Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Recent prize winners

Just to let you know I finally managed to get to the Post Office yesterday with prizes from Challenges #344, #345 and #346. UK ones were posted First Class so may be with you today and the Overseas one went by Airmail of course.


PS My baby pink laptop is packed away again even though I'm still resting at each end of the day - so I'm only likely to comment on the Playground when on this/my main laptop. It's fast, easy and there's just something about using a keyboard!


Sarn said...

SOOO pleased to hear you made it out the door! Hope it didn't set your recovery back at all. Cheering you along . . . Hugs, Sarn xxx

Bunny said...

Yay for you. It had to feel good to get out. I hope it wasn't too painful.

Like you, I'll take a keyboard any day. [Bunny]

Sandra H said...

So nice to read you managed to get out even if it was to the post office little at a time Di they say sending lots of love 💕 and x

Jenny L said...

Hi Miss Di,
so glad things are improving and you are in a lot less pain.
I too prefer a main keyboard any day to a laptop.
Lrst hope things continue to improve.
Lots of crafty love and gentle hugs. Jenny L.