Friday 12 December 2014

Sneaked into craft room

 ........and made a Christmas card for our lovely Postman, Steve. He brings tons of post to us throughout the year in all weathers, never points out to Len just how many parcels are for me and is unfailingly cheerful. He always gets a generous tip from us at Christmas and I'd seen a 'post box' card over at Lucy's blog here which I loved! In fact, it featured as a Snippets Weekly Pick and you really should check it out over at Lucy's - I made a simpler version for Steve:
I used:

- 5" x 5" square white card blank

- snippet of silver holographic card for the frame

- snippet of LOTV 'Frosty Christmas' backing paper

- the image is by LOTV, from their 'Winter Wildlife' Bumper Art Pad and I unashamedly copied Lucy's lovely idea which was to snip right round the curved top of the post box taking away the little bit of blue background at each top corner. That means the image sits so well on the snowy backing paper

- final touch, three snowflakes, punched out of white card which was covered with sparkly film - and a little clear gem in the centre of each
Update on the eye, eye, Captain Birdseye!

Progress is slow my lovely friends, but I think there's some improvement. Not quite as red, angry and sore thankfully, but still not too good (and so not a good look either!), sigh :(

However, we think I've also got a bug of some sort - not to put too fine a point on it I'm very good friends with the loo at the moment. Thankfully not been sick, although am fighting that as well. Bet you didn't need to know that :) Camomile tea is going great guns here right now.

But hey ho, I did find some time to at least work out this coming week's prize from Sunday, albeit not quite how I planned.  With luck the Playground will close as normal and reopen as usual with a new prize and a prizewinner from last week. I've spent some time catching up on commenting and hope to cover the weekly picks as usual. But bear with me if things don't go quite to plan.

Thank you for all the lovely get well wishes and comments - and some of the cheekier ones, which have cheered me up no end :)



  1. These little robins are so cute snuggled up in the post box! Glad your eye is doing better. Hopefully it will keep improving. Bet the postman will think you're winking at him. Better watch out!

  2. Eye am so sorry to hear you're poorly D'eye! Some of those comments are truly funny, and it's good therapy to laugh, but goodness me eye can't imagine how sore your eye must be. Lots of nasty bugs about too:( . Good news, no word verification , and thanks for sharing the 'how to'. Hope you feel much better very soon xxx

  3. Your card is soo cute. We have a similar pos tlady ' Lesley' who delivers the stacks of post without fail to our house. Sorry to hear your eye is not so good. My lip/nostril looks like I dun several rounds in a boxing ring and come off the worst. Trying not to blow me honker too many times. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Perfect Christmas card for the Postie. Nice when you're on friendly terms with them. I rarely see mine cuz I'm at work most of the time!

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  5. Gorgeous card there Di.
    Poor thing. I have a burst blood vessel in my eye too today and not sure whether I have flu or chestie! Not good ey!

  6. Ooh you bought the pad! Yippee so gorgeous aren't they! What a lovely card your postman will love it!
    Lucy x

  7. Lovely card Di. Must be nice to have a regular postie - I have lots if different ones since my regular had to go on light duties! Glad the eye is improving - hope the bug does too. Seem to be some nasty ones around.

  8. You really are going thru the wars aren't you??
    Must be nice to have a regular postie - ours seems to be different every time.
    Hope you start to see (geddit!!) improvements soon - at both ends!!!
    Big hugs
    Debs xxx

  9. Pleased to hear that your eye is improving, Di. Hope you'll soon be fully recovered.

    A great card for your Postie! xx

  10. This is enchanting Di and love those two cute little robins, and it does sit well on that blue snowy background. So pleased that your eye is showing some signs of improvement. x


  11. This is such a lovely card...perfect for oostman Steve. The robin topper is fabulous!
    I miss the days of home delivery and knowing who the postman was. We have subcontractors who deliver to superboxes that house the mail for the whole neighbourhood! Very impersonal and very poor service. Lots of misdelivered mail!

    Glad to hear that your eye is a wee bit better...but hope the other illness beats a hasty retreat!

    Christmas season is far to busy to be ill as I am sure you feel too.
    Had my knee injected with cortisone yesterday...spent the rest of the day with a frozen knee and felt like I had one Christmas drink too many..teehee

    Feels about 50% better today...had not been able to bear much weight on it for about a week. Nice to not be quite so tied to my sticks!


  12. I love these sweet little robins in the postbox, a perfect choice for the postman.
    I'm glad that your eye is getting a bit better and hope that you soon feel properly well again.
    Jean x

  13. That's quite a stunning card, and your mailman sure will appreciate it I'm sure! It's perfectly appropriate for a mail carrier! Wishing you good health and a better week ahead!!1 Take good care of yourself!

  14. Naughty! You really should be resting up and behaving yourself :) Lovely card - perfect for your postie. Love the two wee robins sheltering in the postbox. Take care and be good :) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  15. Good morning Di,
    so sorry to hear that you are not well :(
    Hopefully everyone is behaving themselves in your absence. I remember when I was at school how everyone used to muck about when they had a supply teacher - not me though ;)

    I just tried to sneak in under the school gate but it was locked so hopefully I can share my makes tomorrow?

    Get well soon xx

  16. P.S your card is gorgeous and I am sure that your postie will love it!

  17. A lovely card Di and I'm glad to hear your eye is feeling a little better.
    Kath x

  18. Aww what a lovely thing to do l'm sure he will love it l love the robbins they are my favourite birds xx


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