Wednesday 6 August 2014

Just in case think me very rude for not commenting on your Playground entries and other work - Blogger is playing up BIG time! I just checked and it's been raised by numerous other bloggers - the difficulties range from being unable to comment, writing a comment and then getting an Error 502 message, when writing posts (which I truly don't recommend right now!) you can end up with nine or more draft posts - I think this is due to the pink bar appearing on top of the post you're trying to write saying you had an error.

It's even more twisted up than that but I think you get the drift.

All in all it's a 'reet old muddle'. I for one am gonna check now and then but really it's soul destroying trying to comment on your blogs right now - even when, as Sarn also does, I now always copy my comment to the clipboard before pressing 'publish' - just in case!

So, once it's sorted out I then need to backtrack through and see which comments worked in the Playground and on other posts.

See you on the other side!! Ha, ha - I don't expect any comments on this post :)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, that was my laptop flying through the window earlier!



  1. You are not alone in having this issue .... I was beginning to think it was ME! It's a nightmare isn't it?

    All the best matey


  2. .....and I thought it was just my computer playing up using blogger today. Hope this comment arrives!! x

  3. It is a Royal Pain in the Backside . . .I am VERY cross with Blogger . . . the commenting problem has been annoying me for a couple of weeks now. V FRUSTRATING xxx

  4. And that last comment had to be done TWICE. Grrrrrrrr x

  5. It is a bit 'hit and miss' at the minute. We are in the throes of changing our internet provider and I thought it might just be that. My main problem is when I try to open posts from my bloglovin' list. Sometimes I can, and other I can't. let's see whether I can post this now! Kate x

  6. l got that message a few times today Di so gave up until now x

  7. Mmm so far so good, but won't temp fate.

    Kath x

  8. Is that where that laptop came from?!! I ducked just in time! LOL

  9. OH mY!!! you get me far nothing yet on my side!!! crossing fingers

  10. I was writing a post this morning and it was doing the same to me. I did manage to get it done in the end and the air was very blue, but did have to stop for a while. Miraculously it did seem to improve about 5 o'clock or so, and I eventually got it posted. I'm sure we all understand that you can't sit all day messing about when there are lots of other things to be doing than getting stressed in front of the computer. If I wasn't desperate to get mine done I would have been switching the computer off too! x

  11. It's happened to me occasionally. Today was ok, and I managed to get round to all who have paid visits. Good luck, & I'm off to see some posts I've missed. I wouldn't fret over it, we all know you comment if able. See ya when it's fixed hopefully. Looking forward to your post on TCBH blog hop. Hugs

  12. Hi Di,
    yes you are right blogger is being a right pain at the mo.
    I wish they would sort it out soon.
    I too have had that error 502 and lost my comment, making me have pop over again at a later date to make my comment.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Ahhh and I thought it was me! Or in the case of at home....flaky tinternet too!

  14. It drove me crazy! Just what I didn't need with my focus low anyway. Ugh!

    Em x
    Creative Em

  15. Blogger has been such a pain, hasn't it? Hopefully all is ok now!

    love Mags B x

  16. Sounds like it's a good thing I haven't had much computer time lately! How super frustrating! So far today, I haven't had a problem, so hope maybe it's all fixed now.


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