Sunday 31 December 2017

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Week 311 and 312 - results and Weeks 313/314 Prize E

Yup, those prizes just keep on coming!

As this is a 'Results and Picks' week we'll stick to that aspect but, without a Designer Guest.

I had to make my own snippets card which makes up Prize E. I knew before I set out that this was gonna be a leetle bit 'tricky woo' to work out - so I actually wrote down the steps before setting off. And this is the result, all gold and sparkly in real life - I hate my camera in Winter! It might show up better if you click on the image - otherwise please just take my word for it:
I used:

- 6" x 6" (actually just slightly under) square white card blank

- piece of white card stock, die cut using the largest (5" x 5") die from the Creative Dies 'Wonky Stitches - Nesting Squares' set

- sheesh, I sat and gawped at the task ahead! So, a bit of thinking and scribbling of notes, then off we went - with Parsnip popping up now and then from underneath the desk to offer advice, sigh

- in my mind I could already see the layout, so a first step was to stamp the poinsettia 'head' from the gorgeous Altenew 'Poinsettia Pine' stamps set onto a scrap/snippet of white card in any old black ink then trim around the edges it before setting aside (note, if you're braver than me and want to risk wrecking the actual red poinsettia than be my guest - am sure it would work OK with care as my template came out good as new!)

- used snippets of pearly red and deep green card to stamp and heat emboss the poinsettia head plus three green leaves - using a Delicata 'Golden Glitz' ink pad (these are so juicy!), an anti-static bag of course beforehand, and then Ranger 'Liquid Platinum' embossing powder before spending time carefully fussy cutting the pieces out. I think there are matching dies but, possibly due to the cost if I'm honest, I felt the images were able to be successfully cut out by hand compared to the additional cost of a set of dies

- then I set to with the Misti and used the idea I'd had whilst thinking during the wee small hours in bed about making this card. First of all I swiped the white panel all over with an anti-static bag of course - this step saves so much heartache when using embossing powder, and put it into the Misti ready for action

- my approach was to then add a teeny spot of removable tape runner to the back of the poinsettia card template I'd cut earlier and position it onto the 'Wonky stitches' square white background which was set up in the Misti as I just said

- placed the white poinsettia template onto the bottom left corner of the piece of card and set about positioning the sentiment (bearing in mind the wavy stitched edge) and the pieces of foliage and berries stamps in place. I just thought of an alternative way to do this and will write a few words below. I was able to gently tuck them underneath the poinsettia template and at the same time check that the already stamped and die cut 'green leaves' would sit properly once the piece came together

- when happy with the layout I carefully removed the poinsettia template, leaving the sentiment and foliage stamps in place and then firmly closed the Misti lid to pick them up

- then I stamped and embossed them all in one go using the Delicata Delicata 'Golden Glitz' ink pad and Ranger 'Liquid Platinum' embossing powder - phew, perfect result

- the sentiment is another one from the Inkylicious 'Seasons Greetings' set of four stamps

- next I backed the white panel with a square of very slightly sparkly gold card and added it to the card front

- used a red Ziggy water colour brush pen to colour in the berries

- glued the green leaves and the red poinsettia in place (using a Woodware Fine Line bottle) and then breathed a huge sigh of relief

The closest I came to disaster was when I got a little smudge of the red Ziggy on the white background of the card - thank goodness for the Tombow Sand Eraser!! It came off easily and I'll be doing the draw for those in the next few days by the way.

And using the Misti really helped so much in placing the foliage underneath where the poinsettia and green leaves would be glued. I subsequently thought that just stamping the poinsettia onto a piece of acetate, with the card front in place underneath it, would also allow correct placement of the foliage and sentiment without the need to stamp and cut out a template or tuck the stamps underneath. Then when you pick up the stamps with the lid just remove the piece of acetate and carry on as usual. I use grid marked acetate a lot when placing sentiments as it's about the easiest way to get them straight :)

So, that was a rather long winded explanation - as much for my own benefit when I come to make more of these cards, as I surely will.

And of course, Prize E is very much connected to this card:

I think this bundle is one of the biggest and best in this year's big giveaway and it's the Creative Dies 'Wonky Stitches - Nesting Squares' set, the Altenew 'Poinsettia Pine' set of stamps and another Inkylicious 'Seasons Greetings' set of four stamps.

Quick whip though the fortnight's picks:

Sonia always makes the most delicious cards, and also provides loads of tips and such about making them. So I chose this card pop-up card to share with you. It seems very much like a variation on a 'bridge' card which is also a popular design right now - love it!

Majda worked long and hard on this gorgeous baby album! What a beautiful result - it's sure to be treasured for a lot of years.

I actually still have my own baby album, which was carefully written up by my own dear Mum all those years ago. It's one of those cream leather bound pre-printed ones with gaps to fill in about height, weight, Christening gifts etc.,first words, first steps and so on. What is so very cute is that she even took a little footprint from me as a baby - bless her. Such a tiny foot - and so many steps through life ahead of it :)

And last but not least, I picked this lovely Christmas card made by Lynne in NI for her hubby. Wonderful use of snippets - and also such a clever idea to mask off the PB 'Snowy' snowman and give him a partner! Brilliant!

I could have gone on and on with picks, but there are only so many hours in a day to spend sitting here tapping at the keyboard.

We had 45 entries and no new Playmates - not a bad turnout considering the fact that most of us were flying round doing last minute preparations for Christmas - which I hope you all are recovering from :)

So, now for the winner of the Lil'Inker Designs 'Christmas Words Tree' die - who is:
Well done Greta! I know that I definitely have your latest address, so for speed and ease I'll post the die off to you as soon as I can. And of course this win is entirely separate to the current big giveaway so good luck there as well. It's all the luck of the draw folks!

On that subject, because of an inquiring mind as well as knowledge of how random number generators work from my IT background (man and boy from aged 19 when it was almost steam driven stuff!), I don't have total faith in the one I use - although it's the best publicly available (and free) one around. If you run it often enough, or even just a couple of times - you may get the very same numbers popping up again. I suspect it's due to what they use as a 'root' to trigger the algorithm - perhaps local sound, atmospherics etc. etc. That means I will happily use the first winning number each time during the draw, but for subsequent prizes, then I hope you agree that one prize is great per person and the next one(s) should be spread around.

We still have a further week to run on the big 'Christmas/New Year' giveaway but those prizes won't be posted as quickly as I will need to get all the addresses etc. sorted out. Our local Post Office is likely to be very busy straight after the holidays and queues (lines to our 'Over the pond' friends) will probably be long and tedious. I don't relish that as a thought for sure - plus it's going to take time to package things up etc. Oops, and of course there's also the sand eraser giveaway which ends at midnight today (New Year's Eve).

Crumbs, it's all go here! I feel like I'm juggling plates right now.

So all that remains for this post is to remind you to watch out for a few more prizes, say so in the relevant posts if you want to be in with a chance (whole or part of a prize is fine) and remember to make and link up a snippets make HERE before the Playground gates slam shut at 11am on Saturday 6th January 2018. I'll also be turning off comments on the prize posts around the same time so do make sure you've commented in good time on any prizes you want to play for.

AND, we also wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2018 - with love from Parsnip and of course me.

Oh good grief, I just spotted him scurrying off with the gas lighter we keep for outside candles - he was cackling and muttering 'Fireworks at midnight - heh, heh, heh - stand by with those extinguishers'. Help!


  1. Oh wow--my name came up?! Such a unique, fun die to win--thank you! I would so love to have the Altenew stamp set & I do love the sentiments even though I said no on the last post. Therefore, I'll put my name in for those 2 items. Your card is just delicious, Di--perfectly designed & glad to know the sand eraser works on the Zigs, too! Hoping no fire from Parsnip & the fireworks & wishing you all a Happy New Year!

  2. I too hate my camera in Winter! :( But enlarged your card and it's gorgeous and sparkle very well! :)LOVE those wavy stitched edges! Yes for the prize E, please
    Congrats to the top 3!Dr Sonia always makes amazing dimensional cards!Congrats to the winner, too!
    I wishing you, your hubby, Parsnip and the wished doggie :) a Happy New Year!

  3. Tghat sand eraser must be a very handy thing to have! Lovely card Di, and I will pop my name in for this prize too

  4. Wonderful card, Di, very festive and I just love the wonky stitched border! Great picks, I especially love the unusual fold on Sonia card. Congratulations to Greta on her win. I'm a Yes Please for Prize E (those wonky stitched border dies have been on my wish list for ages!) I'll be linking up my card in a couple of days when I know it recipient has received it. xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful card, Di. I love the poinsettia; so pretty!
    And you've really made it look so lovely and sparkly.
    I would love to win this fabulous prize E - thank you! :-)

  6. Lovely card you made. I always wondered if those sand erasers really worked. Glad to hear you cleaned up the possible disaster. I'm in for the prize, please. Happy New Year. Get the burn ointment out just in case Parsnip goes really wild. [Bunny]

  7. So festive with beautiful Seasonal flower and detailing!
    Great pick ups and that prize is just Fabulous! A big Yes from me:)

  8. Such a beautiful card Di, and a great prize . . . count me in : )

  9. Hi Miss Di, a beautiful card for your New Years stash, I haven't had the time or inclination to get crafty with my Chrissy pressies yet... love the square frames and the poinsettia with those fabulous sentiments, if Mr. Random smiles on me please count me in for this prize.... Wishing you, Len and the little white peril a Happy and Crafty New Year... and I hope that some of those plates you are juggling are filled with yummy treats and maybe a glass or two of Parsnips hooch! Have a wonderful week... Megan

  10. Gorgeous card Di, so it's another yes please from me, and fab picks too, well done everyone

  11. Wow, absolutely stunning card, very classy and I love poinsettias.
    I would love to win this amazing prize, thank you so much for the chance.
    Have an amazing day.
    Hugs xx

  12. Beautiful card :) yes please to the prize! Thats a super awesome one for sure. Thanks and wish you a happy and creative new year.

  13. A beautiful card and the Misti certainly comes in handy. Yes please to the wonderful prize, just love those wonky stitched dies. Happy New Year to you and yours x

  14. Hi Di,

    Just popping in to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Crafty New Year and thank you for your friendship and encouragement and for keeping the Playground ticking over.

    B x

  15. Phew, what a lovely long and interesting post and as always I just love the way you describe the methodology behind your cards - so helpful!! Could I please be included for all or part of today's prize (if someone only wants part). It was so interesting also to see that 'random' isn't necessarily as random as it might be (insider knowledge - handy) and totally agree that one generous prize per hopeful entrant is good and as you say spreads the love. All the best for a good year to come.

  16. A long post today and a very nice card you are showing. Also great picks this time!
    I would love to join the draw for the dies and you could make someone else happy with the stamps!
    Have a nice last day of 2017 and a good start of 2018!
    Best wishes,
    Lia xx

  17. What a gorgoeus card Di, your patience paid off to make this beauty. You have made a start to your 2018 card stash already. Yes please to this really amazing prize. I agree that one prize per person is ample! Well done to Greta and the super picks.How sweet that you still have your own baby book. Goodness me you have a lot of posting ahead,perhaps you could have your own magic hour, like Disney, when you will be able to do it all...LOL.You are so generous, thank you so much. Keep your eye on Parnip...but enjoy the New Year celebrations. Wishing you health and happiness for 2018 my dear friend and thanks for all your kindness this year. Hugs xxx

  18. A fabulous card Di and I would love a chance to win this prize, please. Lovely picks too and congratulations to Greta.
    Kath x

  19. Fabulous card Miss Di, great design and beautiful stamps. Just bought myself a Poinsettia stamp but I would like to say 'Yes please' the dies. Super picks and congrats to Greta.
    Wishing you, Len and Parsnip a very happy and healthy 2018 and happy new year to all the Playmates too xx

  20. Thank you so much for mentioning my baby album - you made my day so beautiful:-) Congratulations to Greta, Lynne and Sonia.
    Your card it is bsolutely beautiful, Di. I love the pretty poinsettia -I'd love to have it in my playgraund ;-)
    Thank you so much - you made my day so beautiful:-) Congratulations to Lauri and Liz.
    Hugs, Majda

  21. Fabulous card, Di. Your preparations surely paid off. I have been eyeing this stamp set, but have not allowed myself to buy it since I have other poinsettia and pine cone stamps to play with, but seriously, is there any such thing as having too many poinsettia stamps? No, I don't think so either. So please incude me in the draw. Also love the wonky stitching btw.
    Wishing you a happy, healthy and crafty 2018!
    Marianne x

  22. Love your card, Di! Love the prizes as well, would love to go in the hat for this one :)

  23. FABULOUS make and well worth the effort. YES PLEASE to prize E

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all playing in the playground


  24. Happy New Year Diane. For me a Yes please.

  25. Oooh your card is a real stunner Di!
    Thanks for choosing my Snowy card as one of your picks :)
    Happy New Year to you and Parsnip too of course, hope he behaves himself round those fireworks! 😁

    1. And yes please to be in the draw for the goodies, finally got my card made and added to your linky x

  26. Awesome makes for the picks Di. Tooooo much talent!!! Wishing you and Len (and the naughty bear) a Happy New Year - and YES PLEASE to the prize (guess you heard me then????? LOL) x

  27. Wonderful snippets card Di and lovely picks too! Yes please to prize E and also a Happy New year to you and everyone in the playground.xx

  28. Ooh your card is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely worth all the work and planning! Yes Please to be in the draw for this awesomely generous fabulous prize! Thank you! Fab picks and congratulations to Greta! Thank you for organising all these fab giveaways - you are so kind and generous! Happy New Year my friend and to all my fellow playmates too! Hugs xxxxx

  29. What a gorgeous card Di and thanks for the useful information on how you placed everything so beautifully, and I love the wonky stitch dies and the lovely sentiments to go with the pretty stamps, so I am a definite 'yes please' for Prize E, such a generous one too! I love your picks with some very clever and interesting creations, and congratulations to Greta for winning the lovely tree die. I would like to wish you Len and Parsnip a very Happy New Year and am looking forward to another year of fun in the playground, that's if it survives Parsnip's x

  30. Happy New Year to you! Yes, please, for the wonky stitched dies from Prize E. I'd love them.

  31. Brilliant showcased cards . .. some real beauties there. CONGRATS to all who were picked and to Greta for winning the prize.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR - may it be a fantastic one for everyone.
    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  32. Congrats to the picks! Yes please to the prize :D

  33. Congrats to Greta and all of the notables, and your card is gorgeous Di! I just love a beautiful red poinsettia on a Christmas card especially when it's trimmed with gold! Yes please to this wonderful prize package! Happy New Year too :)

  34. Oh, Di! This is just gorgeous!! I'm a big fan of poinsettias and Altnew, so combining them both is fabulous! And the gold embossing is just so beautiful! this is the best prize so far (if I do say so) and I would love to be in the draw, thanks!

  35. First of all a hug thank YOU, Miss Di... for all this hard yakka when you should be putting your feet up. Pray queues will be short when you pop in to post.
    Congrats to Greta... and love the DT card too, brilliant work and great explanation.
    Love the wonky squares and poinsettia but no thanks to Inkylicious greetungs. You really are incredibly generous Di. I agree re one prize each too. Fair is fair.
    Lord bless you Len and Parsnip in 2018 Miss!!!
    Hugs Shaz in Oz.x

  36. You rocked that tricky woo Christmas card, Di! It's definitely difficult and it turned out so pretty! Congratulations to the well-deserved showcased card artists!! Happy New Year - been and gone for you! So I will welcome you to 2018 on the morrow when you wake!! Parsnip was an excellent host and attended to my late arrival like a pro! It was dislicho, desliuchi, del ... oh, heck, it was really good!! Cheers to another happy year of crafting and friendship!! Hugs, Darnell

  37. Stunningly beautiful card Di, worth all the tricky work! Happy New Year to you and your family, hope 2018 brings you good health and happiness. Would love to throw my hat in the ring for these goodies, will then be caseing your card! Cathy x

  38. What a beautiful card Di - and so well thought out and executed! Thanks for all your process and tips :-).
    Congratulations to the winners announced
    I would love to be considered for this prize - I have loved the look of those wonky stitched dies since I first saw them.
    May 2018 bring you many blessings and much joy

  39. Beautiful poinsettia card, Di and lovely picks! Wishing you, your family and of course Parsnip a very Happy New Year Xx

  40. Happy New Year Di! Gorgeous snippets card and great picks too!

  41. A gorgeous card Di, I love poinsettias and the wonky stitched frame is perfect. I would love to have my name entered please.
    Congratulations to Greta and well done to the ladies who made your picks this week.
    Wishing you all the very best for 2018.
    Janice x

  42. Your card is beautiful Di. Congratulations to Greta and your special picks are a lovely selection. I would love to be included for the wonky stitched dies. Wishing you and Len a very happy and healthy 2018. Barbxx

  43. OOoh I dont know where to start in this post...ok here goes...your poinsettia looks super gorgeous and oooh the prize sure is a bumper one in this post and do count me in for whole or part...each item is superb and ooooh I am so thankful for the kind words...I participate only in a few chosen challenges nowadays and it feels so heartening to be appreciated. Thank you so much Di made my day!!
    Dr Sonia

  44. I love, love, love these stamps and your card is beautiful too so yes please Di xx

  45. Whew Di, just reading through your step by step for the beautiful poinsettia card exhausted me as I can't ever seem to get my stamping and heat embossing done perfectly. The result is gorgeous though, and you deserve a few fireworks yourself! Yes please to this week's prize. Those wonky stitches dies are awesome! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  46. Yes please to this prize as I love the wonky stitches die so much! Kudos to you for this beautiful card. I recently got a Misti and am still trying to figure out how to use it so am impressed with your clever use of the mask, the embossed detail and the layered stamping.

  47. Happy New Year Di (and Parsnip).
    Yes please on the prize. Every year I am surprised to find I have no poinsettia images, but I stll haven't remedied the oversight, so ths prize would be perfect.
    Lovely picks, all. I just recently tried the bridge card, and Sonia made a lovely version of it.

  48. Gorgeous showcase card and picks. And it's a yes please from me for today's bundle xoxo

  49. Wow, a stunning card and a great explaination of how you made it. I'm sure that Parsnip provided all sorts of *helpful* advice!

  50. oh so very nice card!
    great picks and winner cards!

  51. Your lovely card has enticed me. I would like to be considered for this prize.

  52. Love the card, de stitch dies are stunning. Yes please for the prize.
    Hugs, Chantal S

  53. A jam-packed post full of so much inspiration!! Di, your card is dazzling. Beautiful design. Love all the metallic shimmer....that's my inner crow coming out again!! :)

    Yes, please, to the awesome prize package. I could never replicate such a magnificent card, but I could certainly have a lot of fun with those products!!

    Well done and congratulations to the Top Picks and to Greta for her win!! Yay!! All the projects are spectacular!!
    <3 J

    jwoolbright at gmail dot com

  54. Lovely card Di, I'd love to go into the draw for this awesome prize... hope it's not too late (I've been dealing with "oldies issues" since my MIL had a fall on New Year's Eve, while juggling the fallout from Dad's "decision" to start standing up to one of his tablemates in his home (which behaviour is NOT acceptable), honestly it's like having 2 year old twins... except they're 89! :-)) Donna x

  55. Your Christmas card is so beautiful and elegant.
    I would love to win this amazing prize, please.

  56. I would love to play for these square dies, they're so fun!! Love all your projects!!

  57. Congrats to Greta and the top picks. Yes please on the prize Di. Love stitched dies and those stamps are so pretty. Hugz

  58. Gorgeous card Di! Love the effect with the wonky stitched square!
    Hugs Hazel x

  59. Thank you Di for your kind words for my project. Please put my name in the hat for this prize. -Higgledy Piggledy

  60. I haven't done any heat embossing succesfully but your card does look gorgeous with the embossing effect. Yes for the prize please. Thank you for the chance to win.

  61. Yes, please! What a classy card! That is a lovely flower and border! Beautiful!

  62. Oh... so many wonderful creations on this post. I'd love to use the wonderful prizes. so yes please. And I also appreciate your thoughts about picking prize winners. It seems to me that spreading the fun prizes by only allowing one win per person is the best option. So... yes to that, too! (And thanks for being such a kind, considerate and very generous person!)