet about it - you know how tongues loosen after a few snifters. Talking of which, I hope Sarn is using a recycling scheme that gives cashback on empties, she could get rich!
    Both your cards are gorgeous and confirmation of why I am such a fan of Woodware stamps, most of my all-time favourites have come from them, so I would love to go into the hat please.

  38. Hi Di, just playing for fun. Beautiful cards!

  39. Was definitely up for it when I got Darnell's email as it was such a great way to be able to let you know how much we love the Playground and our Headmistress.

    Dudley looks fabulous modelling his new outdoor clothes.... just surprised that Parsnip didn't demand a new jacket as well.

    And not forgetting your super cards.... fabulous Woodware stamps and wonderfully coloured. Will pop over later with a card but just playing for fun this time around xx

  40. Two very cool cards! Love the sweet sentiment on the first. I think I will play just for fun this time, thank you!

  41. Your cards just scream happy with all their bright, happy colors! Awesome stamp sets and yes, I'd love to play for them. :-)

  42. Super cute cards! That was so fun to see that big blog hop all for you! You deserve it!

    Just playing for fun this week! Thanks for the challenge!

  43. Yay, I snuck in for a play Di!!! Would like to play for the prize as well. Hope you all are keeping warm. Hugs, Brenda

  44. ooh Di, you soooooo deserve all the thanks you get my lovely, kind, supportive friend! Love your cards today and 'yes please' to be in the draw for the prize! Love the photo! Hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

  45. Hi Miss Di, and the lovely Parnip, and not forgetting cutie Dudley.
    Just playing for fun this time.
    Well I have got Heecups!!!!!!!!!!! from your post I think it was all that Red and White wine or vino in that super card.
    Or was it from behind the bike shed. HE,,,HE...
    Just such awesome Snippets makes as always.
    Starting to get more snippets now soon have a shed load again. LOL.
    Lots of crafty love and hugs. Jenny L.

  46. Great cards Di. Especially I like the second one. Could easily use this stamp for men cards.
    I'm playing for fun.

  47. Congrats, Di!! Love your cards, and Dudley keeps getting sweeter and sweeter by the week <3 Got a giggle from the wine sentiment on the one set of stamps, and immediately thought of a few friends who it would fit perfectly, so I'm a "count me in on the prize draw".
    Susan Sudbury

  48. yes please for me for the prize. Working on my card now.

  49. Hope you have recovered from your surprise blog hop I was glad to be part of something for someone so deserving and inspirational. I love your snippets cards love the sentiment with the wine one and yes please to be in with chance of the prize, just uploaded my card.
    Love and hugs Nicky x.

  50. I jumped into my "PINK" snippets drawer and made a shaker with pink hearts and pink paper etc.. all from scraps :) Would love to be in for the prize :)

  51. What a delightful post full of fun and warm fuzzies. That Darnell knows how to pull off a surprise and you are so well-deserving of that honour! 😘 Love Dudley in his adorable coat! Wonderful set of cards, too. Just playing for fun this time. Enjoy your week! xx

  52. Di, thank you for the lovely warm welcome you left on my blog (Cardmaker's Garret). When you said we had dogs in common, I headed back over here to see if I could see something about your dog. Dudley is adorable! I have been gradually choosing smaller dogs as I get older - I've had two Springers, am now on my third English Cocker (we have to call Cocker Spaniels that over here to distinguish them from American Cockers), and have two breeds in mind for when I'm even older - the Cavalier King Charles and the Havanese!! Two friends of mine have Havanese and they are wonderful little dogs. And even more of a coincidence - my English Cocker breeder's name is also Cherie!

    Thanks for the hint about prizes in the Snippets Playground. I'll keep that in mind. And yes, I am so lucky to get to craft with Loll - we met through Splitcoaststampers. We get together once a month for a whole day. She's organizing another retreat for May - Darnell will be there. And Bonnie Klass is coming this year - I know she often enters the Snippets challenges.


  53. Hi DI, hope you've had a couple of happy weeks, what a lot of lovely people out there. YES please include me in the draw. CarolG

  54. Enjoyed the reunion behind the bike shed!!!! Yes please to the prize.

  55. I am so impressed with anyone that runs a challenge and to keep it going for so long is incredible. It seems to take me forever just to do one post! This is the first time I have entered this challenge, I am not sure why because the first place I go to when I am doing a card is my scrap box. I shall try to join in more often. I love your first card, Woodware stamps are some of my favourites, so yes please to the prize xx

  56. So sorry I missed the blog hop, but you deserve every bit of thanks for keeping the playground the fun, inspiring place it is.
    Yes please on the prize draw.

  57. Hi Di sorry late in commenting.. saying no thanks to candy and how utterly cute is that little Dudley... just loving his ultra cute jacket!! Love it. Sending prayer hugs with much summer in them Di.
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  58. Hello Di over there is cold old UK, from stickin' hot Townsville,'s been a week of horrors here too... can't believe a week ago we were flooded out - a one in a hundred flood, devastating, we are among the lucky ones in our area as we live in a high set house, but still the clean up is horrible - and now it smells terrible and the mozzies are out in full force, and the mould - oh yuk - still a little at a time and then some me time with my stamps - makes a girl happy. I feel sooo sorry for those who've lost everything, those that are tirelessly transporting away all those wrecked belongings from our nature strips, it's so hot and humid out there. AND I can tell you a red wine or three has been rather welcome in the evening.... so I'm really taken by your cards especially the second, it seems appropriate and of course I'd love to go in the draw for the prize. Hugs, cheers and stay warm inside... love that you clear the deck for Dudley

  59. Saying hi Di and hope all is good with you now! Lovely cards as always. Just playing for fun this week. xx

  60. I did not realize the wine stamp would be one of the prizes for this week's challenge. I was just about to say that the card you made with it is soooooooo much to my taste and I would love to have that stamp ...then I saw the prizes, and there it was! No need to say that it is definitely a "yes please" from me for the prize (and I will definitely be keeping my fingers crossed with this week's draw)


  61. Thank you for visiting me and trying to leave a long comment. I share your frustration at losing it, I wonder what happened, computers can be sooo frustrating sometimes, but sooo useful too! xx

  62. I've heard about the snow in the UK, uf, sounds terrible. We don't have any snow here, what kind of winter is this?! your cards are super fun and Dudley is soo adorable!
    yes for the prize, please.
    have a great weekend.
    hugs xx

  63. Hi Di! This is Lynda, 1 of your recent new players. I was the one who posted on Instagram & you couldn't post my entry on your blog. This time, Mr. Linky wouldn't even accept my Instagram entry so I've used the link to my gallery. Hope you're a member there too so that you can access my entry! Anyway, I am interested in the stamps.

  64. I think I forgot to leave a comment when I linked up - whoops! Your cards are both very pretty. Yes, please to the prize :) That picture of Dudley is so cute!

  65. Soo glad to join you challenge again. I would love to participate for a prize but totally understand if the shipping cost are just to high. It's just nice to show off some of my snippets projects. Hugs from Slovenia, Keti


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