Tuesday 17 April 2012

A Tuesday Tale - Mrs Mopp strikes again

Len always knows I mean business when the big hessian bag holding all my house cleaning essentials is brought out. Not for me a bottle of white vinegar and some cotton wool as used by Anthea Turner in her 'Good Little Housewife' TV series, I have a huge assortment of bottles and sprays for every eventuality :)
Years ago I found a new product in the supermarket, cleaning foam! Coo, that was swiftly bought and I couldn't wait to try it out. Cleaning the shower room that Saturday was fun, no more crawling round cleaning the shower tray for me and I got to liberally use said new-fangled foam spray.

The very next morning, Len innocently went to have a shower - leaving me reading a book in bed. I heard the shower being turned on and in he hopped - then World War III broke out. What a commotion! At one point I truly expected him to come flying through the wall into a wardrobe - crashing, banging.....and some very rude words as well.

The shower was abruptly turned off and he charged back into the bedroom, red-faced and just a little bit cross as well :( OK, very angry then!

I peered over my specs and innocently asked whatever had been going on.

The angry response was 'WHAT have you been using on the shower tray?'. Oh dear, then I remembered that I'd sprayed, watched all the foam bubble up then closed the shower door for it to do its work - and completely forgotten to rinse the residue away. Of course it had just dried and then been turned into a slippery mess when Len went for a shower :(

But, what he said next still rings in my ears - and I giggled about it for ages afterwards, bad girl.

'Do you realise - I've just done an impression of Robin Cousins , skating totally stark naked, whilst doing a Cossack Dance round the shower cubicle?!' Apparently a lot of the banging and crashing had been an attempt save himself as Len slid down the wall, still doing a Cossack Dance, and ended up in a heap in the merrily foaming shower tray.

Needless to say, I was banned from ever using that stuff again - and he still looks into the cleaning bag now and then just to check what mischief could be brewing in there!



  1. A brilliat stroy Di, I am giggling away. Oh poor Len.

  2. I wish I'd been a fly on the wall but of course even if I had been I wouldn't have been able to cling on long enough to watch :-)
    A x

  3. Shouldn't laugh, but that is funny. Thanks for making me chuckle on this sunny morning. Ali x

  4. I know we shouldn't laugh but that has just made me cry with laughing. I can almost see the naked skating cossack in my minds eye!! These cleaning products can do more harm than good sometimes.!!
    x Tricia

  5. Oh dear, poor Len. Cleaning products don't always get on with men for some reason or another huh! LOL!!!

  6. Oh that is HILARIOUS . . . I just burst out laughing in the office. Only got a few funny looks! LOL! xxx

  7. Brilliant story Di, your poor hubby! Bet his feet were lovely and clean though lol

    Men and cleaning products clearly don't mix :)

    Have a lovely evening, Rach xx

  8. ...........lol Oh di what a story! poor Len l do feel for him because l am just like you l like things to stay and absorbed so the cleaning is easier to scrub ........you can still buy that foam you know:)......lol xx

  9. ROFPML girl!! Sooooo funny! Partly cos I have done something similar myself to Hubby!! LOL!! Poor Len, or should that be Robin!!

  10. My sides are hurting yet again - Len most definitely has a way with words :) I can't say I blame you though, I'd do anything to make cleaning the bath and shower easier and that foam sounds ideal. Life is too short to go down the vinegar and bicarbonate of soda route to a spick and span home. Elizabeth x

  11. HAHA I did the same with MR Muscle oven cleaning foam. I forgot it was in there. Then it all leaked out the door and crept across the kitchen lino. Looked alike a scene from CSI.

    I have to be careful with sprays and foams especially as so many bring on my asthma. I stick to old faves like Ajax and Jif (I refuse to call it cif!! LOL!) and Milton, too, the spray of it smells nice, unlike other anti-B sprays, which make me wheeze....

    Saw a good card today, it showed a woman seated, reading, and a man standing in front of her with a hoover. The caption: "Ted completed the vacuuming and waited for his medal."

    Yup, that's about it!!

  12. ps I bet he came out with clean feet though lol

  13. Hi Di

    Poor Len .. .. and it isn't as if there is ever anything useful to hang onto in a shower!!!

    I could never see my hubby checking my cleaning supplies .. .. just in case I asked him to use one of them I suppose LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  14. I read this in work on Tuesday and was chuckling away so my boss asked what had made me giggle so I told him and then there was both of us in the office giggling, people were giving us some strange looks indeed. Love you Tuesday stories really brighten my week. Hugs, Amanda X

  15. I needed a good laugh. Now me sides hurt. Hugs Mrs A.


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