Tuesday, 25 September 2012

A Tuesday Tale - never trust paper knickers

I was reminded of this incident when some wag suggested that I ought to have taken disposable paper knickers/panties etc. on holiday to leave more room for crafting goodies on the way home:
Many years ago, along with another couple, a boyfriend and I went on our first holiday abroad together, to the exotic climes of Majorca :) As you did back then, I shared with Doris and he shared with his pal.

Doris was born middle aged I'm sure and was sooooo organised it was unbelievable. Her meticulous packing was a sight to behold, although she did make me laugh when she ran out of the bathroom exclaiming there was a 'foot bath' (aka bidet) in there!

She had taken a load of paper knickers with her to last the duration of the holiday - they were very new-fangled way back then. All was well until the day we went off on a boat trip in the height of the July heat. I could tell she was a bit non-plussed as the day wore on but 'nuffin'' was said until we all arrived back at the hotel - hot, tired and sweaty.

Back in our room she shot into the bathroom - this was followed by a shriek and she reappeared  waving three bits of circular elastic. The paper part of the knickers had totally dissolved in the sweaty heat leaving her with just elastic round her waist and the tops of her legs - goodness knows where the dissolved paper went to though. All we could imagine, in between rolling on the floor screaming with laughter, was that she been walking round at the end of the trip leaving trails of white confetti behind her :)

My Rudolph Day card is below - all six of them.



TeddyBobCrafts said...

Thank you for a good laugh on a wet Tuesday. I am still chuckling at the thought of paper knickers anyway, but particularly on a hot day. Best way of saving weight in your luggage - don't take any knickers and go to a nudist beach!! Ali x

Annie said...

Oh Di you never fail to raise a few giggles do you? Thanks for that on yet another rainy day here in Shropshire.
A x

Gay Peplow said...

LOL LOL Thank you so much Di, you really cheered me up, fun tale:0) Gay x

Planetsusie said...

Yup and a bare bum to boot!!! This did make me giggle Di it reminded me of a story I was told at work but I just daren't put it on here.

Hugs Sue Pxxx

Twiglet said...

Thanks for the giggle - I remember paper knickers. No wonder they never really caught on! x Jo

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, through streaming eyes I can tell you that it is just as well I'm not wearing paper knickers right now :)) My ribs are aching with laughing - I never thought they would do that! Thanks for the giggle. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Mrs A. said...

I remember those. Cane in packs of five I think. Either pink or blue and looked and felt a lot like the Jey clothes of today. Uncomfortable too. Hope yor friend wasn't wearing a mini skirt.!! Hugs Mrs A.

Monica said...

What a hoot. Vacations were something goes wrong are always the ones we remember the best and have a laugh about. And the good old days were we all went with a girl friend and boy friends, not quite together.
thanks for the am laugh.

Caz said...

Oh that did make me giggle. Now there's a tale of caution. Definitely will not be packing paper knickers when I go away in a few weeks.
Caz x

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Paper knickers? Whatever next! Did she rustle wherever she went? xxx

Bernie said...

Thanks for the Laugh Di! Paper knickers? Never heard of them. Sounds down right uncomfortable. I wondered if she rustled when she walked too.

Sandra H said...

Oh my goodness Di....lol Confetti trails bet that was the last time she used them ....lol xx

Anonymous said...

Bet it looked like it was snowing in July! Poor Doris :)

My midwife told me to buy some paper knickers when l was having Dan (nearly 16yrs ago) but never wore them. Excess wind can be an issue when your preggers and didn't fancy trying to explain a ripping sound!

Great tale Di xxx

Samantha Elliott said...

ROFPML! Had a similar experience myself but not quite to this extent! Poor Doris - must have been traumatised!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Paper knickers?! My goodness. That is just crazy talk. G-strings would hardly take any space in a suitcase methinks. Of course I had a good friend who always said the best way to avoid panty lines is avoid panties. 'Nuff said.

Darnell J Knauss said...

Aaack! Stop! Now I've wet my panties, damn it all! In all my years, I have never even HEARD of paper panties! The idea is lost on me and seems very chaffing! Gotta go change tighty whiteys.