Sunday 31 January 2021

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Challenge #394 - results

Hello again! We had endless rain after the snow came and went so fast, although the past couple of days have been sunny - with the vague promise of Spring. And speaking of promise, Len is all booked up ready to go for his first COVID vaccination on Tuesday to the big sports hall at a (an?) hotel not too far away from us. Whoop, whoop! He's a couple of years older than me, so with luck my turn will be here before too long.

Let's get this show on the road after our lovely Jane was the Guest Designer and also donated the prize for Challenge 394. Huge thanks Jane and also a big hug for all your diligent commenting.

First of all, the picks:

Karen (Letchworth)  is becoming a regular pick on here - and I couldn't let this card not be a pick! I really love it and am constantly amazed how Karen, and so many of you manage to combine layers of different papers (and snippets) so beautifully!  And as for 'staging cards - you're lucky if I manage to take a photo that's not 'on the wonky side'!! 

I asked Jane if she had any picks she would like me to include - and Karen's card above was her absolute favourite! So it's a double thumbs up from the two of us Karen. That makes me feel I must be doing something right. ☺

Love this card made by Suzanne - another example of how perfectly snippets of patterned paper can be combined to made a stunning card. And that dear little bird is such fun!

And last but by no means least, a card using lots of snippets, made by Sandy. I love the sharp contrast of the colours - gorgeous.

That's my picks from Challenge 394 in the Playground, we had 47 entries which is pretty good going so soon after Christmas etc. We did have one potential new playmate but I'm sorry to say that the snippets challenge was her 13th challenge with the one card and reluctantly I stuck with the rule of 10 challenges in total and deleted it. Man, I hate doing that - it hurts but it's only fair.

Now for the prize draw, which is a 'Hunkydory For the Love of Stamps 'set called 'Retro Mix Tape', kindly donated by Jane. And the winner is:

Suzanne H

Congratulations Suzanne! It's six months since you had your very first win and I know that you played fairly right through the Grand Draw without winning a prize so it was lovely to see your name pop straight out!  I always double check that I did note down a yes please correctly on my little check list and your comment on my blog post led me to see what you'd written on Jane's blog - so I'm even more sure now that Mr Linky is psychic! Make that card for your hubby and a trip down Memory Lane! And hooray - also a pick this time round!!

Speaking of Memory Lane' - this comment from Jane really made me smile:

I've had a fun couple of weeks and am sad it is almost over - I've loved reading on here and on my own blog about all the memories the tape image brought back, and just before the playground gates clang closed I thought I'd share one of my own.

Sunday afternoons, listening to Pick of the Pops on the radio/cassette system, with a tape in the drawer and your finger hovering over the start/stop button so that you got every note of every track in the Top 20 without any of the talking in between. Go on, tell me none of you did that - and I won't believe you! 

Guilty as charged Jane! ☺

Please send me your address, even if you know that I know it already, with your full name at the top as well so it can be can be copied and pasted for speed and ease. This time, your prize will be sent directly to you by Jane so I'll forward your email onto her. It's also confirmation that you still would like the prize of course.  Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail. Email address is on RH sidebar as always.

Remember folks, there's still almost one more week to run on the current challenge #395 HERE.The prize is a Stamping Bella stamp and matching die called 'Oddball with Martini', the image and sentiment really amuse me!

All Grand Draw prizes (apart from one which I'm holding back for Franka as agreed) are addressed are all ready to post and some are on a time limit posting date so I need to get a wiggle on. It's not been helped by our dubious honour of having a Care Home with 22 UK Care Home deaths right next door to my 'isolated' posting box. It seems to be the worst Care Home disaster in the UK and fills me with such sadness. I used to take my excess cards in there for the residents to use - for free. Just took a shoe box 'gussied up' with some fancy paper and a note saying 'help yourself' on the front. Right now the press are like locusts so am staying away and might have to venture further to post off everything. In one go I hope!

Last weekend we had almost 4" of snow in one huge drop. Dudley was wary and I was pottering around so probably missed the best bits to catch on video. But, I finally got Len to take a very short video of the little scamp in action, Sound up if you wish - you can hear him panting as he does 'zoomies' and us chatting a bit so don't bother unless you're interested - needless to say he does a crouched 'wee' in the middle of the excitement:

Then, after rolling round in the snow and probably hedgie poo left from the Summer in hidden places, Dudley needed bath and shower using a new/different doggy shampoo and he's like a ball of pure white fluff with pale peachy ears right now. How could a sweet smelling dog turn so stinky almost overnight? We don't even have skunks or foxes in the garden. Gotta be the hedgies! Sheesh! Right now he smells so fresh, Havanese aren't a smelly or oily breed of dog, in fact they smell sweet and nice generally so it did take us by surprise. Pegs on noses for a while until he got his bath - sheesh!
The Grand Draw prizes are all wrapped etc. and ready just to pop into the 'secluded post box' in a day or two.

Love from Parsnip, the usual happy 'high-five' and woof, from a once more very clean and sweet smelling, Dudley


  1. So glad you guys are about to get vaccines. Hubby goes first here, but only a week later it's my age group. Of course, we don't know if our state & county will actually get enough vaccine to do the clinics. So far no sign ups available. Will watch the video later. We got just enough to cover the grass & deck which was pretty & peaceful looking. Wonderful picks--love Karen's felt hearts!

  2. Guilty as charged too Jane hahaha. Congrats to all, fab video, keep safe xxx

  3. Congratulations to the winner!
    Oh yes, so many memories with the cassettes.
    You are so kind, Di with your help to residents.
    I love watching Dudley in the snow. Our dog Emma is completely the same, she is so happy about the snow and she likes sledding with us.
    Crafty hugs xx

  4. Congratulations to the winner and you've chosen some super picks as usual. Loved seeing Dudley enjoying the snow. Hope you don't let him watch the dog grooming show on TV or he may be demanding to have pink ears and painted toenails!! I don't watch the show but just caught the tail end of it this week and thought 'whatever next'?? Personally I don't think dogs should be 'tarted up' like that but each to his own I suppose. Take care when you are out and about.

  5. Great picks as always! Guilty as charged Jane as well! Pleased Len is getting his jab and hope you don’t have too long to wait Di. We’re both getting ours this afternoon! Have to confess I am a little nervous about it though, which is not really like me. I think lockdown 3 has got to me a bit. xx

  6. Lovely top picks and congratulations to Suzanne too. Yes, I also used to record the Top Twenty - and would dance to all the records whilst recording them too!
    Kath x

  7. Congrats to Suzanne and gorgeous top picks too Di. Looking at the video, Dudley is smaller than I've assumed from photos. He is so cute and makes me smile looking at the video. Have a good week x

  8. Brilliant picks. Congrats to all, especially Suzanne H on winning the prize.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  9. A big WOO-HOO to my friend, Suzanne, for winning both the prize and a top pick!! Makes me sooo happy! Congrats to Miss Karen and Sandy as well. So well deserved. Love the adorable Dudley even more now I've seen him in action.

  10. Beautiful choice of winners, Congratulations to them. We had snow this morning, but it didn't stick, it looked pretty falling though. Huby has had his jab, I get mine next Wednesday, just hope it doesn't snow that sticks and I can get there.
    Faith x

  11. The "Zoomies" are exactly what I imagined they'd look like. So funny and so cute. You'd think that would wear him out.

    Congratulations to the top picks and winner.

    So sorry to hear about the deaths in Care Home. We just buried an in law yesterday. The 2nd in 6 months. It's looking like there will be a third possibly. I'm amazed at the number of stupid people who don't care to wear a mask. That is how fights start. [Bunny]

  12. Congrats to the winner and such lovely top picks!
    Loved seeing Dudley in the snow! How fun! :D

  13. Lovely snippets cards, congrats to all the top picks and Suzanne H. I'm so glad to learn that Len's getting his vaccine and hopefully you won't have much longer to wait. I definitely recall recording music from the radio and playing the tapes on my Walkman as a teenager. I had great intentions of entering the last challenge, but I haven't made a card since early January. Cute video, take care when you go out.

  14. Lovely and great pics Di! Congrats to all!!! So happy to hear that Len will be getting his vaccine soon and hopefully you won't be far behind him. They are slow in my state here in the US. Not sure why they are so unorganized, but my state is. Hopefully that will change and I will be able to get mine as well. Oh my, I remember well "kids" in my group doing that very same thing with the cassettes and the Top 20. I didn't as I didn't have one. But watched my friends do it! lol I loved the video of Dudley doing his zoomies in the snow! Our dogs love the snow as well, not sure what it is about the snow, but they go crazy and do the zoomies as well. lol I think wet/snowy ground brings all those smells to the surface and the their fur picks up on all those awful smells. For me, it is stay and neighbors cats that leave their mark in my yard, along with the wildlife. Oh boy, do the dogs love to roll in it too! They think it is perfume! Oh so not! Then it is bath time for sure. Give Dudley a little hug as well as Parsnip. Hugs, Brenda

  15. Congrats to Suzanne and many thanks for showing Dudley zooming around. What fun he is having. the video made me smile. My Willie just does his business in the snow and pulls to go back in.

  16. Terrific cards, congrats to the winners!
    Dudley is enjoying his snow :o)

  17. Beautiful picks Di and congratulations Suzanne l follow Karen and her work is absolutely stunning do check out her blog she is an amazing crafter x

  18. Glad you guys are about to get vaccines. I still haven't found a place where you can actually book an appointment.

    Hugs diane

  19. Super post as always, some lovely picks, Oh I wish we had a care home near us, what a great way to use your extra creations. I will have to look for something like that.

    Kath x

  20. Great picks!!!
    And what a fab video of Dudley having a blast in the snow, not so much fun having a bath I'd guess ;)

  21. My Mum or Dad usually managed to say something when I was recording and they would be on the tape as I had been frantically gesticulating I was recording!
    Great picks. Fab Dudley video.
    L x

  22. Thrilled to see my card as a top pick and the winner! Double doses of happiness here. Thanks for the sweet video of Dudley. I am currently looking out my window as the snow is falling and my neighbor's little girl is all bundled up in her bright yellow coat. She seems to be enjoying the snow as much as Dudley did :)

  23. Thanks for making my card a top pick. As I told Mrs. A, I'm low on inspiration currently, and her gap card really put a little fuel in my creative process. I was really happy with it, so I'm pleased to see others like it as well.

  24. Watching Dudley made my heart happy! What a sweetheart. And speaking of sweethearts, I'm glad your guy is getting his shot and hope yours will happen soon.
    I get mine on Monday... yay! My hubby is still waiting. Hopefully will be able to get his soon. I'm hoping that being vaccinated means that I'll be able to get back into our schools with the after school program that my staff and I run in three middle schools. We had been having around 70-80 middle school students attend weekly meetings before COVID and I really miss them! (And from the zoom meetings we've been holding, I know that they miss us, too.) So after we all get our second part of the vaccination I will talk with school administrators to see if their policy will allow our return to programming.


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