Sunday 28 January 2018

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Weeks 315 and 316 - results

Well, things are on a much more even keel now and, apart from no Guest Designer (purely down to me being too busy to sort one out), we're back into the swing of our fortnightly Snippets Results Sunday post.

However, I couldn't let the post go without showing a snippets card to start off with, so I made one :) At the beginning of January I rummaged through the shop bought Christmas cards we'd been sent and then kept some aside for potential 'up cycling'. So I used part of one of them for my snippets card.

It's also for Scrappy Mo's Rudolph Days Challenge, which runs from 25th to the end of each month:
I used:

- 6" x 6" creamy white card blank

- snippet of Christmas red card stock as the 'frame', trimmed a bit and then glued in place

- piece of patterned paper from the 'All is Bright' paper pad made by My Minds Eye, trimmed to smaller than the red layer and glued on top

- the Christmas card that I 'cannibalised or up cycled' had a sparkled snow globe shaped topper, stuck on the front of the card with sticky pads. One useful tip about removing toppers like these is to sneak up on them from behind! In other word, place the card front face down and then carefully prise the card away from the topper - much less likely to damage or crease the topper if you're holding it down firmly on a flat surface (ask me how I know - from years ago when I wrecked a few promising 'toppers')

- then I picked off the residue of the sticky pads from the back of the globe topper and replaced them with fresh ones

- measured from the centre of the patterned paper layer using a ruler and lightly drew guidelines to help when placing the topper

- carefully added the topper to the card front and then finished off each corner with a shiny red Josy Rose hot fix nail head

Showed it to Len and he said 'Wow, that looks just like one you would buy in a shop' - my snort of laughter and then his closer look at the topper gave the game away a bit :) Waste not, want not I always say!

Time now for the fortnightly picks and, as always, so difficult to choose:
Lia brought this really beautiful card to share with us - look closely and you'll see the centre panel is actually cross stitch! So pretty and the way the rest of her card has been designed to perfectly echo the stitched panel is utterly gorgeous - love it!

I wonder just how many of us began our card making journey by making little cross stitch panels into cards - I know I did, but my panels were just very plain as all the work and enthusiasm had gone into the stitching :)

This is a super card, made by Sharon F over at Higgledy-Piggledy ( I love that blog name and it's much like my craft room right now, which is well overdue for a really good blitz and clean). The scalloped doily effect lends itself perfectly to our 'English tea time' and the idea of the hearts being poured from the teapot is just so clever! Great split sentiment as well :)

And last but by no means least is our lovely Kathleen with a brilliant idea for a card for a football loving boy (or man for that matter). Love the cupcake idea and the paper piecing goes perfectly. Kath used stickers for the boots and footballs (boots and balls just didn't sound polite!) but I bet you could find suitable stamps or even images on line to play around with. One to remember!

We had three new Playmates this fortnight - the most we've had for a while:
Katrina (aka CornishKat)
Pam Sebring
Welcome to the Playground girls - it's always fun to see some new faces playing along with us. I hope you came back again soon and also that our Playmates will hop over the say 'Hello' and perhaps add themselves as followers. We're a happy little bunch as I'm sure you'll soon find out.

We had a total of 59 entries including our three new little Playmates! So, we've taken a bit of an upwards turn - yay!

Prize draw time now and our winners of the Lawn Fawn 'Shammies' (two were on offer) are:
Lynne's 'yes please' comment did make me giggle - she finished off by admitting 'I'm a dirty beast who never cleans her stamps'' :) No excuse now girls!

I still need your addresses, with full name at the top of your address so I can copy and paste please. I know that some of you do wonder why I always ask for your address when you're a winner and you may think 'But she already knows my address anyhow').

Answer - it's confirmation that I've got the right person, that you still want the prize and also that your address is the same. I will keep on asking, even if it's a bit of a nuisance - plus it makes life easier for me as I don't need to hunt in a few places for your address (a small price to pay for a prize I hope?). I don't want to make more work for any of us but have had a few near misses with unexpected address changes, as well as a couple of changes of mind about the prize even.

Please put Playground Winner or similar in the subject line of your email in case it drops into my junk mail - much of it won't, but you never know. Email address is on RH sidebar as always. If I hear quick enough I'll pop these in the post when I'm out tomorrow or Tuesday.

Keep those snippets entries coming, you still have a week left to play HERE for weeks 317/318 remember! The prize is MFT's 'Sushi Date' stamp set, kindly donated by Tara of Seven Hills Crafts.

One last thought, as this is your Playground, I need opinions and I can't emphasise that enough! For a long time I did weekly challenges numbered as such.

Now it's fortnightly with two weeks (eg. 315 and 316). Is this confusing you at all? If so then I can flip back to when we switched to fortnightly and from that point calculate (still fortnightly) future challenges numbered as a single challenge spread over two weeks. eg. this coming week (really a fortnight) would be Challenge #319 rather than 319/320. And the following challenge would be Challenge #320 then the next one, two weeks later, would be Challenge #321. Hope that makes sense? We would lose track of the weeks I've been running the Playground - but that's not the main issue. It has to be what you would like :) Let me know please.

Love from the little white peril Parsnip - and of course me,


  1. congrats to the lucky winners. I like the idea of just one number, it is less confusing (to me)

  2. Welcome new players and congrats to the winners!

  3. Fabulous picks again, love the cross stitch one, true labor of love, and congrats to the winners. I don't take much notice of the numbers, I just check if I'm still in time to enter. Most times I don't know what day of the week it is anyway teehee xxx

  4. To be perfectly honest, I don't pay attention to the titles of the challenges, so use whatever makes sense to you. That topper deserved to be rescued from the recycle bin--beautiful card, Ms Di! Oh my goodness--the cross-stitched card is indeed a stunner & a gold star winner in my book! I used to cross-stitch, but not since I started cardmaking. Would do it again if I could make something that beautiful!

  5. I really don't mind whether it's one number or two, although I'm sure one number would make it easier to keep track of for people organised enough to track their entries by challenge number. I'm happy to go with the majority.
    Love your Rudolph day card - why do cannibalised makes always end up so much nicer than the original card? Why did the manufacturer not make them that nice in the first place? They should replace their accountants and time and motion experts with crafters!
    Fabulous picks, and how lovely to see cross stitch teamed with papercraft - in my cross stitching days I used to put everything into a plain white aperture card, never dreamed of taking it any further.

  6. Hi Di! I am so glad that you love my card and have chosen it for the top-3. I love cross stitching big patterns but it is also nice to make cards with small ones.
    As for the numbers: I don't take attention at them...It's fine as it is!
    Lia xx

  7. Great upcycling, Di, love how you've turned the image into a dome. Lovely picks again, I remember making cross stitch cards in the past, but made sure I only gave them people I know would keep them when Christmas was over! LOL!

    Like other have said, I don't pay much attention to the numbers. If you do decide to go with one number, would it make more sense to call it 'Challenge #321' rather than 'Week 321'? 'Week 321' might imply to any newbies that it's a weekly challenge. I know it wouldn't technically be the 321st Challenge, but it wouldn't be the 321st week either, so I don't think that would matter. Just a thought. Do what's easiest for you, Di. xx

    1. Yes Liz, that was my mistake as I just added the numbering change idea in at the last minute before I went to bed. It would be Challenge and not Week of course :) x

  8. A great card Di and brilliant upcycling. I've got a few lovely cards in my upcycling box too. I feel that using an upcycled image is no different to using a shop bought, precoloured topper - other than it's free!
    I have no preference with regard to numbering the challenges - whatever is easiest for you.
    Kath x

  9. I love your upcycled Christmas card Di, and the wonderful pick your showing too.

    Sue xx

  10. Fantastic picks. I used to do cross-stitch too, that was in the days when I could see without putting glasses on for close work! LOL! Never made it look as pretty as Lia has on her finished card. Truly a work of art.

    Congrats to Lynne and Pat on their win. I'm sure they'll find the shammy EXTREMELY useful - I know I do!

    I also love the look of your very cute upcycled snippets card Di. Fab!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  11. A great bit of recycling for this card. I should think that a single number for each challenge would be a good idea, especially if it makes things easier for you and maybe less confusing for those of us who are easily confused!!!

  12. Fabulous bit of upcycling Miss Di and I bet it looks far better than the shop bought one. Super picks and I really love Lia's card with the inclusion of cross-stitch in her card. A big Hi to the new Playmates and congrats to the winners.
    PS. just added more pre-loved candy

  13. Love your sweet and cute card. I have one of those shammies, got given it on a workshop but after a brief spell of using it I am ashamed to say I forgot all about it! As for the numbers - what ever is easiest for you, I am permanently confused anyway!

  14. First off how lovely to be the winner of one of the shammies Di and I'm sure it will be put to great use. I love your cute upcycled bears which go beautifully in the snowglobe, and some great highlights with pretty snippety makes. I also got into card making via putting little cross stitch pieces on to cards, and congrats to Lynne for winning the other shammy. x

  15. Thank you for your kind description of my card. One of the reasons I love your playground is reading your witty quips on your blog and in your comments.

  16. Sorry Di I forgot to say that I don't mind either way re changing the numbering, but like Liz I think it might be better to say Challenge No. and not Week No. x

    1. Yup, I meant to say that but was on my way to bed when I added it in - duh! I'll change the post itself now. So far the reaction is pretty much 50/50.


  17. One Challenge number per 2 weeks for me Miss Di! This is a cute snippets make too! x

  18. Oh yipee, lucky me! Thanks Di x
    Love your card! Len's comment did make me laugh - "as good as one youd buy in a shop" seems to be their highest praise 😁
    And yes I'd just go for the one challenge number too, but just whatever's easiest for you x

  19. That topper was just screaming to be upcylced, wasn't it? I appreciate the tip on how to remove things -- I tend to crease them as I pull them up, so I will try the upside down approach.
    Congrats to the winners and picks. The cross-stitched card is a stunner.
    No strong feeling on the numbering system, just go with what makes it easy for you.

  20. Simples as it is ?I have never thought of turning the flipping thing over !! Der!! One single number gets my vote too. I love the way you have upturned the snow globe into this totally fabby card. Hugs Mrs A.

  21. Hi Miss Di, and the lovely Parsnip.
    Congrats to the winners and the top picks they are all so brilliantly created.
    A big welcome to ur new playmates also.
    Your card is so brilliantly created and such a lovely way to upcycle some lovely images.
    I too have kept some wonderful images to use as its such a shame to throw them in the recycling bin.
    I must admit I did get quite confused at first at the fortnightly numbering system, but have got used to it now.
    Whatever is the easiest for you would be great.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  22. Di love your upcycled card...the snowglobe is simply adorable donning my DT hat
    Thank you so much for joining us at the Rudolph Days Challenge!
    Rudolph Days Challenge DT
    Dr Sonia

  23. I'm very late here sorry we had Daisy staying til Wednesday and Martin's birthday so busy busy! Great cards and so good to see new playmates. The numbering system is fine by me but whatever make your life easy. You give so much of your precious time here. Thanks so much. Must dash as I'm finishing off some magazine work...very exciting! Hugs xxx

  24. Great way to upcycling cards! Love the result on this!
    Congrats to the winners and the top picks!

  25. Thank you so much for choosing my card in your picks this week, I am deeply touched. Loved the other picks as well but unfortunately I never did cross stitch but did embroidery instead but my Daughter did cross stitch.
    Congrats to the other picks and a really lovely half up-cycled card from your self.
    Regarding the question of the title of the week, being a pretty frequent visitor I will leave it up to your lovely self and go with the flow, as long as it make you happy, my lovely friend.

    Kath xx

  26. Fab picks from the last challenge and your up-cycled card is so cute. I always keep my old christmas cards that I think would be good to up-cycle, but never get round to it! Congrats to the winners too x

  27. Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Love to make cards and always looking for was to use my snippets!🙃🙃. I love your up cycle snowglobe! Very cute idea! I too like the idea of just one number...but you work somhard in getting it all together, so you do whatever is good for you!

  28. I get confused easily, so one-number challenge would be helpful to me. Is it senior moments? hours? days? LOL

  29. Your topper card turned out really cute and special and way to upcycle! Congrats to both Pat and Lynne on their wins and to all the notables this week as well.

  30. What a fab way to upcycle those Christmas cards Di!!! Love all your beautiful pics as well. I get so confused on when the Snippet's challenge is but will try and sort it out and play along soon! Hugs, Brenda

  31. Fabulous upcycled card. Thank you for the honour of having your snippets card be your
    Rudolph card for this month. You are always so nice about giving me a good shout out.
    Had a smile about your description of how to take an element off a store bought card. That is how I do it too...for the same reason you mentioned!!!
    Thanks for taking part in the January Rudolph Days Challenge.

  32. A fabulous up-cycled card Di, something I’m going to have a go at this year! Great picks as always, and congratulations to the winners.
    Janice x
    PS - by the way, I was a cross-stitch card-maker many moons ago!

  33. Beautiful winning cards and a great card that you displayed. One number for challenge seems easiest to me.

  34. those are so very beautiful cards!

  35. I agree with Len, lol! I do that too with store-bought cards, but alas, I'm not getting many any more. I'm happy to get all the beautiful handmade cards from my card artist friends that I do, but those friends who aren't card makers, aren't bothering to send cards at all it seems! Such a shame. :( You've done a bang-up job of choosing amazing creations to spotlight, Di! Congratulations to everyone!! Hugs, Darnell

    1. Oh I do so agree Darnell! Cards from crafters far outweigh the shop bought ones that we are sent. And of course the hand made ones are far too precious to even think about attacking! Also, a lot of non-crafters that we used to exchange cards with just aren't bothering or have resorted to electronic cards such as Jacqui Lawson. As you say, such a shame really - but I do so treasure the hand made ones especially!


      Di xx

  36. Thank you for sharing my card with everyone, it was great to find to find this challenge and I'll make sure to play along often from now on! xxx Nonni

  37. oh, this is sooo cute!! no wonder you up cycled it! thank you so much for playing along with the rudolph days challenge.
    rudolph days challenge

  38. Congrats to the winners and welcome to the new playmates. It's your challenge, you can number it how you like, but challenge #320 would work for me. I barely know what week it is anyway ROFL. Less to type as well LOL. Hugz

  39. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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