Wednesday 8 May 2019

A little trick when using Mr Linky

Kathy A, one of our playmates asked me if I knew how to link several different cards, all from the same post, into the same challenge. Someone had posted it on their blog at sometime and I was a possible. It hadn't been me but it got me thinking. I had an inkling but couldn't quite get it right so I raised it with the people at Mr Linky and after a couple of messages to and fro I now know, and have tested, how to do it!

Basically - the URL that you use when linking your card needs to be amended as follows:

1. This is the link to my blog post immediately before this one:

2. I can use that URL to post my first card/image to Mr Linky - but as you know, I can't use it twice.

3. So this is how you trick Mr Linky. You change the URL in the Mr Linky box when you want to add your second card - like so:

then for your next card you change it again - like so:

The #A and #B are only in red to highlight the change.

4. From that point on as you're doing each link, you use Mr Linky as normally you would by (presumably) selecting an image from your blog for the thumbnail.

You don't have to use A,B,C - so long as you make sure you delete /pixies-snippets-playground-challenge.html and then add the hash sign # with something unique after it for each time you link into Mr Linky on the same challenge. I just like the A,B,C as it's easy to remember - numbers work as well! It's that #A etc. as well as deleting the rest of the URL that's the key.

Mr Linky will then always take you to the same post on your blog - I've tried it out extensively using my own blog and the current Mr Linky for challenge #351 and know that it works!

If you're unsure, you can always try it for yourself by putting the full URL of one of your blog posts into the URL search box on the long toolbar at the top of your screen - changing it as I explained - and then hit enter.  And I just bet you go to the right place!

I know it's not often you're likely to need to add a load of cards from one blog post to one specific challenge but it does save writing out different blog posts.

My mind just wandered off (as is often the case!) and of course this is only good for challenges where the Mr Linky shows thumbnails for entries. Otherwise, the person running the challenge won't know for sure which card they're supposed to be looking at. More mind wandering, you could even get round that by having a number for each card on your blog post and then when you put your name into the name box on Mr Linky make it 'Di Card 1', 'Di Card 2' etc.

I expect it's also a way of having a second stab at doing a link in Mr Linky if by any chance you have problems with the first one.

Edit: It doesn't appear to be liked by Inlinkz though - and perhaps not even the blue frog linky gizmo. So, this is only for Mr Linky users!

Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the information. It isn’t often that I would do this, but probably from time to time. I appreciate your sharing!

  2. Thank you Di... a nice little snippet of know how x

  3. Thanks for that - worth knowing

  4. Thanks for that information Di. I don't know that I'd ever need to link more than one card to any challenge, but I'm bookmarking this just in case! It's always good to know these things :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the tip! :)

  6. Thanks so much, Di. Your detective skills are amazing. [And now I know that Mr. Linky and InLinks are two totally different tools. How woulda thunk it? Ha.]

  7. Interesting Di, not sure I would ever link more than one card to a challenge as I thought a lot of challenges had rules about that, but good to know in case one could or would want to. You are such a great detective to find this answer out!!! Hugs, Brenda

  8. Great tip - I would never have figured that out! Now to remember it....

  9. This was interesting news. Not that I put multiple cards in same post but from my geeky side...interesting to know you can manipulate the links that way. Thanks for the info (will be using it if I even tend to post more than one card in a single blog post).


  10. With InLinkz (and I think all of the linkys, in fact) you can just add a /[number] at the end for adding extra cards. So using the example you gave in your post you could do:

    Card 1 -
    Card 2 -
    Card 3 -

    At least that's worked every time I've needed to do it :)

  11. Although I just tried testing it here and it doesn't seem to work... Might be that only Wordpress blogs work for that format..?

  12. Just spotted this . Will defo be trying this out as it has sooooooo frustrated me in the past. Hugs Mrs A.


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