Sunday, 18 April 2010

Taking a while!

Other things have conspired against me - so progress is slow and I need to set my profile properly etc. etc.. But, here's my first posting with a sample of what I've been doing lately.

It's a Wedding Card I was asked to make when my neighbour's work colleague was shown the card I'd made for their 20th Anniversary - so I had to juggle things a bit to make it more to her taste. She had her heart set on the kenetic style (heart in mouth when wielding craft knife here as I'm so accident prone!).

I need to find a suitable way to photograph things - all this will come to pass!

I used a tri-fold white linen card (CraftCreations)which folds to A6 size, and from my stash - silver textured card and a couple of Dufex A6 image sheets (which I chopped into suitable-sized sections). Then added silver lettering from my peeloff stash - haven't ventured into fancy fonts as yet, besides which I wanted silver!

Last I heard, Dufex had gone into administration - I really hope not as they are a UK company and their images are lovely.


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