Sunday 21 November 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #415 - results

Still no real sign of Winter just yet (vests and Liberty bodices spring to mind!) but Christmas is certainly peeking over the horizon so, perhaps once December arrives, Jack Frost will also put in an appearance.

First of all, the picks - and we have two cards as one pick first:

Two Playmates joined in this challenge with cards showing 'Disappearing Nine Patch' cards - a technique I subsequently found beautifully shown and explained in a SCS tutorial HERE. It's absolutely fabulous I think, very clever and so perfect for using up snippets. I had to let you see both cards - in fairness to the girls who made them - they're both beautiful and yet quite different. This seems to be a real trend sweeping across a few challenges right now - I love it. The cards were made by Suzanne and Sandy. Well done girls!  

Megan, above, had several snippets cards in one post using strips of patterned papers inside various shaped apertures and this is just one of them. They're all fabulous and do please go and have a look HERE for some inspiration. I love all of them Megan!
hugs card
I immediately loved this card, made by Inkami (Franka). As Sarn rightly said in her comment, it's difficult to pull off the 'balance of striking as well as intricate' - and this card is a beautiful example of what a lovely die, carefully chosen colours and an eye for design can achieve when you're using up snippets.   
Two new Playmates this time:
Melanie H
Karen C

What a lot of fabulous inspiration from everyone, both new and existing Playmates - thank you all so much.

That's my picks from Challenge 415 in the Playground and I've stuck to the three picks limit, plus our new Playmates, very tough choosing - as always! We had 51 entries in total, it's so good to see the number of entries looking so healthy.

Now for the prize draw which is a Penny Black slapstick/cling stamp called 'full of glee', kindly donated by Darnell - and here's the winner:

Congratulations Lynn! I'm pretty sure this stamp will make an appearance before too long on one of your DT projects. Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course.  Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Had a quiet smile here, Darnell's name popped out first - the giver of the prize in the first place ☺

As soon as I have your address Lynn, I'll pop your prize in the post the next time I'm out giving the car some exercise.

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current Challenge #416 which you can find HERE. The prize is already proving to be very popular - it's a Pink Ink set of stamps and matching dies called 'Pigs Might Fly'.

Also, the Christmas Kickstart Challenge (Christmas Snippets), where I'm currently Jo's guest 'elf', is still running until the end of November.

At the moment, I don't know if Scrappy Mo will be running her Rudolph Days challenge this month (usually from the 25th) as her husband is recovering from a quadruple bypass. I suggest you keep an eye on Mo's blog HERE. My card is all ready and waiting but Al's health as well as Mo's own well-being must come first.

We had a Sainsbury's delivery during the week and the delivery man heard Dudley 'singing' to him from the top of the stairs and called up 'Where's your honking duck today little fella?'. He'd remembered that Dudders brought his duck down to show to him. Dudley's 'singing' is preferable to him barking when folk are at the open front door here - it's a cross between yodelling and varying notes of a sort of doggie song.

I was finishing off writing this post yesterday afternoon (Saturday) and Len reminded me it was time for Dudley's quarterly worming tablet. Something he hates and we dread as it's such a struggle - we've tried all disguises for the wretched pill and sadly even stinky blue cheese, which he loves, doesn't fool him. Len went to a high level drawer in the bedroom where 'special treat time' doggie choccie drops are kept hidden - Dudley was sitting on our bed being nosy as usual of course. As I moved onto the landing to go and help Len with the 'administering' I was almost bowled over. Dudley literally flew through the air off the bed, charged right past me, scampered down the stairs and belted into the lounge to hide. We both stood open mouthed thinking - 'what just happened?'. All we can think is that he associates choccie drops with medicine - right from three months ago - and he was having none of it. I almost cried laughing - it's about the fastest I've ever seen Dudley move! So far we haven't made any move at all to try again.

Only 15 minutes earlier Len had had to wake him up and carry him down to the garden for the toilet (ie. poo time) before rain arrived - and I took this photo. He was so sleepy and just dangling like a limp dishcloth and  that's Len's hand you can see under his chest/tummy to carry him:

I do NOT need to go to the toilet - let me sleep! I was all warm and cosy, sigh.

His legs and tail all seem to have merged into one another - but the grumpy sleepy look on his dishevelled face tells the full story! 

Right now though, the little guy is 100% wide awake and on high alert! No worming tablets today, thank you very much!

Edit - Len caught Dudley almost unawares just before bedtime, popped the pill in and gulp, down it went without a battle, for once - hooray!

Love from me - and a 'high-five' plus a woof from Dudley,


  1. Congrats to all the top picks and the winners. Dudley stories crack me up. Especially running from the treats that he KNOWS really are too good to be true. Kudos to Len for actually getting that pill down without a problem. Hmmm........maybe the next one will go down okay too. Ha Ha can hope though. Love the picture of Dudley. Somehow his fur and my hair look a little similar when we've been out in the rain. Yikes, I also have that same look when I'm sleepy and someone has woken me up.

  2. Oh what fabulous picks, and congratulations Lynn. You do make me laugh with Dudley antics. I saw a tip on Facebook….have 3 or 4 small pieces of cheese…….place pill in small piece of cheese (2), give cheese 1, give cheese 2 quickly followed by 3, hoping eagerness of having cheese 3 masks cheese 2…….don’t suppose it works! Xxx

  3. Fabulous "picks", Congratulations to Linby too.

    Fingers crossed for ScrappyMo's hubby - I'm a fairly regular entrant to the Rudolph Day challenge too and this will be the last of 2021 but I totally understand why she might not be able to post.

    Dudders is, as always, delightfully entertaining!

    Happy Sunday


  4. Great picks as always - this 'disappearing' technique is carried over from patchwork (sewn) so I know it well. Interesting to see it migrating into card making and just right for using up snippets. Brilliant 'Dudley saga' - he is such a character.

  5. Terrific picks - congrats to all.
    Congrats to Lynn on her win too.

    Waving hello to the Snippets newbies.

    What a hilarious picture of Dudley- he looks how I feel this morning!!!! Sleep? What’s that then? Unfortunately, no-one’s gonna carry me around today - I’ll have to get about by myself!!! On the upside, no-one’s gonna worm me either!!!


  6. Lots of fabulous picks Di and many congratulations to Linby enjoy your win....l know only to well how hard it can be getting a tablet or meds of any kind into an animal they are like us do we like taking them not always they soon forget once its done its cold here today they say the weather is going to get colder hope not too cold had ebough of the rain though!! enjoy your day xx

  7. I was just looking and admiring all the lovely picks - scrolled down and squealed! Thanks so much I will email you now.
    Good ole Dudley - no flies on him - glad he got the worming tab in the end though.
    L x

  8. Congrats to all! Beautiful cards! Yay, Suzanne!

  9. Fabulous pics, great inspirations as always! Thanks to everyone!
    Big Congrats to Linby!! :)
    Dudley is fantastic, such brilliant canine brain :D
    Big hugs to you and a lot of cuddles to him!

  10. Congrats to Linby and the spotlighted cards too - everything looks amazing and I fully intend to try that tutorial you shared! Dudley is one smart pooch but then again, they all are :) Cute pic :)

  11. Thanks so much for choosing my card as a top pick. And congrats to Sandy too for using the same technique. I will certainly try this again as you can see they both look so different. Congrats to everyone! When I have to give my cat medicine, it's a cream that comes in a pen, I have to hide the clicking noise it makes by running water or I do it when the teapot is whistling. Otherwise, he's nowhere to be found if he hears the clicks. Good luck with Dudley's medicine!

  12. Fantastic picks Di and congratulations to Linby for winning that lovely PB stamp and glad that Len managed to pop the pill in and it was downed successfully in the end. Dudley does look somewhat bleary eyed in the cute. x

  13. Congrats to the winners for their wonderful use of snippets! And to Len for getting the worming tablet into Dudley! Love that photo of the sleepy Dudley - I wouldn't want to be woken from a nice warm sleep to go outside in these cold damp days either!!

  14. Congrats to the picks and loving the disappearing nine patch cards - very effective. The mission of worming tablets - its always a real mission to get that tablet down 4 cats here, i think like Dudley its a case of it goes down first time or takes numerous attempts and many scratches:-) Emmax

  15. Thanks for including my card among the picks -- I'm glad you put Suzsnee's together with mine; I'm amazed at the different looks you can get with this technique.
    The story of your pill adventures with Dudley took me back to the last few years of my cat's life, when I had to give him daily drops of meds. I'd hold him in my lap to do it, and I still own several shirts with cat claw marks from those days.

  16. Wow, all the top picks are SO impressive and I think I need to try that disappearing nine patch design myself now. I've made nine patch quilts from fabric, but never from paper.
    Awww Dudley. He looks an awful lot like my little grandson when he just wakes up from a nap too. Not sure if Dudley is just half asleep, or if he's thinking to himself, "these crazy humans..don't they ever stop taking photos of me?" The adventures with his worming tablets just made me laugh. Aren't our fur babies just the best tonic for a dreary day?!!

  17. Congrats to the winners, fine choices indeed! And congrats to Sneaky Len, for the pill popping episode. Dudley's face definitely shows a bit of "bed head" and sleepy eyes in the photo -- too adorably cute

  18. Congrats to Suzanne, Sandy, Megan and Linby, lovely work all around. Thank you for your kind words.

  19. I'm having such fun with the Disappearing Nine Patch technique & the picks here are great examples! All great picks! That shot of sleepy Dudley made me chuckle!

  20. Hi Miss Di, thank you for including me among the top picks, I think the best thing about using up my scraps was that they were quick to batch bake as cards. Love the disappearing nine patch and I'm off to see the tutorial. Poor Dudley, have you ever had to worm a bird? they won't drink it if added to water bowl and sneeze and shake their heads when dropped straight into their little beaks... I've worn their medicine many a time... Have a wonderful weekend... Megan


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