Sunday 1 July 2012

Pixies Crafty Snippets Challenge - 27

Hi there - snippets card first, as usual:
I needed a Get Well card to be signed by us all at tomorrow's meeting (more about the meeting at the end of this post), one of the chaps is in hospital, so I turned to the snippets folder of course :)

I used:

- 7" x 5" white card stock

- backing card (the plain is SU and the patterned is from First Edition's 'Sweet Owl' paper pad) - all snippets

- the ribbon was a snippet - not long enough to go across the card widthways but it's OK diagonally I guess

- image is a LOTV Cute Square - already coloured BTW so not my handiwork :)

- sentiment stamped onto a snippet using a SU Sincere Salutations stamps and VersaMark 'Hint of Pesto' ink pad, then punched using SU's 'Decorative Label' punch and just 'tickled' round the edge with the Pesto ink pad

- Josy Rose nail heads

Onto the roll call now:

Bernie came to play, with this fabulous card for  a Wedding Anniversary - more butterflies, and such a delicious flower Bernie - I love it! While you're over at Bernie's, do see her latest post -Bernie's husband Jim is very unwell right now and they need all the positive thoughts and prayers you can send their way please, (you can do this by going to 'Home' at the bottom of Bernie's blog - I guess you all know that so I hope you don't think am trying to teach 'Granny how to suck eggs').  Sending our love and hugs Bernie.

Irene nipped in next with two very elegant cards, which you can see here. Super embossing and just look at the brilliant stamping - this was done by colouring the stamp itself with water based markers before stamping and the effect is gorgeous. A few pearls and a couple of brads complete two super makes Irene!

Our super-busy Jules then arrived with her snippets card, as always so well thought out and featuring a Penny Black hedgehog ready to kick off his football. Hmm, least said about that the better - but what always amazes me about Jules is that she has such an extensive stock of appropriate backing papers - how I'd love a rummage through her snippets :) Lovely card Jules, and thanks so much for making the time to still come and play, we really missed you during your blogging break.

This week, Sandra H had been beavering away on a fantastic pennant for her adorable grand daughter Tayla - do pop over here to see. Isn't it just so pretty and perfect for a little girl, lots of lovely die cutting topped off with Tilda - lots of lovely pink of course. I just bet Tayla will adore it Sandra!

Linby (Lynn) was fighting dizziness this last week, possibly a virus or the return of vertigo, so wasn't playing on the swings or roundabouts - I think she was likely to just sit quietly in a corner, not a nice sensation at all. But, undaunted, she'd made this little beauty of a card - also for Less Is More - and such fiddly paper piecing of those tiny flowers too. A fab result Lynn and we all hope you feel lots better. 

A double offering from Sally - here - with two adorable cards. The first is a maternity leave card which was quickly followed up by a new baby card - apparently whilst the maternity card was still being signed Baby arrived early :) Do go and see, I adore both cards - such lovely colours and both are perfect Sally. The tiny flowers on the maternity leave card are so sweet.

Hazel came to play three times this week - firstly with this very clever card, depicting a lemonade stand and one of my favourite sentiments - harrumph though, sometimes we could be awash with lemonade here! Next with a really bright and cheerful Birthday card  and then with the sweetest card, featuring a little PB mouse and just so perfectly thought out - really lovely Hazel. All super cards, and all so different too.

The first playmate to have a near miss with flooding in the UK this week was Victoria, she nipped in with such a great card, again one for Less Is More and you can hop over here to see it. Well? What d'you think - I love it and do like the idea of a montage depicting us playmates :) Such tiny paper piecing Victoria and a brilliant result! Hope you're still keeping dry and safe.

Sam (aka Hettie) whizzed in for a few goes on the swings this week - and what a mixed week too. It began after a fabby weekend in London celebrating her birthday (tea at the Ritz even - no sandwiches were snaffled out for us I note) and then spiralled down when Simon (Mr Hettie) had an accident at work resulting in the loss of a finger tip. OUCH. Do send him hugs from us - although it made my knees go weak I do recall queuing up at Junior School to peer at a friend's freshly exposed scar after some stitches were removed, kids are sooo gruesome! Anyhow, this is what Sam brought to show this week: first, this absolutely luscious tag with the most gorgeous flower ever, and then not one but six Rudolph Day cards which are here. I love the pop-up style and of course the 12 Days of Christmas is just such a great stamp set by Penny Black. Super cards Sam!

There is just about enough time for you to enter this month's Rudolph Day challenge over at Sarn's - mind you, the little slave driver wants six cards in one go! If I can do it though, anyone can :) You have until 8pm on Monday so if your Sunday afternoon is a void that needs filling why not go for it?

Next was Rach, with a great card for a chap (always so hard to get right and this one works so beautifully) - love the shell on the card - made using the 'acetate and tissue technique'. Err, I have no idea what this is but the result looks really stunning Rach. Plus, there's also a link to the most delicious 'chocolate heaven' pudding over at Rach's on the same post. Bad, bad girl trying to influence us to indulge :)

Lynne was next with some of the loveliest daisy cards ever - so clean and crisp, featuring - err, tiny daisies. Beautifully made and there are loads of them to see all in different colours - I can't pick which one I like best and I bet you won't be able to either. Maybe the lavender one, by a very little whisker Lynne, and such a great way to use up the tiniest of snippets.

Next was Kath - taking the bull by the horns with the Rudolph Day challenge so we have six snippets cards................but hang onto your hats, there are 33 in total, over here.  I just love the play on Peace (Peas) on Earth Kath and am amazed you rustled up 33 with paper piecing as well. Fabulous results - now I need a lie down.

'Taking the bull by the horns' reminded me of one of this week's 'goofs' here - I'm known for mixing up metaphors and announced to Len before embarking on some scheme or other that I was 'going to take the bullet by the horns'. When he raised his eyebrows and grinned I corrected it to 'Sorry, I meant bite the bull'. At that point I shut up and trotted off to tackle whatever it was I had in mind to do! Sigh, often me mouth is waaaay ahead of me brain :(

Darnell jumped in next to play, with both a great tale and this so, so funny card :) Do go and see, what a laugh - it's actually beautifully paper pieced so make sure you look at that side of it too, once you stop giggling that is :) I'm playing with my new laptop here and 'cos it has a big screen I can peek really closely at cards and the paper piecing is just perfecto Darnell! You don't truly wear fins when taking a dip do you?

Next was Amanda with another paper pieced card - and it's a great one too. Spot on for a chap and bang up to date for 'techno geeks'. The stamp is an MFT one, now on my wish list. I've got a few of these stamps and the simplicity of the design is absolutely perfect for paper piecing - great choice Amanda! Bad girl though for enticement to spend more money :) Then we had a return visit from Amanda with a really cute card which is here, aw, such a sweet little nurse. I noticed that Sam jumped in to comment as soon as she spied it, bless. Great image and the blues, white and red are of course perfect. I did grin about your new 'corner rounder' Amanda, we do fall in love with new playthings in our craft rooms - bet you'll get loads of use out of it!

Shaz, all the way from Oz, came to play this week - yay! And, what a pretty card too - lovely embossing, die cutting and such a great stamp. I'm truly beginning to veer towards lavenders and purples as a close runner behind pink. Such a shame the stamp is now discontinued Shaz - on the other hand, maybe you just saved me some money so now your challenge is to only use discontinued stamps in future :)

Our 'Sarn The Slavedriver' came to play twice this week - finding time between cracking the whip for this month's 'Rudolph Day so make six cards oh ye slaves challenge'. The first trip was to bring a delightful card, all using SU goodies in which and shades of turquoise/beige (beige to my eyes anyhow) - such a lovely card Sarn, fresh and absolutely perfect as ever. Then, a second whizz on the swings and Sarn brought this beauty of a card, and I can vouch for it being beautiful as it's here right in front of me on my desk right now. Great colours and I just love the way you stamped the tree Sarn. Maaaaybe you're forgiven for spurring us on to make six Rudolph Day cards after all :)

Carys, our youngest playmate, came back to play after being absent for a while. And just see what delicious cupcakes she brought for us over here! This gorgeous card looks as if it's been made using paper piecing as I know it, using a stamp as the guide, but I know that Carys made it all from scratch and it's so cleverly done - no wonder it took ages Carys! Just great.

Next was Elizabeth, back from her holidays and the excitement of our Golden Day lunch - with this gorgeous shabby chic style Christmas card. Phew, and what a lot of work went into making this - all centred round a red gardenia and so much beautiful detail including lots of pretty beading and a luscious big bow, which incidentally looks perfect Elizabeth!

Laura nipped in next - bringing this cute card. Bunting and a very jolly Penny Black cat skipping along make it such a happy card - great colours Laura too. The good news is that Laura is gearing up ready for a much needed holiday in August - I guess that's between finishing your studies and starting work in  September? Hope you have a wonderful time - you've certainly earned it Laura.

Brenda came skipping (not looking like Laura's PB cat though) into the playground - brandishing a length of ribbon found in the office, which had presumably fallen out of someone's hair :) It had been put to good use on these great Rudolph Day cards though. Each one is different and used a few snippets too - I love them all equally Brenda and hope you left them as they were - perfect!

Finally, Heidi arrived with a brilliant take on The Old Lady Who Lived In  A Shoe, well, a boot really. Do go here to see what I'm on about, I love the image Heidi and the idea of the loops of ribbon attached with brads is great. The colouring is absolutely fabulous - an awful lot of detailed work there Heidi with a super result!

Caramba, I'm finished the roll call! It's been another battle as am getting used to a much wider keyboard with a numbers keypad to the right,  hadn't realised just how much I 'touch type' so have been shooting all over the place when accidentally hitting the 'up' key instead of the right hand caps key. Also, other keys seem to have had me whizzing all over the place - no doubt time will help but not what I needed today! The air has been a delicate shade of blue at times :(

Today I'm off up to The National Herb Centre near Banbury for a school association meeting - so I expect your day will be a lot more fun than mine. It's good to catch up with people of course but sometimes I just wanna scream when things are chewed over for much longer than needed. Ever wanted to stand up in a meeting, climb up onto your chair and scream 'Move it!'? Oh dear :(

Mr Linky is below as usual and the playground will close at noon on Saturday 7th July. Hope you have a great week and please remember to follow the conditions below.


The only conditions to playing nicely in the Snippet Playground are that your card (or anything else you wish to bring here to show) must be made by using up snippets (card, paper, lace and ribbon are all fine), and a link back to here in your own blog posting will mean that you'll be included in the Weekly Roll Call. Oh, and no nipping or hair pulling of course :)


  1. Lovely snippet card Di and another fantastic roll call :)

    Was first into the playground this week, now that's a first!

    Have a good day, be careful standing on that chair!

    Big hugs xx

  2. Morning Di, Thank you for amazing comments yet again l don't know how you manage it the list gets longer every week! Another lovely card brilliant image too, and how nice a get well card hopefully it will be a speedy recovery for the person who it's intended for,It can be a bit of a pain getting used to new keyboards but you'll get there in the end anyway enjoy your day you sound as if your going to be busy meeting people.....take care:)

  3. Morning Di . . . Happy Sunday Snippets day to you.

    Hope your meeting moves swiftly along . . . I can just see you standing up and being counted!!!!

    Terrific Get Well card . . . sure to cheer up the recipient.

    And thanks for all those Rudolph Day plugs!

    Sarn xxx

  4. Fab card Di and another great roll call.
    I'm sneaking in quietly as I've been absent for so long (left the note from Mum on your desk!). Just off for a quick shot on the swings before I go shopping.
    Carol x

  5. Love your card, Di. I've just made a snippet card, but feel too poorly to have a go on the swings - I need a sit down on a quiet bench in a corner. x

  6. A beautiful card, Di! I hope I will be able to join you again this week as I have finished writing reports - woohoo!

  7. Hello Di, lovely card ... I love that image and the backing paper is fab ... great colour too. Another long report list this week, I'm off to check out what the others have been up to when not in the playground and I think I could be quite some time :) Hugs, Elizabeth x

  8. Another gorgeous card from you Di. I promise to be a bit more `chatty` this week, was very bad last week sorry.
    Lynne xxx

  9. Great snippets card Di, fab image and love the leaf paper.
    Great roll call.

    Kath x

  10. Hi Di,

    What a cute card! I hope the chap in the hospital is improving. I know the card will bring a smile to his face.

    I'm sitting in Starbucks (where it's air conditioned) as we are still having a heat wave. No a/c at my home.... bummer.


  11. Gorgeous card Di. Love this image. I must have a go at the black and white look. Jenny x

  12. Hi Di

    Great calling of the register again this week. You know us all so very well!!

    I hope that your meeting went well .. .. and fast!!! LOL!!!

    Great snippet card from you. Love the leaf background paper.

    Love Jules xx

  13. I'm still here in the corner! I thought I was better but it is the Dr for me tomorrow so I doubt I will get to the playground this week boo hoo.
    Fab roll call as always, and I love your card.

  14. Yippee the swings are free, off to kick up my heels. Hugs, Amanda x

  15. Ohh love these lotv images, such gorgeous papers as well. have fun sitting and wishing you could yell 'move it'. lol had an image of you doing that. xx

  16. Just submitted my first snippet make this week - don't know if I'll manage any more but you never know :) Still checking out the others ... slowly but surely. Hugs, Elizabeth x

  17. hi there Di, busy card making there but love LOTV... the stamp on my card is discontinued but bought it whilst so on eBay so there is way out for you :D and it is from a Sympathy set by Stampin' up, about tow years ago. Actually bought it cos love the stamp, and being on eBay was inn my price range, Shaz in oz.xx

  18. Sorry Di. This is my third visit this week, but today's is a little sweeter than normal! Enjoy x

  19. I miss my playground buddies. I'm having a great time. I do miss my toys....if you look hard through my posts, you will see my granddaughter, best buddy and I crafting away. It's been wonderful spending time with the girls in my family. The wedding is over and is now a most happy memory. Next the great ball of twine (if we can find it!) See you soon, I'm skipping off for now.

  20. Fab snippet card, Di! I always get such inspiration from you and the playmates - methinks it's time to thank you once again for your hard work organising the playground, hun.

    Bet there are days when you wish for a lion-tamers traditional chair and whip!

    love Mags B x

  21. That's a great little card Di, love the backing paper and the little bit of ribbon it all co-ordinates so well. Hope your friend is on the mend and doesn't have to stay in hospital very long.


  22. Just popping by in between my many hospital visits, fingers crossed it works this time!!!

  23. I'm late getting to the playground this week, sorry. I had to take a cross-town bus because the school bus by my house was rear-ended by Mrs. Peters as she was looking down at her tweets about this week's roll call instead of looking behind herself and through the fat head of her downstairs neighbor who once again begged a ride to the orthpoedist because his rig ...

  24. I don't know what happened there. I was talking away and, well, you can't imagine how many times I get cut off like that.

    I just wanted to add that I remain gobswacked by your delightful roll call. I can't ever imagine being that generous with my time and my encouragement.

    You're the MA'AM! Mmm-waugh!

  25. My snippet this week is actually made from some old underwear but don't tell no one!!! hugs Mrs A.

  26. Twas part of one of the cups but mums the word. Hugs Mrs A.


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