Friday 3 June 2011

A quick wildlife update

Right now, at Pixie Towers, Spike is coming to feed every night. Either it's a very pregnant Mrs Spike or we need to put him/her on a diet! I loaded us up with food for Spike and the birdies yesterday and my OH was so shocked at the bill he pinned it to the bird table! It fluttered there for half an hour before he relented and took it down as it was frightening the hungry little feathered friends away.

Then, yesterday afternoon, there was a flurry of activity and we seemed to be surrounded by house martins in the sky above. At least one pair have already begun building a nest under the eaves of a house nearby. They twitter away all the time and it's almost as if Mrs Martin is saying 'left a bit with that dear' as they both fly constantly to and fro building away. My beloved has now filled an old tray with wet mud at the top of our garden just in case they need their very own B & Q on the doorstep. What is he like?! :)

I'm off to the long awaited school reunion today, back later on Monday, normal service will resume ASAP. It's so hot here that I'll be transporting those 200 packets of chocolate mints in cool bags. Hmmmm, there could well be some 'wild life' at this reunion. Didn't tell you it was a co-ed boarding school...... and it can be amusing to see 'ladies of a certain age' fluttering their eyelashes at heart throbs from their teenage years.

Have a great weekend!



  1. Hi Di, your OH sounds like a real softy despite having a shock over the food bill. Have a fun reunion and enjoy yourself. Love Teresa x

  2. We order our birds foods etc on the net and it's amazing just how much it costs isn't it?.....I don't drink, I don't smoke and watching my birds is one of my real pleasures so no one complains :-) Really looking forward to seeing your baby hoglets so hope you get a pic when they arrive....we don't encourage hedgehogs into our garden cos our eldest dog attacks them and then comes in bleeding and with spikes in her nose! [me thinks the hedgehog wins the battle!].
    Have a fab weekend.
    A x

  3. Can't wait to hear all about it next week!

    (You can email me the bits that aren't fit for blogland!)

    Hugs, Sandra

  4. I love hedgehogs!!!
    Our garden is full ov baby starlings an they ar so noisy, Mr Scooter somes indors moaning becos they giv him a hedayke!!!!

    Daddy sez we spend lots on berd food an that Mummy shud rashun them. He larft wen I told him abowt yor bill bein pinnd to the berd taybol!!! He sed it waz a good idea.

    Enjoy yor reyewnyun!


  5. You've been tagged :-)
    A x

  6. Hope you have a great reunion - enjoy the chocs - keep 'em cool in this weather! K x

  7. I think if I was a bird, I'd want to be in your neighbourhood :D.


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