Saturday 25 June 2011

A lazy day in Spain and cat watching

Today has been a relaxing day, so late out of bed I'm ashamed to admit it, but hey, it is holiday after all! After lunch - so I was at least up, about, had my fix of coffee and showered before lunchtime - we had a lovely (long) stroll around the man-made harbour of the Port/Marina here in Estepona.

The huge boulders that it's made up of are full of cosy, shady nooks and crannies - plus the fishermen land their catch nearby. So, we always know what that means - feline residents! In some ways it breaks my heart to see cats and kittens living like this, especially as the parents often look quite worn out and ragged, often with cataracts. It's what they know though and they are tough little cookies which would hate being confined in a home in the UK.  Trust me.....I've often thought about it!!!We saw one mother with three kittens, one of which was kneading away at her and feeding. Further on I made a new little friend, who could have comfortably sat in the palm of Len's hand. Even though I stayed a distance away and just zoomed in - he/she was very happy after some while to pose for my lovely blog readers. And sent this messages - 'Hey Senoras/Senoritas, what do you think of me then? What do you mean, I have big ears?! I will grow into them - up yours mate Hola from Espana. Miaow!!!'.

I guess this piccie should be especially for my cat loving friends - you know who you are girls, Moira, Helena and Pauline to name just some! Tomorrow morning there is a weekly craft market in the marina and a group of English ex-pat ladies collect money for animal welfare. It's all very genteel and sweetly done - and I have a whole pile of euros in my purse to give them as usual. Their priority is to treat ill animals, rehome those they can and also spay those who just wouldn't settle into domesticity.

So that's my slightly bitter-sweet posting for today from Andalucia. Tomorrow I'll show you the boat we just bought!!! It's so exciting - we go to have a good look at it this evening :))

Oooer, I almost forgot, I won the random draw prize in A Gem of a Challenge too. Crumbs, it's all happening!



  1. Awwww, what an adorable kitten. Can't wait to see your new boat! Congrats on your win....your having a good week!

  2. Hi Di - we used to worry about the gorgeous kittens we saw in Greece - never tempted to bring one home though. Send me a pic of your suggested project and I will say if I think I can do it. x Jo

  3. Such an adorable kitten, sad situation. Happens to often the world over. Hope your Euros will help it.
    On a happier note: Happy to hear you are enjoying yourself, nothing like a sleep in. Congrats on your win.

  4. Yes, you can put him/her in your suitcase and I'll definitely have another pampered puss Di!!!!! You knwo me only too well. Congrats on your win, tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't allow hoo...!!! Enjoy the sun!

  5. Hi Twiglet, when we get a sunny day at home I'll take a piccie and get in touch! Di x

  6. Ahhh Di he is sooo cute. When we go abroad we always end up feeding the cats.
    Diane :-) xx


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