Tuesday, 10 January 2012

A Tuesday Tale - Pat strikes again

Whenever I see an image of Pippi Longstocking, a little tale about Pat always makes me have a quiet smile:
From the fact that Pat was a young woman during the blackout years of WW11, my guess is that she went to school during the 1930's.

Apparently, part of her school uniform was made up of thick woollen tights, which she hated. Her school friends had all begun to wear knee high socks/stockings but Pat's Mum refused to discard perfectly good woollen tights.

Un-deterred, one morning Pat took a pair of scissors to her much-hated woollen tights - chopped them off at the knee, pulled them onto her legs, tied a piece of elastic round the top of each one and rolled them over. Hey presto, knee high stockings!!

Off she trotted to school, feeling very much in vogue. However, that evening she got home to the fact that her Mum had found the 'pants without most of the legs part of the tights', plus her sewing box where Pat had rummaged for lengths of elastic - and was going 'ballistic' to put it mildly.

Poor Pat, the following day she sort of skulked her way to school, hugging walls and praying no-one would notice her. Her Mum had only made her sit down with a load of darning wool the previous evening and re-sew the knee-high stockings to the pants to re-construct the tights. Of course they looked pretty dreadful, the joins were very visible and yup, she had to carry on wearing them all Winter!



Annie said...

Hehehe. We live and learn eh? Brilliant.
A x
ps don't forget to pop over and make your guess. No one has got it right as yet....folk just don't realise what a great team we make and how much we can get done in a day :-)

Anonymous said...

tee hee,,where's childline when she needed it huh? Another great Tuesday tale...xx

Juls said...

I do love the pippy longstocking stories!! I used to read them a lot when I was a wee girl! Hugs Juls

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

OMG . . . how awful! That is a tale of horror xxx

Sandra said...

Hi Di, Another Great story Di, how awful her day just got worse..........lol:) Sandra H

Twiglet said...

Poor Pat - what happened to "school days being the best days of your life" ? I can remember a few gems - like the day a friend's gym knickers were hoisted up the school flag pole - got stuck and were there for all to see for months!! What a naughty rebellious bunch we were -ha!!! x Jo

The Crafty Elf said...

Oh dear....nuff said!

505whimsygirl said...

Hee hee. I had this one pair of jeans that I loved wearing to school but my mom was having none of it. Sooo, I packed them in my backpack and would stop at the gas station and change. ha. Who was I fooling? I'd probably forget to change back at the end of the day!!!


Irene said...

Brilliant tale Di- love it and the stamp tioo.


Amanda said...

I have been visualising these tights all day and couldn't wait to let you know that these stories really brighten my day. Hugs, Amanda x

Kathleen said...

Bet no-one wanted to go round to her house for tea, with a Mother like that, poor kid.

Kath x

Elizabeth said...

Hello Di, Pat has all my sympathy. I went to school in the early 50s and I still had to wear those awful tights ... they weren't even a fashionable black colour, oh no, they were a yucky fawn colour and made of lisle. I used to sit in class and pick at the knees of mine until I made a hole in the hope that I wouldn't have to wear them ever again. Some hope as my mother just got out the darning needle and repaired them, much to my eternal embarrasment. My mother was a lovely woman but she had learned to make do and mend, and she was ace at it :) Elizabeth x

Sally said...

What a great story, it did make me smile.
Sally x