Sunday, 22 December 2013

Merry Christmas to the Snippets Playground

This is Parsnip calling.

Sigh, the other day whilst finishing off the very late Christmas decorations, Miss came across the 'Santa's Little Helpers' suits that Hank and Marvin endure wear each Festive Season. Hank and Marvin are PG Tips 'full sized' monkeys and have several changes of clothes - don't even ask, that woman is totally barking :(

Just for fun, she tried one of the suits on me (an even bigger sigh) and then took this embarrassing photo as our Christmas Greeting to all you Playground girlies:

But, in the true spirit of Christmas (despite feeling like a right prune in this outfit) I'd like to join in sending you ALL:


Oh the shame of it, thank goodness Hank and Marvin are now dressed up as Santa's Little Helpers instead of me! I much prefer just my own white fur (and the scarf) I was born with :)



We also took your advice (thank you for the very sweet comments) and are now leaving the Playground gates open until Saturday 28th December with Mr Linky still running until 11am that day. It gives you time to enjoy your own Christmas celebrations, although you can come and play anytime of course plus you can add a total of six snippets makes to the current Mr Linky here. It also means we can get ready for Santa without being in a flat out panic as well as relaxing a bit :) 

Hope you all have a super time!

Di and Parsnip


MaryH said...

Dear need to be embarrassed as you make a most delightful & handsome Santa. While I love you in your usual luxe white, you're just adorable & cuddly in that red coat. Somebody is bound to give you a big hug & smooch on the cheek. Now what more could a young bear ask? Merry Christmas to you & Miss Pixie (and oh yes, Mr. Len) as well. From Sunny Warm So. Fla!

Karen said...

Dear Parsnip you look cute so stop stressing. I hope my comment didn't make Miss feel like she had to do it. I will try to find the photo of my JR Eddy in his Xmas suit and share it with you - now he does look daft lol!
I want Miss to have a good rest and not worry - worry aggravates back pain so make sure you cuddle up close with her the next few days.
Rightio got to go as loads to do tomorrow, but I'm very nearly there!
Merry Christmas wishes to yourself, Miss Pixie and Mr Len - we loves you all so take care of yourselves or they'll be trouble!!! xxx

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Hi Parsnip - you look quite handsome in your outfit! Merry Christmas to you and your Miss!

scrappymo! said...

Oh are a star!

Glad you decided to leave the gates open. I do not think you should be burdened with deadlines at Christmas. gives me time to makes some more cards!

Susanne Vargas said...

What a cute and adorable photo! Makes me want to hug you, Parsnip!
And what a wise decision to leave the gates open! So sorry that I haven't played in a while - the most wonderful time of the year is just too busy!
Have a very merry Christmas,
P.S. Hope your back will be well soon!

Mrs A. said...

Dear Parsnip,
I think you look adorable and all cuddly too. Do you have an official fan club? I think you have a lot of secret admirers. Hugs anonymous .

Darnell said...

Honey bear, you do look the part! I think it's meant to be because that suit could NOT fit you any better if it were tailored just for you! Thank you so much for your Happy Christmas wishes and I wish the same back to you!! It's been a pleasure having you be the Playground mascot this year, even though you did rat me out that one time. Ahem, but I forgive.

Please tell your Miss that I'm delighted she found some sense in her pockets and is taking a week off! Heaven's be praised!!

Big smoochie holiday kisses on top of your furry little head!! Yours ever, Darnell

ike said...

Oh I think you look totally amazing Parsnip :-)
I wish you all Happy Holidays too :-)

Bug Hugz

IKE in Greece xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Annie said...

Happy Christmas Parsnip - you look so cute in that outfit. Happy Christmas Di too. Have a lovely time. See you in the New Year.
Ann xxx

Cathy said...

Merry Christmas to you Parsnip, & Miss & Mr of course! Your suit looks fabulous :) Cathy x

Kathyk said...

Parsnip, you look very festive .... I HOPE we'll get to see both Hank and Marvin too!

Seasons Greetings to you and yours, Di


Sarn said...

Morning Parsnip . . . you sure look festive little guy - Suits You Sir!

YAY - another week of mayhem ensues - well done for whispering in Miss Di's ear!

Sarn xxx

Jenny L said...

Hi Di and Parsnip aka Santa,
thank you for leaving the playground open a little longer.
Parsnip I love your outfit, the real Santa would love one as good as
Now I have your cousin residing in my home, and he tells me he is very jealous of your outfit. It's the green eyed monster in him coming
His name is Fred and he has a lovely red Duffle Coat. He was acquired in the Isle of Weight while on holiday many moons ago.
Thank you so much for all your time and work involved in this wonderful challenge.
May you and your family have the most fabulous Christmas and a very Happy,Healthy, and prosperous New Year. BIG Christmas Hugs to Parsnip aka Santa.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Viv said...

Dear Parsnip.
You look very cuddly in the Santa suit (far better than the monkeys as their arms are too long for the sleeves.....)- but you have now started Caramel moaning cos he hasn't got a Santa Suit and I don't have time to go out and buy him one... so in the true spirit of Christmas I have tied a big Christmassy bow round his neck. I thought he looked quite swish (even if a bit naked) but now he's maoning cos the wiry edge is cutting into his neck. Honestly, there's just no pleasing some bears is there???????
Hope Santa (the real one) brings you lots of lovely goodies and leaves something nice for everyone else! x

Sally H said...

I think you look great, Parsnip! Give Miss Di a big hug from me and I will see you when I get the chance to pop into the playground. Have a wonderful Christmas all of you xxxxx

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

It was an amazing year with playground.
I wish you Di and all other ladies
Merry Christmas
and all good in year that is caming
hugs and kisses

Laura said...

Oh! Parsnip, you look so dashing!
Merry Christmas to you and Di

Pat said...

How handsome you look Parsnip and what a great idea to extend the playground opening hours to give everyone, and especially our Di, time to relax. Happy Christmas wishes to all in the playground.

Hettie said...

Dear Parsnip
I am so sorry for this today. When I sent you to live with Miss, never in my wildest dreams did I think Miss would do something like this to you. I thought SHE was the sensible one.
However, I think you kinda look cute but in one of those kinda child dressed for Nativity plays aged 3 and the photo being on the sideboard after you are married kinda cute.
Merry Christmas to you and Miss and Mr Pixie!
Yeay! for Miss leaving the Playground open for another week. Eminently sensible idea I think!
Hugs from Fergus and a kiss from me.

mamapez5 said...

It suits you Parsnip. Enjoy the moment! Have a lovely Christmas, ( and Di and Len too of course). Love Kate x

Kyla said...

too cute for words!


KandA said...

You look fabulous Parsnip and as Santa you get to eat all the cookies too.
Merry christmas xx

Debs Willis said...

Parsnip, you look adorable! And so glad Miss saw sense & abandoned deadlines for Christmas - there's enough other stuff to stress about (did I buy enough bacon !!!) and the playground is just that - fun & playtime!
Merry Christmas to Miss, to the (must be) patient Len, to Parsnip & the rest of the playmates
Love & hugs
Debs xxxx

Kathleen said...

You look a fabulous Father Christmas

Kath x

Sandra H said...

Hello Mr Parsnip l must say you look rather dashing in your Santa outfit pass on my Christmas Greetings to Di xx

Hazel said...

You certainly do look wonderful in that outfit, Parsnip - it's just as if it was made for you! Thank you and Di for the Christmas greetings, which are sent back to you and all playground pals (and Len). Sorry to hear of the recent troubles, Di - great outcome to keep the playground open for a while longer ... I might even take refuge in a quiet corner ... that's if there ever is a quiet corner!! xxx

Greta said...

Merry Christmas to you, too! Hope you can relax & enjoy the holiday. Thank you for allowing us into the Playground--so glad I found you!

Mary said...

Parsnip, happy holidays to you and your mum too. You look darling in your little suit. I'm sure Santa will find you and maybe there will be a nice little outfit for you! See you all soon!

Irene said...

Merry Christmas Parsnip and Di.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Parsnip you bear it very well good little parsnip (yes wuz bad pun)..

and think it is great idea to extend gates an all that!!
.. over to link up antoerh one,..happy Christmas and God bless dear Di, Shaz in oz.x

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That suit looks good on you, Parsnip. Not everyone is man enough to pull off red velvet, but you do a smashing job of it! MC to you!