Sunday 1 April 2012

Pixie's Crafty Snippets - Challenge Number 14

Hi there! I've made a snippets card, as usual. A really quick make after the busy week I just had:
Yup, one for a chap for a change - and not one single scrap of ribbon either:)

I used:

- 6" x 6" square white card stock

- snippets from the snippets folder, although I know that the blue patterned ones all came from leftovers of papers from a Papermania paper pack by Jesse Edwards

- image and sentiment from an Anita's die cut set called 'Sailing' - a little hint is that the white 'pips' which remained along any edges from the die cutting, and were impossible to remove on the dark blue sentiment, were coloured by just running a dark blue Whispers pen around the edge of the die cut

- bakers twine in blue/red and white

- a sweet little 'ships wheel' from my box of charms

- Josy Rose nail heads

OK, here's the main event - the roll call:

Brenda got the week off to a brilliant start (and first again into the playground!) with this stunner. Pinks, Lili of the Valley image, luscious ribbon and lots of hand made flowers - gorgeous! A first go at making those twirled die cut flowers and what a success! Not only that, it's a gatefold card and the inside is also decorated - lots of work, but sooo worthwhile Brenda. Then, like a lot of us this week, Brenda hopped back into the playground with a couple of Rudolph Day cards, one of which has a snippets bauble - you can see them here, both gorgeous. And then we had a 'cheesy' Birthday card from Brenda here, and it's gorgeous! The cutest stamped House Mouse image, which sadly seems to be discontinued, beautifully coloured and using such fabulous backing papers making a really colourful and fun card - brilliant!

Mary was hot on the heels of Brenda - firstly with this beautiful card. It's an incredibly intricate Easter card, lot of cutting has gone into making a lilac delight! Flowers, Easter eggs and the most beautifully die cut bunny - what more could you wish for? Then, almost right away, Mary hopped back in with two absolutely gorgeous Christmas cards - of course, for Rudolph Day too :) You can see them here, I love them both, and the way Mary also decorate the insides is such a fabulous finishing touch. Beautiful colour combinations too. Some banter followed which I think ended up with me hopping on a plane carrying an empty suitcase to relieve Mary of some of her snippets :) Why is it that everyone else seems to have crafting goodies that we all crave, when what we have is probably what others crave?! Crazy!!

Next was Sandra H with a really fun card, perfect for those who love fishing. It's a gatefold pyramage card (you lot are getting truly adventurous) and although Sandra says it was 'easy peasy', it sure didn't jump together on its own! Great colours, green and blues with a dash of red, and a super sentiment as well Sandra. Do hop over and have a look - one to make you smile :)

Shazza was quick off the mark on Sunday as well with this adorable Christmas card, both for Rudolph Day and the playground. Super image and I just love the way the Teddy in a Santa hat is trotting along carrying a wobbly pile of Christmas presents - and great backing papers and sentiment too Shazza! Plus, you beat your sis to the swings :) 

Then along came Lyn with a gorgeous oriental style card, which you can see here. Writing this I've only just realised that it's actually quite a small card at 4" x 4" - and it's certainly a case of 'small is beautiful'! The combination of vibrant turquoise and mauve is so eye catching, a beautifully coloured Japanese Lady image Lyn and the flowers set it off to perfection. I love it!

Carol was next with this really lovely Christmas card, despite having forgotten to change the clocks here in the UK (wonder how many of us have done that over the years?). Beautiful Kanban papers (which reminded me that I too have some of those hidden away), a lovely decoupaged image of 'carolling teddies' and a luscious bow made with the most wonderful Christmas ribbon - plus the inside of the card beautifully decorated as well. All adding up to a Christmas card that anyone would be delighted to receive, I know I would!

We had two visits from Hettie (Sam) this week - firstly with a lovely card both for Rudolph Day and the playground, which you can see here. A wonderful combination of papers, twine, buttons and ribbons too - how can Sam pull this off so well whereas if I did the same it would just look like a couple of dogs had been fighting over my snippets folder huh?! And then, I'm still laughing as I type this on Saturday, around midnight on  Friday Sam hopped back in with this great bunch of bookmarks - all different and all equally great! Do go and look for inspiration, it's got me thinking about making a few! I commented right away, also burning the midnight oil, which let to a hilarious exchange of text messages trying to decide whether it would be strawberry mivviscrafters :)

Gilly was next to come and play, and this was still on Sunday, with this really lovely pink and black card. Very simple yet really striking in black and pink - carefully picking up on this past week's Less Is More challenge which was to pick three, or was it four, of their previous themes from challenges. I bottled out 'cos I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure! But, Gilly really cracked it - when you go to check her card out, do be sure to enlarge it and you'll see why the beautiful Papermania stamp is called 'Birdsong'!

Our Jules managed to make it on Sunday too, despite still being very busy with wedding stationery - and there are two fabulous cards to be seen here! Both used snippets, and one was made for Rudolph Day as well. I never really know where to begin about the gorgeous cards that Jules makes, suffice it to say that black, grey, pink and white is always a hit with me and the Rudolph Day card with a perfect little robin is adorable! Both feature stitching and, as ever, both have hearts featuring on them. It's been a fun week for Jules too - her birthday plus wedding anniversary within days! OK, so where were the cupcakes then Jules?

Aha, Sally was next - with two cards, one of which featured a lovely cupcake! Her post is well worth a good look at, some beautiful photos of Springtime in the UK there. Sally's first card features a lovely cup of English tea, and super use of pink and black with some pale green thrown in for good measure on the backing papers. The cupcake card almost had me licking the screen here - beautifully layered and such detail, I specially love the chocolate and cherries - great stuff Sally!

We're still on Sunday for people's first cards, the playground was heaving! Hazel whizzed in with the first of a few cards, this one is a great Christmas card using lots of snippets, followed on Tuesday with a brilliant card for a boy - which boy doesn't like cowboys!? I love all the stars, echoing the sheriff's badge :) Then Hazel came back with a really fun notebook showing off some Penny Black Stickeroos perfectly, although the cat at the top of the card sure has an attitude about it! Hazel's next card was perfect for a 'chap' and it's here - a really sporty feel to this card and a lovely combination of backing paper patterns. Next was this total change - a monochrome and gold card, featuring Paris, 'Oooh, la, la' indeed, the mix of monochrome and gold sparkle works so well too! Then we hopped along to Easter, with a card featuring all those fresh Spring colours and such a cute bunny - here.  I think the colours are so pretty, and unless I'm wrong very similar to the colour palette for this coming week's Less Is More challenge. Then Hazel brought along another Easter card, featuring another Easter bunny - take a look at the fabulous border from Hobbycraft, how come I always miss things like that? Hazel's next card was also an Easter card, in gorgeous mauves and purples. Quite apart from the lovely ribbons and papers (lots of snippets used here) - isn't the Passion Flower stunning? We have a plant in the garden which never ceases to amaze me, I love those flowers and the following fruits are really colourful too. The legend behind the flower is very moving, go here to read about it if you don't already know. then Hazel returned with a truly lovely card for Easter, which you can see here - I don't think you could fail to be uplifted by this card, whatever your beliefs are, thank you Hazel!  Then, finally Hazel whizzed in while I was probably cooking a future Friday Feast (it was delicious by the way!) - with this terrific altered notebook - finishing the week perfectly with pink :)

Going back to Tuesday, Irene was next to come and play with this really lovely card. As always, it's a combination of elegant and pretty from Irene - again, some luscious pink papers, pearls, a button, scalloped border and great sentiment. But, most of all, I adore the lace flower Irene made - such a great finishing touch to a beautiful card Irene! I have one of Irene's cards in front of me here, which she enclosed with some Stickeroos and the perfection is absolutely spot-on! OK, not that I got my ruler out but I'm sure you know what I mean :)

Tammy paid us two visits this week - the first time was with a really pretty card, featuring so many colours and textures, which all go together so well, again, one of those cards I'd make a total hash of but Tammy pulled it off perfectly and the felt flowers and hearts are lovely! Next time, Tammy brought this with her to show - and it really is such a clever combination of materials and textures again. Do go and look, and read how Tammy made all the embellishments - a whole load of work here!

You know how some folk hovered on the sidelines (say in sports lessons) at school - and turn out to be flipping brilliant? Well, we have a BIG light coming out from under a bushel in the playground. Debbie ventured in shyly for the first time three weeks ago and this week she came back to play again, three weeks in a row. And, I think Debbie possibly stormed off with the most use of snippets on a single card - 31 to make a single patchwork card, and she made three of them too, see them here! Absolutely stunning and such a beautiful combination of colours and patterns Debbie - topped off with some lovely hessian flowers. Also, do take note of the zig-zag stamping that Debbie used as faux stitching - brilliant! I see that a few of you have already voted for Debbie as the current 'Queen of snippets dedication' for using up all those little patchwork pieces.

Mags was next to arrive, with an adorable Easter card, featuring a Penny Black hedgehog :) He's just so cute, pulling along a little cart with an egg in almost as big as himself. Mags used paper piecing on the egg and its bow, beautiful colouring and papers - plus a sumptuous bow, sentiment and some pearls to finish it all off. then, blow me, someone else who makes my yeyes pop - she also decorated the inside of the card beautifully! Love it Mags!

One thing that I absolutely love about the snippets challenge is that there's always some different idea or technique shown by all of you lovely snippeteers - and Lynn (Linby) showed some gorgeous little handbags made from snippets on her (pink, yay!!) card and so, so sweet!! Do go and see to find out more and how Lynn made them, I'm certainly going to have a go, and while you're there you should also go and see another posting here. This posting caused me some angst as I had visions of 'flash mobs' in the playground! I think if I was ever in the middle of such an event I'd probably burst into tears at the sheer exuberance of it - amazing! Well done Lynn :)

Elizabeth had been really busy when she hopped into the playground with a handful of cards, all for a mix of Rudolph Day (if you're really quick you can still catch Sarn's challenge as it's open until 8pm tonight!), Hazel's Weekly Christmas card challenge - and of course the snippets playground. Like me earlier this week, Elizabeth has been recycling Christmas cards and her results are beautiful - they certainly don't look recycled at all - maybe we should call it 'upcycling' instead :)

You'd be amazed at how many of us are recycling Christmas cards - err, if only we'll be able to afford to post them in the UK! I'm not sure if everyone is aware but, you can buy 2nd and 1st Class stamps right now, before the price increase, and they are valid for use for years because they are marked 1st and 2nd! Just a thought - I know we've stocked up on 3,000 2nd Class ones for my old school newsletter (and always have tried to buy at least one year's worth in advance, this time we've gone for double) plus I intend buying stamps ready for this coming Christmas this next week.

OK, so who was next? There's a lot of hopping to and fro between window/tabs going on here while I write this - sometimes I meet myself coming back too :(

Of course, it was Sarn - Mrs Rudolph Day herself - who leapt in screaming that her mojo was missing, but still waving these beautiful cards. Well, I'll go to our house/the bottom of our garden (or the top of our stairs as my step-mum would say) if that's the result of a missing mojo! First was a super floral card - small but perfectly formed as they say. I think Sarn used a TH Tattered Florals die for the scrummy raspberry coloured flower - gorgeous colours on the BP too. Then we had a cupcake card - oh dear, another session of screen licking here - and with the colours Sarn used it's perfect for a 'chap'! Men get blue cherries on the top of their cupcakes OK? I love them both Sarn!

Laura was next, with a really great card that you can see here.  How clever is that then? An 18th birthday card for a friend - featuring photos of Laura and himself (Tom) - a brilliant idea and such a well laid out card too. Just pop over and take a peek - I think you'll pick Laura out with ease :) Whilst on the subject of Laura - I spotted today that she's kindly offering (for free and for nothing!) a sentiment ticket here. And there could be more in the pipeline if we're interested :) All you have to do is to comment there so that Laura knows the amount of interest and then just download it from her posting - easy!

I thought that Heidi might be surrounded in the playground this week - she brought two gorgeous Easter Egg Hunt baskets with her to show. I truly expected some little chocolate smeared faces and Heidi flattened in the corner after the rush! They're beautifully made - mostly using SU papers etc. which are my new loves here, along with Stickeroos of course, and I bet there's going to be some fun at Easter time in Heidi's house and garden! Still waiting for you to bring the owl to show though Heidi :)

Karen had me worried this week, but she hopped in on Saturday after all with a card for both Rudolph Day and the snippets playground - saying she'll be back later for a go on the swings :) This is the lovely card Karen brought with her - a really traditional Christmas card using a Three Kings stamped image with script background on black card and then embossed in gold. The result is stunning too Karen, I love it.

Maggie raced in next, with warm cheese scones as well. I'm just finishing this posting at almost midnight on Saturday and I could now kill for a cheese scone! Thanks Maggie, I just might have to go and do a slice of toast before I can sleep :) Not the same I know, but I ain't baking at this time of night! Anyhow, Maggie, after a week of fighting off rogue bees, brought some real beauties - here, all five of them! All Christmas cards and each one really fabulous. I especially loved the first one, which is overlaid with a reverse image printed on acetate to create a stained glass window effect (I know, at this time of night I had to think about that one too - but the result is truly beautiful, an idea to try so go and see for yourself!). Tummy rumbling here as well......ah, cheese scones fresh from the oven, bliss :)

As usual, Mr Linky is below - have a great Sunday everyone, whatever you have planned, let's hope the sunshine returns in the UK, much cooler down here than it's been lately :(

Whoop, whoop, we're going to friends this evening - within a very short walk (OK, we could even hop over the fence!) - and it's a Sunday roast cooked by Graham followed by dessert made by Kim - both fabulous cooks, plus no washing up afterwards :)Yummy!

Hope to see you in the playground this week, and if you bring Easter eggs to share, play nicely - oh, and I don't 'specially like white chocolate!


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)  


  1. You're a treasure, you know! I love these snippets posts, there's so much inspiration from all the contributors. Thank you!

    love Mags B x

  2. Brilliant Snippets card again Di, l like the different background papers and the sailing yacht this is great for a male card although it could be for a keen lady sailor too! l just love this bakers twine it can be used at all times and the ships wheel charm adds to the finishing touch, and as always Di your comments are so inspiring you must stay up all night preparing them l only hope you manage to have some free time over the weekend have a lovely day:) xx

  3. Dinner sounds just great Di l hope you enjoyed it and nice to know there's no washing up too!! have a great one:)xx

  4. Morning Di, great card - perfect for a male recipient and such a change from football - not all men like the footie :) Like the use of squares to make the background. Great roll call this morning, some folk have been uber busy raking through their snippets box :) I've linked my latest card this morning not because I'm super early this week, but because I was ridiculously late last night! I'm off to have breakfast now but will be back to hop around the playground later. Have a lovely day. Elizabeth x

  5. Hi Di

    Fabby snippet make from you again!

    Love what you have done with the baker's twine and your great layout.

    I am surprised you have time to actually make a snippet card with having to keep us all on track.

    Thanks for a fantastic write up again. What a fun and friendly place the playground is!!

    Love Jules xx

  6. Once again a fantastic roll call (I really don't know how you manage it all!) and such a great snippet card - love the baker's twine touch - have a good week x

  7. Great roll call, must admit my fave chocs have to be dark chocklit of some sort or another. Lindt preferably (have I spelt that right) been a long day and have to keep backspacing as my fingers are not functioning proper at all! But huge wood pile, (from taking roof off the other week) has now been completely removed, by me and eldest daughter. Am off to find the pinot grigio and some scampi now, as I think I need a pick me up. possibly followed by a piece or two of dark choc!lol. Hugs Heidi, oops forgot to say I love this card, colours are great and so is that yacht, I love sailing!! xx

  8. Wow Di! What a role call! Nice to see lots of different crafters are entering the playground now with lots of different crafts! Thanks for your lovely comment and the mention about my freebies.
    Have just added my card into the playground nice and early :-)
    Hope you've had a nice weekend. Laura xx

  9. I was so busy thanking you I forgot to comment on YOUR card! Whoops!
    I LOVE your card, you're so good at male cards. I love the way you've placed the bakers twine, it looks fab. And the way the backing papers are split into 4 sections is really effective. Great card as always Di xx

  10. Enjoyed reading the roll call as usual, even though I didn't take part last week ....... you did get the note my Mummy wrote to you, didn't you ..... or was it that scrumpled piece of paper with jam on it that I found in my pocket last week??

  11. Well it looks as if you have sailed through this weeks commenting, get it? Fabulous male card and a great layout, not to mention the image, the reason I am not mentioning the image is that I have a great deal of trouble spelling the y word.
    Yes Miss, I promise that I will try really hard to enter the snippets challenge this week.

    Kath x

  12. A wonderful card. I may just have to give this one a try. I know I have plaid snippets, it's just a matter of finding them. Not only do you not have flowers or ribbon. I'm not seeing any pink. Are you feeling ok?

  13. Fabulous snippet card here Di. I ADORE that sailboat image and love your "patched" background. The twine just MAKES it. xxxx

    Great roll call, and thanks so much for the numerous Rudolph Day plugs xxx

  14. WOW Di this is Brilliant. Fab image and I LOVE the papers and LO. Of course you got me at BLUE. LOL! Fantastic roll call as always.

  15. Fabulous card as usual Di, just a quick spin on the roundabout for me today, too much chores to catch up on.

  16. Brilliant card Di, I love the colours and stunning image. A fab male card.

  17. Fab card from you as usual, and yes I did believe there was no write up because I can't believe you have the time to do this every week, you are a star. Great read as always.

  18. Beautiful card for a guy there, most of my cards are snippet cards, so I thought I'd share my Easter cards this time. The playground looks busy this week, hope everyone has a great Easter!

  19. Like your sailing boat. Perhaps we can have a sailing boat race on the duck pond? Speaking of which I tried washing me mitts in there to get the violet stain off em. Didn't work. Been lugging £1 coins around with me all week to pay in shops cos I kept getting funny looks handing over banknotes with stained fingers. Anyways I have put my best bonnet on and am playing nicely on the swings.

  20. I cannot believe that I had not left a comment on the playground last week. I was sure I had done it but I think my brain has turned to mush again. Thank you for such a brilliant roll call. it is now the highlight of my Sunday relaxing. long may it continue. xx Maggie

  21. Another brilliant roll call Di, you must really enjoy doing it considering all the giggling we keep hearing. Great card, makes me want to sail off into the sunset with a nice bronzed adonis (in my dreams, lol). Shall have to settle with a paddle in the duck pond I guess. Take care, Lyn x

  22. Please Miss does this count? I pulled/made it fresh this morning!!!!
    I only used odds & bobs up.
    Hugs Mrs A.


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