Sunday 9 September 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge 37 and a roll over

Hi there y'all :) I sort of know that you already know that this week has been busy so, as I feared, the playground roll call is being re-opened but with no roll call. I'm so sorry but Hobby Lobby was calling and I'm almost on my knees - I reckon that the lovely Kay would have staggered into bed almost as soon as she got home this evening.

We met at The Plaza in Santa Fe this morning and the Fiesta was going on which was such fun. We mooched and shopped for ages, then ate, then mooched and shopped - oh boy, you really would love the Guadalupe's Fun Rubber Stamps Store, Lee is a great lady with immense patience. I'll give links to UK stockists once I get to use the stamps that I, ahem, really had to have once I use them at home. Then we relaxed in a book store with iced teas (terribly civilised), then went to Hobby Lobby (aka Aladdins cave)..........err, for several hours. We were almost thrown out with the rubbish and Michaels is yet to be visited :))

This could be me on the way home:
Anyhow, my little villains playmates - how goes it? I've had waaay too many comments and emails saying 'don't worry about nuffin'' for me not to worry. Sarn, Sam and Co. are plotting the chikken coop, folk are running round with pink hard hats, wearing dungarees, waving strimmers and carrying hammers ............ and you say 'don't worry about nuffin''?!?!?!?! AND, Sarn is carrying out a poll for the best loved design for the chikken coop even :)

If you wanna join in the Playground and keep using those snippets - the playground is open all week and will close on Saturday 15th September at noon, UK time. I'll still be watching from afar of course. I have to say now that we arrive back in the UK on 15th in the morning so there'll not be a roll call once again next week ( you just can't get the staff nowadays) - but you know what, I think you gals are surviving just fine without me. Just so long as I get to choose the painting and curtains inside the playhouse :)

Mr Linky is below as usual.


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. Enjoy the shopping. I always get such a thrill out of a trip to the States as they have so much more selection than we have in Canda. Luckily I am less than 10 miles from the border so get to go down fairly often!

    Have fun and enjoy the shopping!

  2. Shop til you drop Di :)

    It sounds very exciting your shopping trip, would love a look in a crafting shop in the US.

    Everything is fine and dandy in the playground, you know when woman are organising the project, it's gonna be good!

    Enjoy your further shopping, let me know if you require extra funds and l will send some of my virtual lottery winnings.

    Take care xx

  3. Morning Miss Di . . . we have the weekend off from construction works so are all playing nice n quietly at the mo.

    Back to it Monday tho.

    Gosh this teacher training malarkey sounds like exhausting good fun! What's the Assistant Head Teacher up to while you're doing, um, "RESEARCH" then?

    Sarn xxx

  4. I am loving hearing about your trip and hope we see some of your new stash on your blog soon. Perhaps you could make something nice for the walls of the new coop???

    Hugs Sue P xxx

  5. Those bones we found have come back from forensics and it's ok they were non human! Does mean we have the added bonus of a cellar now. Good for storage of the skipping ropes, hoola hoops etc. Had to remove the duct tape as the ducks were getting rather thin looking and getting hen pecked.!! Glad to hear your getting in lots of stock. Does that mean we are going to have a bad winter then?. Dun you worry about nuffin here. The chickens are fighting fit, well where did you think we got all the feathers from to insulate the walls with! It's a day off for us to restore our batteries. I do believe the roof is going on on Monday. Absailing here we come. Dun you worry about nuffin as we have been practising with a tight rope and we can nearly hang on ok. Hugs Mrs A.

  6. Just read Mrs A`s comment... I can hardly type for laughing.
    I`m really envious of your shopping trip. Hope you`re having a fab time.
    Lynne xxx

  7. Hi Di, Your shopping trip sounds really exciting and more to come l see! enjoy:) x

  8. Hi Di

    Sounds like you are having a fantastic time .. .. are you able to video on your camera so we can see what these stores we only hear about are like?

    I somehow think you are going to have enough stash to show on Wednesdays for the rest of the year and the whole of 2013 too.

    Keep having fun and don't worry about us .. .. Mrs A and Sandra are keeping us organised LOL!!

    Love Jules xx

  9. I'm so very happy you ladies got to meet and are enjoying some quality CRAFTY-SHOPPING time together. It's always such fun to explore new craft places, & more so, when you have someone to share it with. Those prickly drinks look awful purty & refreshing on a hot day. Wish you could send one back my way!I can see you both were enjoying your lunch. Have fun, and enjoying hearing about your adventures. Happy hunting!!!

  10. I fink Mrs A has said it all! Everyfink is fine! I just hope there is a safety rope for the absail as I don't like heights that much!!
    I hope Len packed light so you could get your goodies back home without paying a hefty baggage charge. No chance of you packing light I doubt!
    Have a good time! Don't worry about nuffink!

  11. I may be a naughty girl and not join in the challenge as often as I should but I do like reading the comments and ideas, they make me laugh, as do your replies.

    Glad that things are going well, good job Len is not a crafter too, or you probably would have to charter your own jet to get your stuff back home.

    Y'awl take care now.

    Kath x

  12. Hope you're having a great time!

  13. Really lovin' the pictures you've shared. So happy that you've having fun. You can always ship the supplies home...!

  14. Hello Di, I've been following you on your jollies and you look as though you are having a whale of a time. I've submitted a couple of snippety things - one, a layout, is quite different from usual, a scrap page, but I hope it still qualifies and I won't be getting lines for getting it wrong :) Elizabeth xx


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