Monday, 10 September 2012

Well, you did ask

Nope Jules, sadly I don't have any video of trips to craft stores although the lovely Kay did take these photo on Saturday at the fabulous 'Guadalupe's' stamp store we visited in downtown Santa Fe. Someone has her hands full of stamps, this was before I was given a basket to help with the goodies - and Len has that sort of 'condemned man' smile:
And here we are, back outside - mission accomplished :)
But you know what, I think Len might be a 'closet crafter' - not one peep of protest from him, even when we went to Michael's just the two of us yesterday. I'm gonna have to watch him :)

It's quite early here, bright and sunny yet again, we only had one cooler day so far and that was when these piccies were taken - even then it brightened up and became much warmer in the afternoon. So it's breakfast and then off to explore Taos today. 



Caz said...

I'm soooo jealous. Glad to hear you're getting plenty of crafty shopping in.
Caz x

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Did you leave any stock in Michael's??? Lol, only jealous, I'd love to go there myself!
Glad you're having a great time. Thank you for posting, it makes it seem like we're all travelling with you :D
And yes, condemned man did spring to mind....!!!

Sandra H said...

Nice to know the other arf isn't complaining while shopping l wonder Di is he a crafter crafter like you say will never know will!! enjoy the rest of your hols and make sure you sure us all your crafty goodies xx

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Good ole Len. Medal for perseverance needed methinks?

Glad you're having a good time.

The roof's nearly done and Mrs A's busy clipping on things for abseiling apparently. Although it seems she can't tell chickens from ducks on Mary H's blog . . . fink she might need new spec's. But dun you worry bout nuffin! LOL!

Coop No 1 seems fave at the mo . . .

Sarn xxx

Lindsey said...

Aha! The infamous Michaels that everyone over the pond always shops at ... Is it good?!

Linby said...

You look like you are having a great time - enjoy!

Gay Peplow said...

Hello Di, I didn't know you were on your travels oooh and shopping for crafty stuff you lucky lady LOL Have fun, Gay xx

Bernie said...

Wondered about the coats in NM this time of year. Glad it warmed up and you're having a great time.
Got my 50% off coupon for Michaels, headed there later to day for must haves.

Mrs A. said...

Have fun and dun you buy nuffin wot I wouldn't want too. Can you tell Michaels they need to open a branch in the playground for us please. Not been to the site today cos I'm poorly. Hugs Mrs A.

Planetsusie said...

It really looks good over there Di - you both look soo happy in your pics as well . So glad you are finding these shops to pop into.

Hugs Sue P xx

Sally H said...

Don't you worry about nuffin. There is nuffin in the rumours that I am bringin a giraffe back from Rwanda for the playground. Going to a craft market on the last day, but I don't think they will do stamps somehow. A branch of Michaels sounds good though. Enjoy the rest of your trip x

Kathleen said...

Aaaw, what lovely photo's and how lucky you are that you have a great Hubby that will take the time to craft shop with you, mine would have been moaning and groaning all the time and uttering the imortal words "how much".
Had to have a biopsy on my tongue last Friday, it was far better than I expect and a hell of a lot easier than being a GT on LCI blog hop.

Kath xx

Samantha Elliott said...

Tell me you are on a recky trip with a view to (a) checking all the hotels and shops out for our Annual Playground Trip or (b) trying to get Michaels to open up somewhere accessible in the UK? Take your pick. Hoping it is both!
Been very busy on the TH project today. Roof is now on though there are some more works to be done on it. I fink Mrs A will be working on the felting when she is feeling better.
I have done a Hubby and lost some fingers but I fink I can still manage a rubber stamp with what I have left. The Pink & Decker is just about repairable too!
Don't worry about nuffin though! Enjoy your recky!
P.S. I would keep a very close eye on Len......he is up to something Mrs Tweendy!!

Amanda said...

wow that shop sure looks like an Aladdin's cave of treasures, I am not sure why but my hubbie will wander round Michaels, Joanns etc whilst on holiday but ask him to take me to a craft shop here and I get the grumps lol. Nice to see you enjoying your holiday and lots more pictures please. All is well here I think as I have been mostly observing from the bushes as I am so clumsy I am not allowed near anything dangerous. Hugs, Amanda x

MaryH said...

So funny! I recognize that slightly 'glazed' look that they get in the craft stores. If he's like my DH, he's finding things for me to see. I think they enjoy the 'thrill of the hunt' as much as we do - just maybe for not as long!! Gotta keep 'em fed good to keep the energy level up. Could tell YOU were having fun, and looked like a lovely place to browse.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Di,

Glad you are enjoying yourself in my backyard!!!


O.k., not LITERALLY my backyard, but you know what I mean. Hmmmmm

Jules said...

Tee hee Di .. .. I see what you mean about Len's smile!!

Is he pulling one of those shopping baskets on wheels that has been conveniently left "out of shot". LOL!!!

Shame there is no video footage .. .. we could have it on a loop on the tree house TV for inspiration.

Enjoying all your piccies!! What a fabulous escape!

Love Jules xx