Saturday, 28 August 2010

Same old, same old.........

This is a style I've used quite a bit, so apologies for putting these onto the blog but it does show how using different colours can totally change a card. Err, if you ignore poor quality of the first photo :(

The 80th birthday card was for one of my old school Matrons - from all of us in The Wilhelmshaven Association. Liselotte (or Lilo as she's fondly known) lives in Wilhelmshaven and does a lot of work for the Association. A little plug for the Association won't come amiss as we're always searching for ex-pupils. It was a British Forces boarding school in Germany and we have reunions, a website and regular newsletters - so if you know anyone who may have gone to Prince Rupert School in Wilhelmshaven, thousands of us did as there was a high turnover of pupils due to the nomadic life we led, please pass the message on! :) Link to our website is here

Back to the cards - Matron's was all sugar pink flowers and the 60th birthday card for Liz was in our old school colours of blue, white and silver (most of the teeny bouquets used flowers from Wild Orchid crafts). Liz is also one very special lady as she started the Association off in the first place - about 18 years ago now - and we all owe her a great deal. So many friendships have been rekindled thanks to Liz.

I hope you have happy memories of your schooldays :))


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