Saturday 20 July 2013

Playground problems AGAIN!

So sorry, the Playground gates slammed shut 12 hours early :( And to make it worse, I was out partying and didn't do a last minute peek before I went to bed.

BUT, the gates are open again until noon UK time today.

As this is the second time recently I've made the same mistake - in future weeks the gates will close at 11am on a Saturday, so it's just an hour earlier but at least there won't be any mistakes I hope. It's the ams and pms and twelve o'clocks wot's causing the problems!

And, as I write the snippets post on a Saturday morning it would also mean I won't be sitting waiting until noon before doing the prize draw. Whoopee, means I get to begin doing household things an hour earlier - oh deep, deep joy :(
'Goodbye Saturday noon - hellooooooooooo Saturday 11am!'



  1. Sorry to hear of your playground issues - you'll be getting detention soon then!!

    Look forward to seeing the snippets challenge soon


  2. Sorry the playground has been playing up - it wasn't us honest. And at least if you start householdy things earlier, you'll finish them earlier too. Now when is the trampoline being delivered x

  3. 'fanks awf'ly Miss, for fixing it up again :D

    ...and for helping me link, one day will get things right this end too :D
    hugs, PS have great weekend...

  4. Trampoline?? Will it have a safety netty thingy all round it cos I dun wanna end up being catapulted into the mucky duck pond. I will be able to bounce right up though and see every one hiding in the bushes and get em with me trusty water gun!. When's it coming? Hugs Mrs a.

  5. Hello Di, I have to admit to being slightly confused LOL But sympathies with your am and pm confusion. I hope it all gets sorted soon we can't have you doing H...w...K (dirty word)for more hours eughh! Enjoy the weekend!! Gay xx

  6. Hello Miss - I think we should take the safety frame off the trampoline before Mrs A get here lol! Well you were gone for a couple of days and you know what them naughty little girls are like - they prob 'fixed' the timing thingy!
    Thank you Di but I have a lot of snippets cards in the pipeline that I'll be able to link up next week. Looking forward to it and ain't it grand it's cool this evening - me loves it! Have a good weekend Karen x

  7. Not sure about the "naughty girls" but I definately think I know which "naughty girl" it is most likely to be specially as she was bragging last night about getting in under the gate at midnight when your post quite clearly stated 12 noon today the gates would be shutting. Get my drift Miss?!!!
    Thank you for reopening them for me, but pleeeeeease may I have my teddy back now?


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