Wednesday 18 May 2011


I laughed out loud first thing at Nicky's posting telling folk to basically 'hop it', with the lid of her gorgeous crafting desk firmly closed down to hide what she's working on for WOYWW PiF in a couple of weeks time! Like Nicky, inspiration was slow in gettting here but I've started something. And, a good job I checked the rules this morning and spotted that it should have WOYWW somewhere on it - phew. Luckily I think I can work that in - of course, if it's a total failure then I won't be joining in but will do my best! Might be sensible if you join in to make sure your name isn't directly after mine!

So, that means that my desk is out of bounds this week too :(

However, I have something else to show - Pro Marker storage! :

I know, like a spoilt brat in a sweetshop , I couldn't make my mind up which colours to have when I recently bought the Pro Markers on a very good deal from Cowling and Wilcox. Err, so I got the lot (and ate the receipt of course)! But, then storage was an issue as I'd heard mixed reports about storing them upright or horizontally and I got fed up of rootling through a large Really Useful Box and then, bingo! I spotted a prototype on a blog (details further down this posting). The storage is really well made, it can be wall mounted, and even has space for you to stick the Letreset colour chart on (print to A5 size). I find this mostly handy when replacing the markers as the coloured spots I put on the ends of the markers are more reliable in terms of actual colour, as you might expect. This storage is such a brilliant idea and I love it! As my desk is in sunshine - when we have any - I was concerned about the markers suffering from any drying out problems (err, plus I don't have a ton of room given the other junk crafting stuff on there) the stand now sits happily on the top of a bookcase in my craft room. But, the pens are so well seated that it lifts down easily onto the little storage unit beside me and stands in front of the printer whenever I'm in colouring mode like so:

As my desk is curved it's just the perfect place to swivel to and pick out which markers I need. Brilliant I say!

This is the link to Sharon's blog here with the story of how the storage rack came about, full dimensions, better and more detailed photos, cost and her email address. This isn't advertising, just me sharing what is a really inspired piece of storage that has made my life MUCH easier when playing with PMs. I had to wait a couple of weeks as it was a first run of them but delivery was spot on and really well packaged.

So, if you haven't nipped out already and scuttled over to Sharon's to have a look see, then do make sure you hop over to Julia's here to find out what everyone else is up to today!

By the way, since the Blogger problems of last week, have you been able to spell check your postings OK? I'm not able to, so apologies in advance - or am I doing something stoopid here?!

No crafting planned for me today - catching up on chores here, in between nipping in and out to see what you're all up to. I'm doing some sewing alterations for my OH and could certainly do with Wipso nipping down to give a hand. Happy WOYWW everyone!



  1. WOWSER Di . . . fab pens and storage . . . I'd come round to play . . . but I don't want to mess with your chores!!!!

    Hugs, Sandra

  2. Love the pen storage Di. Spel chek is a bit hit and mis ere two at times and I do rely on it ratha a lot :-)
    Have a great week.
    A x

  3. Wow! That's amazing - I love it! TFS, love, Clare x

  4. Great pen storage but I haven't got that many - yet. Mine all fit into an altered washing tablet box!!
    Had to move my PIF so it couldn't be seen.
    Thanks for the look
    x Tricia (55)

  5. Wow! That's a lot of markers. And I love your storage. I'm always losing my pens. :) Happy WOYWW!

  6. What a fantastic array of fun! And your storage solution IS brilliant. I can't think of any other way to keep them without forever losing track of what colors you have and what colors you want to use. Have fun with all of those!

  7. Hi Di,
    I think I saw the exact same post on her blog and thought that was such a great idea. I don't have many pro-markers really, mainly because I'm rubbish at colouring in and really need to be shown the blending / toning technique. My 11 year old could probably do better than me!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca xx

  8. I have pen storage envy ... and I am sure your PIF will be just wonderful :0)

  9. I am sure the PIF will be fine so dont worry. Love that storage - saw it on her blog a few weeks ago too but I made my storage from mountboard and havent the heart to throw it out just yet! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl no. 40

  10. Great storage and you really are an all or nothing girl aren't you?

    Brenda 84

  11. Ohhhhhh..... fantabulous! Those pens and that storage, you'll be the envy of many! Happy Wednesday ;)

  12. Great great storage..face on it's like the effect you get when driving into snow..but colourful!! DO NOT even think of binning the PiF and not joinin gin - you've come this far and it's just meant to be a small gift of friendship. And you know, if it doesn't show WOYWW on it, what the hell!

  13. Serious pen envy going on here Di. Love your style, if you can't decide on shades have them all!!! Dee xx

  14. Great storage if you were anything like me l use to lose my pens not anymore with a unit like that to store them in its just great!!

  15. Oh my! Oh my! I'm hyperventilating over that storage and it's contents! Wonderful,
    joZarty x

  16. Thanks you for your comment on my blog. Love the storage, sadly I'm Copic fan and not a ProMarker collector, but like you I had to have every colour. Well you need them don't you, so you have to ahev them lol.

  17. I missed your WOYWW until this morning but oh how brilliant. I only have abot 80PM and keep them in a couple of plastic boxes. Off to check out more about yours. Teresa x

  18. Ohhh I'm drooling, all those pro markers and so beautifully displayed. I shall be checking your link out after I've finished posting.
    So no sneaky peek of your pif either!!
    Hugs Lisa #94

  19. My promarkers would get lost on here, good job I have only got a small plastic box, looks more that way!! I wish......!!!

  20. What happened to my previous comment? Shame I can't remember it all. Just to say, my eyes are green with envy at all those promarkers. Makes my little set look puny in their little plastic box!!! Karen x

  21. Ah, but it isn't the number you have Karen, it's the skill with which you use them! Am still searching for the skill bit :( Di x

  22. Fabulous idea to store promarkers......I too have 'fun' rumaging for the 'just right' colour, this would be an ideal solution!!!! xx


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