Thursday, 5 May 2011

Just wondering.........

.........will I be making a congratulations card sometime soon using this gorgeous Penny Black stamp?

My OH woke me at 2am this morning. The security light in the back garden had been triggered and there was a noisy little party in progress! Spike the hedgehog had brought his lady friend to dinner and......ahem, it seemed rude to peek out of the bedroom window! Our CCTV had picked up the party as well to prove we weren't just dreaming :) So, there just might be the patter of little feet attached to small prickly bundles of cuteness in about four weeks time. Fingers crossed here!



cebelica said...

I had lots of fun reading this post. Love the "story" about Spike the hedgehog. :D
And I love this Penny Black stamp. I sure hope you will make a congratulations card soon with this image. I'm sure whoever receives it, will like it! :)


Wipso said...

....and you watched? :-)
Lovely to watch nature at it's best isn't it? Good luck with future events.
Thanks for dropping in on me this morning. Hope the poem helps and don't forget I'm always a good listening ear if you need one.
A x

jackid said...

Aww bless I take it they are regulars to your garden we have a couple occasionally but the dog scares them away he thinks they are a ball to play with till their spines stick up his nose lol Lovge your work too
Jacki xx

Jan said... cute!

bernietom47 said...

Yep, sounds like Spike will need a congratulations card soon. LOL! All we ever get in our garden are skunks. Thankfully they just pass on through.

MaudMartha said...

Oh I do hope so - look forward to seeing the photos if they bring the family to visit. Teresa x

Stamping 4 Pleasure said...

Any news yet, she said, anxiously pacing!

Hugs, Sandra