Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Just a tiny touch of More is More

..........and a lot of care and love came with these cards from Germany last week:

From Mia, our lovely grand daughter - aged almost six and now writing her name and also 'Mama' very well :)
From little sister Livi, aged almost four - the Queen of 'grab it and stick it on' :) No sticker was left untried!
And the envelope, with no room for an address :) So Mama had to pop it into another envelope.

I had loads of beautifully hand made cards from my lovely blogging friends, but I think you'll understand that these two cards just stole my heart :)



Bonnie said...

Aaah! Grandchildren's creations are the best! Don't they just warm the heart!

Mrs A. said...

Perfect!!! Winners for sure. hugs Mrs A.

Karen Petitt said...

Stinking cute and so lovely for you xx

ike said...

How adorable :-D I remember when my daughter made things like that... it warms your heart :-D

IKE xxxxxxxxx

scrappymo! said...

Oh my, how sweet! These are the kind of things you treasure forever!

Love the more is more title too!

Anonymous said...

Oh,bless! These are just the BEST kind of cards arn't they Di?-I remember making cards like this with my daughter when she was young,and how her tongue would be stuck to her top lip in deep concentration as she tried to find a last tiny piece of white space to stick another little something! Happy Days :)
Nessa xx

tilly said...

always the best cards by far

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Awwww . . . they are wonderful Di. Very touching. No wonder they are your faves.

Sarn xxx

Cathy said...

These are adorable Di, treasures to look at again and again! Cathy x

Hettie said...

Aw Bless! Bootiful. Maybe you could pick up some tips from these two beauties!

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Di,

How adorable! These are definitely little works of art from the heart! Was it your birthday?


Princess Judy Palmer said...

Awwww! It's so nice to get mail that isn't bills and this is extra special mail. More is more indeed!

Anonymous said...

Oh very sweet! Looks like you have some more budding card makers int he family, let them loose in Hobby Crafts next time they're in England!


Kathleen said...

Not surprised they are your favorites and don't you just love it when they create something themselves. Bless.

Kath x

Loll Thompson said...

Di, those are just the sweetest cards. How special to have something handmade by the little ones - true treasures. Loll xx

Jenny L said...

Hi Di,
just love those cards from your grandchildren. Our grandchildren do make us such sweet card and drawings don't they. I have mine stuck on my craft room door along with some lovely cards given me by my blog friends.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

MaryH said...

Both are simply adorable, and one can see they were made with such love. You're lucky to have these little artists think of you and make you a very special card from each of them. I can see 2 little Pixie's in the making. Please tell them all your readers enjoyed them along with you. TFS.

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

So beautiful
with lot of love made
hugs Tamara

Elizabeth said...

These are absolutely delightful, Di. You can't beat children for enthusiasm and sticker love :) Definitely to be treasured ... and what a fabulous scrap page they would make :)) Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Debs Willis said...

These are adorable! Hope they know they're famous :-)