Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Playground

Just to say I've fallen behind with commenting on your lovely snippets Playground makes - I'll catch up ASAP but hope you understand that, one week before going 8,000 6,000 miles on 'teachers training', it's a teeny bit bit stressful to learn that your accommodation has been cancelled :( WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?

We are sorted out now, and very probably for the better, but I sure could kick some a*se here!!! That's not me (I wish) and it's not poor Len's rear end either :)

Sigh, WHY do we do it - the UK seems much less hassle.

Edit: It's actaully just over 6,000 miles although the time difference is 7 hours and the journey door to door will only take us 22 hours. So that's OK then :( 



  1. No worries from me...get ready for your trip girl and catch up when you get back!
    Now 8,000 miles...hmmm...sounds like fun!!!

  2. Sounds like a big trip! Relax and start packing,(not quite an oxymoron, I love that word though!!LOL) Have fun Di, Cathy x

  3. No worries Di, just enjoy yourselves
    and don't work too hard LoL.

  4. Just sort yourself out first,that is most important x

  5. Did i read that right Di? You did say 8,000 miles didn't you? Blimey that is some kind of training trip!(not training to be a pilot are you LOL!)...."Good afternoon and welcome aboard Pixies Plane,your pilot today is Miss Di,please relax and enjoy the journey"!
    Phew,you are going to be exhausted before you get there hun,especially with all the hastle with the accomodation.
    Hope its all smooth sailing for you(or smooth flying!) from now :)
    Hugs,Nessa xxxx

  6. You are too dedicated, my friend! You should be unplugged and getting ready ~ never mind us! Mrs. A has everything to hand and said I'm not to bring my wodka by until we see the red taillights of your plane!

    Seriously, I'm really sorry you had such major bs to attend to before you even got going, Di! I hope it's a good omen that you will have no hiccups while you are away, except the kind you get from too many tipplies!! Have fun! Love, Darnell

  7. Oh dear, Di, a disaster to be sure, but at least you found out before you arrived at your destination. Think how much worse it would have been had you flown the 6000 miles - is it a trip to the moon??? - only to find there was no room at the inn! Oh, and sadly you can have the same experience here in the UK as the EM and I found on a trip to the Highlands a couple of years ago :(

    Anyway, no worries about commenting ... I don't know how you keep up most weeks as it is and strongly suspect you have a WonderWoman outfit tucked away in the Pixie Workshop :))

    Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  8. That sounds like some sort of trip Di. I hope the rest of the plans go well and you have a great time.
    A x # 48
    ps I hope to hear news today so please pray it's good news.

  9. And . . . B R E A T H E!

    There now . . . you feel better don't you!

    Like others have said above . . . don't worry about the commenting . . . we all understand that life gets in the way sometimes!!!!

    Sarn xxx

  10. Don't worry Di, we'll keep the playground tidy (!) Enjoy your trip, and tell us all about it when you get back
    Big hugs for a big trip
    Debs xx

  11. Dun u worries bout nuffin ear Miss. I has it all under control.
    Juss u go an enjoy yourself. I put it all back to rights last time Miss did'n I?!!!!
    Hugs Mrs A.
    p.s. just gotta take out the extra hinsurance wot we gotta pay for sum reason this yr.

  12. So glad you're sorted, what a worry, I do hope it all goes well :D How exciting to be going so far for work, hope you have time for some fun too, hugs Gay x

  13. Commenting can wait, you just concentrate on having a good voyage! Wow, that's a mighty long trip you're taking - are you coming across the pond to the states? If so, look me up if you have the time! Safe travels my friend, enjoy!!

  14. Safe travels! Hope your accommodations are the best! Have fun! Somehow I'm sure you will!

  15. I very rarely read the other comments as I find that they say what I was going to say and then I don't always know what to say! Now if that has got you confused then I am certain that the other comments have got you into mad panic, wondering what on earth you will be coming back to.
    So glad that everything has been sorted, sometimes you have to kick ass and it works, unfortunately it doesn't always come easy for people of our age.
    But it did for me last week when my hairdresser told me she would not be coming this Friday as she has cancelled so many time over the past couple of months, I just turned round and said, Cooking Hell, my Daughter nearly fainted and the look on both their faces was unbelievable and I was also in total shock as i really didn't know where that came from, not a phrase I use, in fact hate the word, but she got me in, well I had a Wedding to go to.

    Kath x

  16. Hi Di

    Never worry about not having time to comment on my blog .. .. I am the world's worst. I never get time to visit as much as I would like and I'm not preparing to travel .. .. and experiencing major hassle into the bargain.

    Pleased it is all sorted.

    Don't worry about the playground as I am sure it will tick along smoothly whilst you are away .. .. is it crowd control training this time?

    The firemen know you aren't about so will be on special lookout. Did you know they have a special high resolution telescope on top of the training tower that points directly to the playground most of the time? Anyone would think we are a worry to them?

    Happy packing!!!

    Love Jules xx

  17. At least you will be warm and DRY!!
    Yukky wet miserable weather here and warm dry sunny weather where you are! No brainer really!

  18. Oh, poor you, with all this trip stress. Sounds like something out of a bad movie, missing connections, flights, etc. Hope once you got on the actual trip, it turned out to be enjoyable. TFSharing the picture too, it was cute. I feel like that myself - from time to time! LOL! Hugs


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