Wednesday 1 May 2013


I had to come and play this week - after having a great day on Monday with Julia, Lunch Lady Jan and Brenda (who is over here on holiday). If you want to see, there's a piccie of the four of us here. Of course I whined about not being able to make it to the WOYWW Crop on 1st June due to the date not being right - but it fell on stony ground, sigh :(

Right, my desk yesterday afternoon:
Just the makings of a card using the Scrabble letters I won from my pal Annie recently, the fabulous Arboscello Tree Die to post off to Maureen our Snippets Playground winner, some adorable Radley style doggie buttons that I bought in Salisbury (still mulling those over), SU card swatch, lots of scribbled reminder notes and some snippets of ribbon to remind me to replenish stocks.

Oh, and one of those gadgets that I think I must have inherited from my Mum, it's the grey gizmo with the red semi-perforating wheel. You used a type of carbon paper to mark dart lines on material when dressmaking. I found it lurking in a 'long forgotten box' yesterday and think, only think mind you, it could be handy for faux stitching?

That's me for today - fairly short and sweet - do be sure to hop over to Julia's to check her desk out (I was too busy admiring her husband's fabulous staircase woodwork on Monday to sidle in for a quick peek) - and then off you can go to check out what loads of other folk are up to, I could well bump into you on the rounds :)



  1. Suplies are ready,
    gorgeous tree from Memory box you have-I am see your scrable card. Have a great 1. May
    hugs Tamara

  2. Lovely to get together with crafty friends. Fingers crossed and I will be having a play day with Anne aka Redanne next week
    Lynn // 42

  3. great looking desk and I love that tree die! I have one of those tracing wheels also inherited from my Mom years ago. I am amazed how long I have had it and it still works. Went to the link and saw the pics of your day out with the gals. I am so jealous! Have a great week. Vickie #41

  4. Stony ground!! LOL.....sorry........
    Now that's a useful tool you've found! I've never heard of such a thing.....if you do give it a whirl for faux stitching, give us a peek at would be interesting to see :)
    Thanks for your company on made me laugh a lot ;)
    Hugs, LLJ 27 xxx

  5. Your desk always looks so tidy and organised Di.

    Where are the piles of stuff for sorting and putting away?!?!?!?! Surely it isn't just me who has those?!?!

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  6. Me again! No Hermione I'm afraid...but I do have a Ron..and yes, he is ginger!!
    LLJ xxxx

  7. Lots of interesting stuff on your desk... I too have one of those wheely perforators and I used to use it many moons ago as you described for pattern cutting. So good you got together with Brenda, J & J. Must have been a fun day.
    Love Jo
    ps Boo hoo , I too cannot get to the crop!

  8. Monday sounds like lots of fun... and your desk looks the same! Helen, 3

  9. Love the tree die. Have fun making your cards

    Have a great week

    Candace #58

  10. Good morning, just popping in to say Hi.
    Loving your world this morning; especially the doggie buttons, I know someone who would adore them so must look out for some.

    Hope you have a fun week.
    Neil # 22

  11. Looks like a pretty productive desk to me!

    Happy WOYWW and Happy May Day! xxxx

  12. that die is one of my absolute favourites! happy woyww jenx 90

  13. Oooh looks fab as did the pic of the four of you. Sorry to hear you will not be at the crop, will miss seeing you but am sure we'll catch up soon somewhere! Take care Zo xx 77

  14. Hi Di
    it does sound like you ladies all had a great time when you got together. I think it is great that you meet someone through their blog and then you get to meet them.
    I am loving that die and those dog buttons and the faux stitching idea is fab
    Happy WOYWW #204 and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #44

  15. What a great reminder! I have one of those tools in my sewing box- at last I may have a use for it, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #80

  16. Your desk is too neat! Get it messy and inky and mine will not be lonely! Having spent the last two evenings sorting puter stuff out after being hacked I need an evening of catchup!

  17. I have a gadget something like that or maybe I through it out. It is a tracing wheel.
    Sounds as if you have great fun meeting fellow crafters and sharing.
    Monica 103

  18. Oh my. A tracing wheel is what that is called and it makes me feel ancient to read people don't know what it is!! I think they still sell them, don't they?


  19. Love the doggy buttons!
    karen #52

  20. That is an interesting colleciton on your desk today...I love the radley style dog buttons! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#70)

  21. I think I have a little doodly wheel like that somewhere - not sure I have ever used it though. Glad you are back on WOYWW today! x Jo

  22. Stony ground - you are a right old sympathy catch huh! Hey I have one of those dot transfer wheels too...mine must be quite worn because it needs too much pressure to be any good on card..although it's not too bad on lightweight stuff.. Nice to see your doggies..I wonder if you'll commit to the fabric? I dunno, sigh, everything seems to take so long to do!!.

  23. Hi Di,
    Sorry I'm so late in calling by this week but I've been having fun all day with my little twinny munchkins and blogging didn't get a look in :-)
    Love the photo of the 4 of you over on Jan's blog.
    A x #37

  24. Panic set in for a minute there as I wondered what you were admiring of her Husband.
    Well you have got me there on the scrabble tiles, I have no idea what word you are going to make from them!
    Little doggies look cute though.
    Feel dead guilty as I have just noticed that Brenda has become a follower and I didn't acknowledge it on my snippets post, hope I remember on my next post whenever that will be.

    Kath x

  25. A fun and NEAT desk today, Di, unlike some other people I could name. Sigh. I've made a huge start on sorting out my mess, but had to take a break and do some WOYWW hopping or I'll never get 'round.

    I love those cute doggies and I hope your Mum's gizmo works on paper. That would be cool!

    See you later for drinks by the swings ...

  26. Hi Di I love your doggie buttons!! They are sooo cute :) Hope you had a lovely woyww! hugs

  27. Hi Do. Interesting desk. Wonder what you'll do with those doggie buttons? I used to have one of those wheels as well. No idea where it is now though!

  28. I know someone who would love a card with doggy button next birthday!!


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